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  1. I agree with you that you are entitled to your opinion, and I think you stated it in a very friendly way. That being said, I find it hilarious that you are talking about being more deserving of attending a party because you have cruised before. I mean, come on, aren't there better things for you to worry about than who attends this event? You haven't EARNED anything, you PAID for it. To the original poster: Take your friend, there are those of us out there who could care less and feel the more the merrier at parties like this.
  2. We just completed our first cruise in April and were very happy that we chose the Glory. Ryan was a great cruise director, and very energetic. We loved the room and view, and thought the food was good. I have to agree with previous post about the Deli being great, and the pizza and hamburger/fries being good and popular as well. We are already planning our next two cruises and can't wait.
  3. We are thinking about taking the family on DCL Wonder in February and were concerned about the babysitting services. We have a daughter who will be 2 at that time, so not old enough for the kids club activities. I am aware of the $6/hour charge, the 2 hour minimum, and the 10 hour max. What I want to know is what are the typical hours that the babysitting services is open? On Carnival we had services available from 10PM -2AM every night as well as a few hours during port visits. I am hoping that DCL will have better hours than that. Any help?
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