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  1. I noticed when I bought a 4 bottle wine package (for the first time) on our last cruise, the wine steward just kept a written tab, and we didn’t get charged until the last day of the cruise. Does that mean that I don't have to decide if I will order 4, 6 or 8 when I first order? We are going on a longer cruise so trying to decide which package I should order.
  2. Thanks so much for this review, which is the true benefit of cruisecritic. And your review is especially enjoyable to read, and helpful for cruise decisions.
  3. Thanks for sharing your description, it is very helpful. I am going to copy it for my cruise planning notes.
  4. I keep reading that cruisers on cruisecritic don’t want to eat in the main dining room. Last time we were on Royal we really liked MDR - but that was more than 5 years ago. Should we worry for our cruise in September? Or do you just like variety?
  5. We were on the Rotterdam in February and we were able to get a device from the front desk for an art tour, which I really enjoyed. I think the device was an iPod, I can’t quite remember. Our room had some wear and tear on the walls near the bathroom - they were soggy somehow. Honestly, I didn’t even notice until a few days in, I was having such a good time. And I did notice rooms on the other side were having some problems, with fans, etc. Our ocean view room was far aft. There seemed to be a leak on the promenade deck that never quite got fixed as it was always quite wet. However, I loved the cruise - a very happy atmosphere, great service overall, excellent food and service in the MDR, and great entertainment in the lobby bar for a drink before dinner (which I love). I would definitely sail on that ship again.
  6. We had G501 in May, 2018 from Boston to Bermuda. This was the farthest forward cabin. We had 2 portholes, very deep - much like the photos on halfacts. I liked the stateroom - we were docked portside and had good light and could see out quite well if we knelt on the bed (we were king bed configuration). We were very rocky the last night coming home, and felt it quite a lot, but I think the whole ship felt that, maybe not quite as much as those far forward. Otherwise it was fine. I loved having the portholes and the light, and they were traditional looking, so I appreciated that. I do not remember the cabin being noisy other than when we were docking.
  7. I found at one point that I had to click on the link twice. First time wouldn’t work, but second time (on ipad or iMac) would produce a PDF. That was maybe 6 months ago?
  8. So just to clarify - I have a 25 day cruise (Noordam, Sydney to Vancouver) that can also be booked as 2 separate trips of 16 days and 9 days. But it doesn’t appear to be a Grand Voyage. So my status wouldn’t change after the 16 day cruise?
  9. Thanks, 2BACRUISER, I was thinking only of using the dress for other combos, so those are great ideas for the jacket.
  10. Thanks for the encouragement. I will take it on the longer cruise - especially since it’s pretty light. I will also try and come up with ideas to wear the dress separately without the jacket.
  11. Hi, I am going on a Christmas and New Years Cruise on Holland America. I got this dress/jacket today which I am really happy with, and I also have a long black dress with some gold accents. We no longer get as dressed up for formal nights as when we started cruising (2005), but I am assuming the holidays will be dressier. Would you agree? Also, we are doing a 25 day trans Pacific in April - would you take this with you, or is it more of a holiday dress? Originally I was thinking longish skirt with different tops for that cruise .
  12. Does the laundry package (for the whole cruise) include pressing? I got it on our last cruise and I thought it didn’t. But now when I think about it, everything that came back on hangers looked so great, they must have been pressed. I should have known, LOL.
  13. Kiimlew, did you like the $250 beverage card better than paying for drinks one at a time? I’ve read about the advantage of not getting paper receipts, but wondering about other benefits? I’m going on a longer cruise so just wondering about getting one of those cards.
  14. Thanks for the info. I’ve booked an OV on the Koningsdam, and tend to avoid the pool area, but hopefully I’ll find another shady place to sit and look at the ocean.
  15. We ran into a similar situation at our boarding lunch last year. We are Canadian and there was another Canadian couple and an American couple. The other Canadian couple kept trying to bring up politics - I felt like they were trying to goad the American couple, in a way. I found it a bit surprising. Luckily, the American couple had been on about 50 cruises all around the globe, and I LOVE talking about cruising, so that kind of stopped the political discussion. There’s always somebody who’s travelled more than me, or to different places.
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