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  1. Pub Crawl at the Social starts at 11 Sunday. Can't wait.
  2. Hoping when you read that it was in Gracie Allen's voice.
  3. I've seen visa cards in $25, $50 and $100. Didn't there was a $75 visa gift card. Learn something new every day.
  4. Somebody's excited about their cruise! We're on the Bliss March 16th, can't wait. Thanks for your efforts in doing this review.
  5. National Weather Service's discussion on Marine Conditions for Sunday near NYC: Thereafter, a more significant low pressure system is expected to move up the coast late Sunday into Monday, allowing winds and seas to increase, particularly on the ocean waters where at least a few hours of gale-force winds may be possible.
  6. I feel partly responsible for this. I drank the Gem out of JW Black last year. The inventory numbers probably spiked and caused them to raise the price. Going on the bliss next month. Dewars and JW Red are OK, and what I drink at home. Will miss the JWB, though.
  7. Did you make it to Florida? Blizzard is over here in Buffalo. My wife and I are going on the Bliss March 16th. Never been on a cruise ship on St. Patrick's day. Looking forward to reading about your adventures.
  8. It's typical on Bliss cruise reviews for the reviewer to go 15 rounds with Jose Cuervo (or their preferred tequila) each day and show pictures of each drink. That includes the pre-cruise stay in Miami. Have a great cruise, can't wait until our turn in March.
  9. 121 Making dining room and show reservations for the Bliss tomorrow.
  10. We signed up for the free airfare, ($149 each from my location) I asked to fly a day early - March is snow storm season - but they said it wasn't really possible. My biggest concern was having a delay due to a storm. 2ndary motivation was having an extra day in Miami. They did say if you use their airfare, they will catch you up to the ship at the next port of call for free if you miss the sailing, so I guess that's OK. We'd have a couple nights in Miami or St. Thomas waiting for the ship. Have any of you missed the ship due to delays?
  11. We took a ferry to Peaks Island, then hired a taxi for 10 or 15 bucks to ride around the island and tell us stories. A few times she picked up local passengers and they rode with us, too. We enjoyed it. There’s a few restaurants and bars on the island.
  12. This is my experience. Mild sensations for up to a week, and a pleasant reminder of the ship.
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