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  1. 16 hours ago, purplecow15 said:

    We cancelled our September cruise 4 days ago and I was very happy to see our Cruise Next Certificate is already back in our account.

    I don't think that there's been any issues with cruises cancelled by the guest.  I was able to cancel future cruises with no issues with my credit card or cn deposits.  I think the issues are occurring with cruises that NCL cancelled that have additional FCC attached. I still don't have my 2 cn certificates from my April 4th cruise. 

  2. 5 hours ago, mnsweeps said:

    when did NCL say you would credit back on your CC? I cancelled on Mar 6 and still don't see credit on my Amex/Visa.

    Just before this all started I paid in full for a B2B Transatlantic/ Mediterranean cruise next year.  I needed the miles in time to book the airfare at a reasonable rate (we have to fly first class because of DH's health issues, not respiratory thank God). As things unfolded I realized that traveling with him overseas has too many potential complications....if I had to come home unexpectedly I could cram into any seat, he could not, nor could he tolerate unexpected travel delays in the airports.  Obviously, I chose to cancel those trips.  It took about a week for both to be credited to my Amex.


    I also prepaid for a NE/Canada cruise in September which I'm leaving on the books for now.  I'm confident enough that it's far enough away that it may still happen, but close enough that NCL would still be solvent.  I will have FCC from my April  cruise that was cancelled to apply and use up , plus  my air travel involved a companion certificate that I would lose if I cancel. I'm not particularly confident about the other 4 cruise next deposits that I'm currently holding, but I'm taking a gamble on the rest at this point.

  3. 1 hour ago, JandC_Cruising said:

    It may not be shocking for Saturday.

    If I were NCL, I would be telling the upgrade company to process those bad boys NOW!  Get any extra revenue the can while there are bids in the hopper. 

    In any case I did check the H4's for you, and my site is showing 2 available.  However I have seen that there is a time lag.  My guess is that NCL is processing upgrades for Saturday's cruise.


    Oh...and for those interested in surfing the web

    HINT...cruise travel site starting with "CRU".

    I agree!  I sail April 4th on the Breakaway, and I just upped my already "good" bid a little bit because I figured that they would be doing just that.  So far nothing....which seems pretty silly to me.  I had a casino comped cruise in a mini-suite, so I just offered what I would have paid for a balcony cruise for each of the Haven categories, should be a win for both us imo.


  4. 6 minutes ago, EBRB said:

    Oh yeah, because I’m going to take medical advice from a cruise line call center rep 🙄

    Exactly.  Now if they were instructed to give false information regarding cancellations, the situation on board, or anything else within NCL's purview, I would be appalled, but I can't imagine a situation where discussions involving medical advice would ever even come up. This seems like a stupid act from a stupid person, that likely impacted no one.

  5. 52 minutes ago, AlwaysNeedSun said:

    We leave on Bliss next week. I’m bringing anti-bacterial soap for the cabin because they only have a bar of soap. I have the Clorox wipes and Lysol spray, will constantly do our room.  Lots of hand sanitizer also.


    I plan on doing everything I usually do for the most part.... but, maybe not eat in the buffet and not spend as much time in the casino?? I will have to play it by ear. 

    Oh yeah,  I forgot about the casino. I'm pretty sure that will be a no go for me this trip.  I guess I can get over the

    guilt since this is a Casinos at Sea comped trip, LOL!

  6. We sail on the Breakaway April 4th.


    We're taking an extra 2 weeks of meds, alcohol wipes (purell has been off the shelves for the past week), antibacterial soap for handwashing in the cabin, disinfectant wipes for shared surfaces (like lounge chairs), both of us will bring a laptop (don't want to be fighting over the one that we usually share in a quarantine), a couple of seasons of something on dvd, and a fully loaded kindle.  I always overpack clothes, so we won't be naked regardless of what happens!  I do admit that I'm hoping really, really fervently  that my upgrade bid is accepted.  A quarantine in the Haven would be a heck of a lot nicer.  I come from a family of 7 children and the generation  who held chicken pox parties, so I tend to be pretty relaxed when it comes to germs.


    We did decide to cancel our two shore excursions, but we weren't dying to go on them anyway.  Who knows when the powers that be will decide that a particular area is a hotspot, so I don't want to find out because I spent a couple of hours on a particular island or Mexico that I'm no longer welcome to return at the end of the cruise.


    All of that said, we live 4 1/2 hours from the port by car, so we don't have airline travel to consider.  I'm just shy of 60 and in good health.  We're retired, and don't  have any commitments that require our timely return. If any of those three things weren't true, I'm not sure that we would still be going on this particular one since everything is so new.



