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  1. Add Princess as another that doesn't charge for distilled water. As a BiPap user, I'd never separate with my machine. As a long time airline pilot and I know what happens to luggage. Do as you wish, and if you can sleep without it pack it. I won't risk it and if I'm up front and you in the back, you'd better hope I bypassed the Holiday Inn and had my BiPap the night before.
  2. First I screwed up copying down our times. We are there until 6pm. Didn't you tender in? The HoHo bus isn't listed as an excursion on our sailing. Maybe later it will be. Mahalo for quick reply.
  3. We are doing FLL-LAX opposite your trip with same ports. Our stop in Fuerte Amador is from 0630-1300. We'd like to do the HoHo bus. Did you catch the bus right at the tender dock? How long was the round trip? Did you get off and where. Mahalo
  4. They finally got Michelob Ultra that keeps me happy, and on track. Since July, 18days on ships and 27lbs down.
  5. The only place I've not been able to use laundry is in Glacier Bay and other national parks in Alaska. Otherwise great day to do laundry and in some Mexican ports, discharge would actually clean the port.😎
  6. I'm based out of LAX. For Uber/Lyft you do have to catch the LAX-IT bus. There are attendants ( not local street people looking for tips) that will help you load your luggage into bus.Once in the lot, you're on your own. The first few days were a nightmare and LAWA knew it would be, so they had already blocked off another lot. Now Lyft is separate from Uber. Taxis also have to go to this lot. The Princess bus will be right from the main terminal and there will be representatives from Princess to take your bags. Little more $$, but it all depends on your situation and how much effort you want to put into transferring.
  7. You will need to get a Dr certification form that Princess will get to you once you call. I had to cancel on one of ours with my Mom, and it was really no big deal. Don't stress about it, take care of your husband.
  8. Exactly! I got this card through a balance transfer where I got points for the transfer, Had just made a big purchase on old card, and had just started doing cruises. Got lazy! I work for an airline, so last thing i need are airline points, but with all the new cards out there, I'm ready for a change. Just need to use up me 160,000 points on Princess. A lot of dining and drinks on our next 25 day B2B.
  9. Princess gives 2% on any dollars spent on them. The gift cards come from an outside vendor. So by buying the Allstate cards with my Princess card, I get 11%...10% + 1% instead of the 2% just from Princess. A lot better cards out there, but I've got a lot of points on my card.
  10. We have used Disabilities at Sea and Scootarpound. What I didn't like about Scootarpound was we were charged a cancel fee ( more than a month).
  11. Go to the Carnival Boards and search Allstate and in the latter pages you'll find a whole bunch of examples on how to set up the app for non Allstate people. That's also the place to find all the clues to keep building points.
  12. In Canada are you able to sign up and use the Allstate site? I'm paying off my cruise using 16 $500 cards from Allstate with a $800 savings.Plus the points back on my Princess card. Allstate is 10% compared to the 5% offered by Princess, and no expiration date.
  13. I do like hearing that everytime it stops on the "Aloha" deck. Thanks for the info, the deciding factor will be getting my wife and moving.
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