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  1. Lose Cruise

    All Things LIBERTY of the Seas

    I was under the impression that there is no Jade on LOS but am reading here that it's part of Windjammer. Is that correct? Do they serve sushi? Could I eat there 24 hours a day? Thanks in advance.
  2. Lose Cruise

    formal night question

    Good question. Sounds like it would be on the second and fifth nights? Meaning for Sat departures the formal nights are on Sunday/Thursday; for Sun departures they are Monday/Friday.
  3. Thanks for the responses. So far, it sounds like arriving at noon is still early enough to go through the process fairly quickly.
  4. I imagine there is a wide variety of opinions on what the best time to arrive and board the ship actually is. Anyone have experience on arriving at several times throughout the embarkation process and have a preference? Is there really a benefit to arriving at 10 am for a 4:30pm departure? Is the wait already too long arriving at noon? I think we are required to arrive by at least 3:30, so are there any disadvantages to arriving in the 2:30-3:30 time range? I know there are lots of questions there so I appreciate everyone’s comments/thoughts. Thanks in advance. Edit: If it makes a difference, the port is Miami. Thanks again.
  5. Lose Cruise

    wine at dinner?

    I have a question that I've I have not been able to find anywhere as I search throught the threads. Do the same options apply to the wine packages? We are considering the package as I assume that would be cost effective. DW drinks white, I drink red; would we be able to request one of each on each of the formal nights? Is that an option? And if so, would she be able to take the rest of her bottle that night to the cabin? (I ask only about her because I will not likely have any left after dinner.) Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
  6. Lose Cruise

    We're Hungry!!

    Thanks in advance for all the help. It sounds like El Jibarito is getting recommendations from several people which is a good sign. Does El Jibarito have good Mofongo? I'd like to try what's considered the best while I'm there. Thanks again.
  7. Lose Cruise

    New locks for cases

    I got one for Christmas and my understanding is that they allow you to lock your suitcase so that no one but TSA officials can open it. TSA offiicials have special tools or keys that open them but only they will be able to inspect your luggage. Baggage handlers, for example, will not be able to go through your things.