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  1. Where have you seen that this is a permanent choice? Just like the airlines, cruise companies make ALOT of money on up sell. Drink package=67.50 a day Gratuities =$15.50 " " Wifi =$9.97 total if ala carte=$92.97 Princess now charging $40 a day. Don't see this being permanent, but hoping your source is correct.
  2. We scheduled a 10day cruise on the Quantum to NZ for 03/22/22. I was online with my agent about a different matter and saw our cruise no longer listed. The 3 day before ours and the 10 day after still booked. RCCL told my agent that it's not a redeployment, but it's been pulled for "Inventory Maintenance". Any idea what this means and how long till a decision is made. Might be a ways away, but they have my deposit and I'll have to scramble for another cruise to fit into where this one was. Mahalo
  3. When does Princess load these sailings? What time on the 6th can you access the Princess site? Had our 12 day cancelled this year, July 2020, and would like to rebook for next year.
  4. We are only platinum members and I was able to book a 27 day cruise yesterday for 2022.
  5. Glad it just wasn't me. Seems One Source is now log in. Was great to be able to look at up coming itineraries.
  6. Checked my cards and my 8K has been added back to the cards. Now to get back my points on my Princess card.
  7. Got FCC and CC return from 03/17 and 03/27 cruises. Most importantly, I checked and my $8000.00 was reissued to my gift cards.
  8. We opened up for hair/nail salons,tattoo parlors and a few other businesses. Tomm we open parks, water park, Sea Life Park. Restaurants are opening, but not bars yet. I came home from the mainland and had to quarantine for the 14 days. Sure glad I had friends who could deliver me food, and BEER. Instacart only works with a few stores. Beaches reopened. Memorial Day, beaches were packed. We went 6 days with no new cases and had 3 each day for the last 2 days. Governor is being pushed to open InterIsland travel and has stated that the quarantine will be in effect "past" June 30 for mainland/international travel.I believe we are 25% unemployment, with so many employed in the hospitality industry. Private home rentals are down to single digits compared to somewhere in the 75-80% normal range. There is a new form you must fill out upon arrival. Only 10 pax at a time allowed to disembark. National guard takes your temp, then a interview about your purpose for coming. Several arrests have been made for violating quarantine. Hotels, that are open, are watching their guests and reporting violators. This staying at "vacation rentals" are being monitored by a task force. Don't even think of going to Kauai. The latest plan is to create a "travel bubble" to only include visitors from Japan. Don't see how they think they can only allow visitors from a foreign country to visit and not other from the other 49 states that we are in union with. Oh yeah, Japan just had 65 new cases today. Oh well, time to head to the beach. My growler needs an outing.
  9. NO. March 17th NO. March 27th NO. July 25th No FCC, No CC, No Barclay card added OBC( from points) NO Correspondence.
  10. Mahalo chengkp75 for the anwsers. Inspiration off this am and Miracle back on. It's like hitting the tanker when doing long haul fighter movements.Gives me something to look for each AM. Star and Royal anchored south of here and I don't see them moving much on ship tracker.
  11. Not really anything to do with your post, but I knew you'd be the best to answer. My place on the mainland is in Long Beach. We look out over the ocean, and can see part of the Carnival dock. 3 ships, the Miracle,Inspiration,and the Panorama seem to rotate off and on the dock every few days. They also cruise down south of the border. My questions, 1) Do you pay an anchorage fee if within the 12 mile boundary? 2) Don't you have to pay each time the ship docks? 3) Any reason ship keeps moving, seems tankers, container ships stay idle at anchorage at times longer. 4) Does ship need ram water for de-sal? Just some questions as I'm not flying and have nothing else to do but walk on my treadmill and dream of flying and cruising again. Mahalo for your expertise in answering these questions.
  12. The airport code is FLL and yes it's open for flights.
  13. I have no clue as to what the cancellation policy is as to occupancy. I get bored and go to: Plan a Cruise Find my Cruise Go through all the floors and room types ( old website showed whole floor, now you have to click on room type) And do a lot of math. Go to I'll pick a room and it shows open rooms.
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