  7. 3 hours ago, VtMac said:

    "Gen Pop", "I'm Platinum, "I'll be Platinum Plus", "I only sail in the Haven"....  This thread reads like a script for Thurston Howell III.   Jeeves, do grab my slippers, the unwashed have walked on the pool deck before thee...  pfft


    At least as far as my Gen Pop comment goes, you clearly can't recognize tongue in cheek.  Do you think that maybe there was a reason that I thought that we were missing something the last few times that we stayed in the Haven? pfft

  8. 12 hours ago, mertziek said:

    “Lastly, I witnessed more rude behavior on this cruise than any other cruise that I've ever been on.  It was utterly insane. “


    Boy I agree there.  It started with embarkation and people shoving to get in line.  Same with the reserved shows.  One person saving long blocks of seats in the theater, too, where seating was already very limited.  Disembarking at ports was wild, too.  There has to be a better system.  People were just rude, ornery and short tempered.  The debacle in Miami tipped everyone over the edge.  But the tendering at GSC did not help matters either.  No wonder everyone started acting out in Miami!  At least we were in the Haven and a bit isolated but venues outside the Haven were next to impossible.  Another reason we try to avoid the herded cattle mentality of NCL shore excursions.  Just not worth the effort.  The ship is too big and we were not even at capacity.  However, we made the best of it and had a great cruise.  We just avoided the really crowded areas whenever we were able to so we missed a lot of the smaller venues.  But we were ok with that.

    On our past two cruises with NCL (one on the Breakaway, and this last one on the Getaway) we've elected to go Gen Pop, and I'm thinking that going forward I may bid higher for an upgrade to the Haven.  I had actually come to think that we were missing something in the Haven, but on the bigger ships, having the option to wait until 15 minutes before a show starts, and having the restaurant is such a huge perk.  I still don't think that I'll book outright anymore, but I definitely missed the advantages this past cruise.

  9. Also on this sailing. 


    Things that I also was troubled by:  


    Definitely wasn't pleased that they ran out of so many food items/supplies.  It actually became a topic of jokes in Syd Norman's...grilled shrimp anyone?  Apparently there was a plethora of frozen shrimp, but butter, half and half, ice cream mix, lettuce, various fruit, iced tea mix, and many other items were not replenished in Copenhagen.  I can understand not having more than 5 days worth of fresh fruits and veggies, but the rest is ridiculous.


    The venues for both shows and activities were absurd.  A lot of that can be attributed to the ship design.  A lot was also because we were almost exclusively senior citizen types, and everybody was interested in the same things....the theaters could have played the shows several additional times and still filled up, and the atrium area was always filled with a fortress of folks who hung out all day, so when it was time for an activity, there was no place to sit. Syd Norman's was a highlight for us, but it was often way too crowded, and for the "special" shows (Carole King tribute for one) impossible to gain access.


    The casino was terrible, and pretty deserted because of it.


    The specialty restaurants were all disappointing, and I only actually paid for one.  I do agree with the poster who said that free at sea has killed the quality.


    The service in the MDR was extremely slow, but friendly.  Bar service in the MDR was awful.  One night a waiter left me an entire bottle of wine to pour on my own, LOL...wasn't complaining about that!


    The captain did talk too much, LOL!


    The immigration stop was a disaster...and that's what I"m calling it, because port of call would be a misnomer.  They did a horrible job of communicating exactly what was supposed to happen (a single line of text), and frankly, I overlooked it.  DH and I got off with our passports and our room keys...that's it.  Had I read it (which was ultimately my responsibility I know), I could have brought cash and taken a taxi to lunch.  My husband would have had his much needed medication.  I think that something this important should have been communicated by way of a stateroom announcement or such....and never advertised as a port stop.  I like the other poster's idea about providing a shuttle to the shopping area...that would have solved so many problems.


    On sea days, when the conditions require that most things are closed up for safety, why not make the pay per view movies free?  Same thing for a missed port day due to rough seas, and a port stop with insufficient tenders.  At least give folks something to do that doesn't further tax the system.


    Lastly, I witnessed more rude behavior on this cruise than any other cruise that I've ever been on.  It was utterly insane.  One small example.  I had a seat at Syd Norman's.  A woman came at the last minute and planted herself in a chair that she found somewhere else, directly in front of me, completely blocking my view.  She had a place to sit next to her friend beside us, but that wasn't good enough.  That was typical behavior.  All. week. long.


    All in all, we had a great cabin steward, the food in the MDR was generally good, the buffet wasn't bad, the entertainment that we were able to get into was very good,  the ports were great (although the excursions were taxing because of distance, but not NCL's fault), the activities were plentiful enough, and I was sad to leave.


    We have a Transatlantic booked in the other direction in 2021 with a Mediterranean cruise following, and I can't wait. I learned a long time ago that travel is often challenging, and I haven't found any cruise line that's even close to perfect.  This was definitely one of the most difficult, but didn't even come close to causing me to reject NCL or Transatlantic cruises.


    Just my 2 cents.




  10. When I booked the upgrade it didn't  process properly.  Not only did the 250 minutes go away (which was expected), I also lost my ship to shore phone call perk and $100 of onboard credit.  I worked with 2 different people to try to get it corrected.  Ultimately we decided to have the amount refunded, and to do the upgrade on the ship.  For those who take advantage, make sure that ALL of your perks remain. 

