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  1. Why spend the extra hours back and forth to the ship? Plan to stay overnight in Jerusalem to maximize your touring time. With traffic, the one hour trip from Ashdod Port to Jerusalem could stretch into two hours.
  2. The buffet on QM2 was not as efficient as on HAL. No real alternative restaurants on QM2. But daily afternoon tea on QM2 was delightful - usually with music, sometimes with a dance band. Entertainment lectures on QM2 are very interesting. Lincoln Center Stage on HAL is great if you like classical music.
  3. Roy - any cruises planned yet? I think my first possibility is winter 2022.
  4. Anything booked yet or thinking about? I really enjoy reading your blog posts / daily postings.
  5. Roy - When will you be ready to resume cruising?
  6. Any place where the daily load of cruise ship passengers(10,000 or more) exceeds the local population. St. Thomas St. Martin Ketchikan Skagway Cozumel Belize Colon etc. etc. etc.
  7. Sometimes the experience depends on the itinerary. We sailed back to back Mediterranean and Transatlantic on Celebrity. We noticed a substantial downgrade of MDR food and service on the Transatlantic compared to the Mediterranean cruise. Fewer shows and activities on the Transatlantic, too.
  8. There may or may not be a Covid-19 vaccine. There is no vaccine for AIDS, even after 35 years. There are treatments for people with AIDS, but no vaccine to prevent it.
  9. I wouldn’t plan to cruise until next year. Prices will be very low because the cruise lines will want to fill their ships. There is no need to book or reserve until a few week before sail date.
  10. On March 15 I filed a dispute with Citibank. On March 21 Citibank provided a conditional credit. Today Citibank sent a notice that the credit is now permanent.
  11. Bring back the “Yum-Yum” man in the MDR. Also the man who plays the chimes to announce dinner.
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