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  1. In January we just used a taxi van for 6 of us and all of our luggage. It was a 12 night cruise with 2 nights hotel precruise so it was a LOT of luggage.
  2. In January we were at the Port about 10:45 and they opened the doors about 11. Had my sparkling wine in hand and first one in the buffet by 11:20. ( They opened a few minutes early) I saw snorkeling equipment at shore excursions on a display but don't know if they were for sale or rent. We took our own. I had invested in the new full face mask and they are THE BEST THING I ever bought. So much easier and comfortable.
  3. The Concierge was Fransisco. As we are only Diamond we only had access to DL. . D+ Pinnacle and Suites had CL, not aware of any that were in the DL. We met and talked with many wonderful people in the lounge. Considering it was a short 5 night cruise it was very easy to enjoy conversation with the people you saw over and over again.
  4. On Vision of the Seas now our first night, last night all cards were checked and room numbers checked off a paper list.
  5. Instant update on The Key on Vision in Galveston. Arriving at port at 10:30 very few passengers through security and check in very fast. Key access didn’t get us anywhere faster due to few people. Up to waiting area. I asked and was told we would board after Pinnacle and Suites but announcement said differently. As we are Diamonds we were ready to go whichever was called first. And they did call Pinnacle, Suite,Diamond + and Diamond, so we went. Key fail! Boarded and took carryon to theatre which just took a minute. Then went to Chops and it was 11:10 and they said they would open at 11:30. We waited in the area and were the first to be seated about 11:25. There was never a line for seating. We loved the calm quiet atmosphere and the food was fantastic. Rooms ready at 1:00 and it’s now 1:30 and carry ons are here no other luggage if the key is supposed to help in that which I don’t read anywhere.
  6. Yes we did stop in St Kitts so that must have been it. Thanks
  7. My personal observation on the paper straws is that halfway through my daily afternoon Mudslide, the straw was a slimy mushy yuck. Not good at all.
  8. In late January when we sailed on the Summit Southern Caribbean itiniary when re boarding the ship on one of the islands we had to show our photo ID and cruise card. I'm trying to remember which one but can't at the moment. My husband probably will I'll have to ask and report back. We always take our Drivers License when going ashore but we're suprised that we actually had to show it.
  9. My observation of TSA PreCheck is not the Tom Dick and Harry applying for and using it that is changing the wait times and lines. It is the RANDOM granting of PreCheck to travelers who have no idea what it is and how it works. They slooooow down the process and test the patience of people who have paid for the option (me). The TSA agent is telling them what to do or not do and they're still taking there shoes off and I'm saying-no you don't have to do that. 😬
  10. I guess I’m not staying in the right hotels I only get plastic or paper cups LOL
  11. Looking for hotel stay pre cruise Feb of ‘20 seeing some nice apartment air B and B as there are 8 of us. Ship sails Monday the 17th and I want to stay at the Hilton on the Wharf for that night prior to boarding. Looks like a lovely hotel and great experience but it is expensive. Looking for opinions from others. Husband has HH diamond status with tons of points but others in group do not.
  12. While on Summit Jan. 29 to Feb 10 we were told by Vulcan our waiter in Tuscan that Quisine will remain after the "revolution" but will get menu changes. Tuscan was to remain also but it will be made smaller.
  13. We also will be sailing Summit on the 29th. I eagerly awaited each days report. I am hoping (and praying) that our itinerary is not changed as yours was-I have 8 private tours booked for our group of 8.
  14. You're certainly asking in the correct place, in my opinion. We have been to San Juan numerous times and are going there again for our Celebrity Summit sailing in 3 weeks. The forts are definitely worth seeing if they are open at the time your friend visits. Old San Juan is interesting in itself just to walk through. There is also a free trolly that you can take through the area and get off where you like-just Google it. Varied and wonderful restaurants also.
  15. We did this tour last February and enjoyed it. We had done luggage valet so only had our carry-ons which we left on the bus during the tour.
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