  11. On 2/24/2019 at 1:21 AM, BlerkOne said:


    Pretty much sums things up when you keep posting about cruising on Crystal. Boring.

    I'm sorry OP, this made me LOL!  


    We attended the Seafood Festival at Hilton Head this past weekend, where we purchased VIP tickets (a total waste of money btw).  There was a couple behind us in line that must have said that they were VIPs 20 times in the 10 minutes that we were standing nearby.  We always told our kids who played sports; "Act like you've been here before!".  It's a great mantra for life!


  12. We pick evening.  I pull up the covers in the morning knowing that at some point in the day DH will definitely be taking a nap, so the bed will not stay made.  We rarely order room service, but if we do, we'll place the tray outside of the cabin once the morning cabin service has started. We never are out of towels, or have overflowing trash in between.  If I want ice I ask the steward when I see him/her and they always get it for me within a few minutes. If I don't run into them, I will run to the lido and fill our tervis cups. I cannot tell you how many times when we had 2x per day we would come back from working out or some other activity expecting to change, and they were in the midst of cleaning the room, LOL! It works for us, but they always offer to provide 2x service when they present the card to us, so I don't feel any reduction to service.  I do hate having to ask for a bathrobe.  That's one service cutback that annoys me.


  13. I've always been told that if you have 5,000 points from your last cruise, you should automatically have "Drinks on Us" from day 1 on your next cruise.  We always have cards waiting for us in the casino, so that seems correct to me. We've never had to call to make that happen, either.  FWIW, I have stopped ordering the free drinks for the most part unless I want to drive the server crazy and move around instead of waiting for my drink in one spot.... that free drink can cost me $100, LOL!

  14. The classes included in the unlimited fitness pass are usually Indoor Cycling (spinning), Yoga, and some sort of Pilates.  There are usually free stretch and abs classes each morning.  The pay classes run between 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  The free classes are usually about 20 minutes.  I seem to recall that on port days there is an evening option as well.  You should count on at least one pay class each day, usually two, rarely  3.  If only one is offered, it's usually yoga. It's not difficult to get your money's worth.

  15. I've only hit the max once in all of the times that I had Cheers, so I don't have any personal experience. Don't the terms of the progtam allow you to buy a bottle of wine or a fishbowl at a 25% discount? If you can do that, it's hard to imagine how they could calculate that towards your limit. On the flip side, I witnessed a bartender having difficulty with the concept of a Cheers participant wanting to buy someone else a drink a couple of weeks ago. The bartender actually suggested that he wait the 5 minutes and order another drink on Cheers. That did lead me to think that there were some complications involved....she didn't seem to have any idea as to how to do it, not that she was trying to save the guy money.

  16. I can think of very few businesses today that offer experiences that are not diminished from years past. Traditional steakhouses (Morton's, Ruth's Chris) are more casual in both ambiance and food quality. Try to talk to a customer service rep on the phone lately? Next to impossible. I'm a Delta Elite member and even my concierge line requires a scheduled call back that usually exceeds an hour. Visit a brick and mortar store and need assistance? The workers behind the counter (if it's not a self checkout situation) are on the phone....to whom I don't know, because if you call for assistance you can't get thru, and the inventory has suffered as well. Buy a half gallon of ice cream over the past several years?....it's not a half gallon. We aren't living in a society that values personalized and elegant experiences. The new business model is to make it faster, less interactive, and cheaper (which doesn't mean lower cost, but to avoid raising cost). Of course you can pay a premium for elegance, though I would argue that even the most elite have been chipped away from what they were, but more and more companies are moving towards the new world, such as it is. Some things I hate, others I love, most I'm pretty indifferent to, but I don't see it going back the other way no matter what the consumer does at this point.

  17. Just so you know....not that I've ever seen it enforced, but you never know....when you purchase thru Bon Voyage you agree that you will only drink the purchased liquor in your cabin. If you intend to walkabout make sure that you bring a Tervis cup and maintain a low profile. I'll refrain from commenting on your vital organs, LOL!

  18. Actually I booked about 3 weeks before sailing and it was just the luck of the draw. I wasn't worried about being bumped, I'm not handicap, so if someone needed the room and I got bumped, I would have been okay with that.


    I did like the size of this room, but it is VERY LOUD! If I slept at night like a normal person it probably was okay, but trying to sleep during the day time was a no go, by 9am its like a train going by, the steward's closet is next to the room and they start VERY early in the morning. Plus the spa is in full swing by then. I'd book the 4J lido cabin I had on the Breeze in Dec over this room, just because of the noise.


    We were booked in a handicapped Oceanview room (didn't realize, and wasn't bumped) and the same thing. Steward's closet right next door, and we jumped out of our skin about every other minute. It sounded like they were coming thru the wall! Also, DH kept accidentally pulling the emergency cord when he rolled over in bed, which was another disruption....though self induced!

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