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  1. We book the plus. After Wifi and Grats, the drink package comes out to around $17.00 a day. That's the cost of a couple waters and specialty coffee for the wife and alot of beers for me.😀
  2. We have a place on Signal Hill, it was a shock when the marine layer burned off and there she was. I saw her sail out yesterday for a few hours and come back to same anchorage. Marine layer just about burned off and she's still here.
  3. I finally was able to get the right cruise loaded in the app. It kept loading a July 2021 cruise. I have a 5pm booking for a table of 4 which I can't delete and was assigned. I've been able to book a 6:40 table for 2 in the Michelangelo dining room. The 5pm res doesn't have the cancel reservation but the one I made does.
  4. I went through and got a q code to scan for my records from CA. I already have a PDF from CVS that has my dates and shots on it.
  5. Our cruise isn't till 2023. I've looked at the dining app and there are no tables for 2. Could it be that's too far out in the future? Any idea when Princess does release tables?
  6. Not sure the legal aspect on having separate passenger contracts. With the medallion, tracking would be easy. Only have certain areas they can book rooms for daily extra $$ testing. Require masks on at all times, even on deck. Mandatory colored lanyards for all non vaccine passengers. There are those that will follow the rules and enjoy themselves and the ones who’ll ruin it for everyone.
  7. I got my vaccine shots in California and CVS sent me a detailed report. Nice to be able to carry a copy of that as well.
  8. I just got my account straightened out, only now Medallion shows me leaving on Crown in July 2021, and not in 03/2023. Web account straight, just app has wonky sailing.😁
  9. Carnival has been our go to with our kids and are looking forward to taking our Grandkids. We cruised NCL once, and never again. Only "drunk" scene we've seen on Carnival has been on the 4 day booze cruise. Well behaved college aged kids way to hung over after leaving Ensenada to cause much trouble.😀
  10. Here's our cabin on the Island. I posted a lot of photos on Deck plans site.C731 is a "new" mini. Zoom in, our cabin is the last one with the Hawaiian flag on the wall.
  11. I dunno, I've got 33 yrs and after the first year, every year has been a milestone.😀
  12. The unvaccinated will be the 5% the CDC allows. 😀
  13. We've stayed in E734-E735 ( we had both on a cruise ) and those rooms also bracket the "vent". We had no problems with the vent smells or sounds.
  14. My wife now is under my Moms Elite #. We'll see how long that lasts
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