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  1. Sounds similar to our experience on Brilliance the week of Christmas. I wondered if they just switched out crews or something.
  2. Just off Brilliance and that was the worst of the Diamond Lounges we’ve been in. Freedom and Explorer were both great!
  3. I was on that ship last week. I believe there was one Welcome Board show on night 1 at 7:15 pm. After that, they were typically at 7:15 and 10 pm, with the exception of the last night— 7 and 9 pm.
  4. I have the same luggage tag holders and chair clips! 😃
  5. I get e-mails almost daily from RCI regarding discounts on drink packages, excursions, wi-fi, etc.
  6. Yes, they start to go up the day after. We’ve been several times during Thanksgiving week. We’d go out on excursions and be shocked to see how much was done while we were out.
  7. They may only offer these on ships that go to Coco Cay, but the Coco Loco is mango, strawberry, and pina colada. That and the frozen mojito are my favorites!
  8. When I cashed in points before our summer cruise, the OBC showed up in Cruise Planner very quickly.
  9. Thank you! I'm interested in the one in May. It also had a big price drop.
  10. Absolutely get the balcony. We always get a balcony, but Alaska was the most we ever used it. You can can see more if you don’t do a close loop, but it’s more convenient.
  11. We used Jiffy Jeff https://www.gojiffyjeff.com/ a few years ago and he was great!
  12. I was on Freedom last week. I decided not to take my own hair dryer and regretted it immediately. I have a lot of long, thick hair. It took forever to dry with their little hairdryer. Plus, you have to hold down the button the whole time!
  13. Thanks for your post. We are flying down on Saturday, also staying at the Hilton Caribe, and sailing on Freedom. This makes me feel better about things. Have a great cruise!
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