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  1. Yehootu

    Grand moving to LA?

    I'll take the Grand and a balcony where I can face the Ocean!
  2. Yehootu

    REVIEW: Grand Princess to Alaska

    We were also on that sailing. Ketchikan= Mom had a PICC line in and it had to be removed on the day we arrived in port. If a visit to an Emergency room can be a great experience, this one was. I had called and set it up and it worked out great. After that a stop at the Sourdough Bar at the end of the Large shopping place. Juneau= I have 35 years a commercial airline pilot and have always wanted to fly in a helicopter. My wife, the former Flight Attendant, said NO way as God didn't make anything that flys like that. I asked what she wanted to do and she said Dog Sled on the Glacier, but it was in a D*mn helicopter. I booked outside the ship with Coastal Helicopters, cheaper-better times- wife couldn't see it in our personalizer. Was incredible. Both the ride and the dog mushing. I now have the go ahead to take an intro ride into flying her hated aircraft. Skagway= Last time here we did the Dog mushing camp. This time we went in search of Moms jewelry. Found the alaskan Black Gold. Lunch and beers at Skagway Brewery. Victoria= Moms 94th Bday. Asked her what she wanted to do and since we've been there several times, she stated "Go to a Bar". Found the Breakway restaurant and bar with in walking distance of the ship. to back early and beat the rush. Last sea day we took the "Behind the Scenes Tour". Very good and informative. $150.00pp and need min of 5 people to do tour. We had 7, and it moved along quickly. Second Alaska cruise on Grand from SFO. We used Exucar( a division of Super Shuttle) and the service was excellent. 3 of us, 3 large bags, and a transport chair. Brand new SUV, driver on call. Can't say enough, $70.00 plus tip. Highly recommend. Have used UBER and Princess transfers before. Everyone rants about how Glacier Bay is Soooo much better. Think the Tracy Arm and Sawyer Glacier are just as equal. Cant Smith took us ALL the way in. What I missed the most was the Reindeer Chili and bullion on the deck as we had in Glacier Bay. Excellent staff as we've had before on the Grand. Old, but still a nice ship and crew. Aloha.
  3. Yehootu

    Is Sip and Sail worth it?

    My T/A was able to get the SNS added to our 10day/15day BTB without any increase if fare or rebooking. Got to thank him again.
  4. We have a 10day BTB with a 15day w/SNS. My wife not a big drinker, but I can and do power through 15 beers a day. SNS still comes out ahead for us, and that's only looking at me buying it.
  5. Yehootu

    Sailing on your birthday month

    Mom got a great birthday song and a small cake as she celebrated her 94th on the Grand in Aug.
  6. ould Only appropriate response. All the others should have RTFQ. The under 21yrs old thing is an interesting question. Hopefully Princess "should" be able to answer. Good Luck, post what they say.
  7. Narration on bus tour better than ariel tour. Lots of Iguanas around tram base. A few birds on the tram tour up and back. We had tour guide in our tram car. This last trip Mom wanted to do cultural trip, and we saw the local kids do some folk dancing and sale of goods by PTA. Hope you find something worth wile and report back. 2 more port calls for us in Puntarenas in the next 2 years.
  8. Yehootu

    More beer options on Princess!

    We were on the Grand from SFO on 07/25 10 day Alaska. Newcastle on Tap, 3 Alaska Breweries, Amber,White, and forgot the last. Guess my 15 beers a day PBP caught up to me.
  9. Yehootu

    Island Princess cabin PR718--covered balcony?

    Looking at possibly booking a handicap PR deck room on the Island. How was your room? The deck map shows an empty space next to your room PR718, can you tell me what that area is. Mahalo
  10. Our 07/25 SFO Alaska cruise on the Grand had Newcastle Draft, Alaskan Amber, White and one other Alaskan Brewery choice. Was a nice change.
  11. Yehootu

    Question for recent Grand Princess cruisers

    Excellent table servers, they were busy and we decided not to ask. I'm sure we could have got some. The lobster seemed to already had some on it.
  12. Yehootu

    Question for recent Grand Princess cruisers

    Just got off the Grand on Saturday. Seems the main dining room menu was the same one we had on the Island in April. Lobster was available ( if you can call it Lobster) on the second formal night. Looked to me like slipper lobster. No butter served with it. The King Cab legs on the night out of Victoria were AWESOME. oh yeah, no Butter.
  13. Yehootu

    Gel Nails

    Last minute run around. Off on Grand tomm, will my Mom be able to get her gel nails done onboard. She has ALOT of OBC, so not doing the price thing. Mahalo
  14. Yehootu

    Back to Back Cruises

    Excellent, printing this out and putting it in file. Sip-n-sail, so I'll let Princess foot the bill. Mahalo
  15. Yehootu

    Back to Back Cruises

    We booked our first BTB in 2020. Same cabins, what is the procedure. Get off as late as possible, then back on right away? Don't want to do anything in FLL. Elite and Platinum. Separate bookings for both worked out better. 10day/15day.