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  1. My preferred drink is bourbon too, but I also like a good rum. Here is an idea - buy a bottle of Blatons AND a good bottle of Appleton rum! 🤩
  2. I think a fine bottle from Appleton Estates would be a great gift. HOWEVER...I must apologize for my remarks on Blatons bourbon, which I do agree is a very good bottle! When I earlier read the word "blaton" I was thinking of "basil hayden" in my aging head. I do like blatons, while finding the latter bourbon bitter. My mistake....I guess I need a vacation!
  3. As I enjoy a fine bourbon I thought I'd weigh in. Blantons, Buffalo Trace and JD are all "OK" as far as bourbon's go, but none are all that special in my book. I'd either buy a good bottle once you're home...or get him something special from the Caribbean, like a good rum or tequila.
  4. We take a picture of the floor of the elevator each morning. 🙂 For those who cruised before will know why. 😉
  5. I could see them from Orlando when I worked there (about 60 miles away).
  6. Not sure how your TA works, but with ours we don't actually receive the OBC until we board the ship.
  7. ...or wait for another $18/day "sale" like some of us nabbed. 😄🤩
  8. There are the Blues Brothers And the song Blue Moon Blue Man Group and Moody Blues And a Folsom Prison tune The blue whale appears port side Breaching the blue ocean calm Blue eyed lady in the morning And a blue curacao in her palm And then..... The blue towel curses the deck A sudden blur of blue motion Sonic Hedgehog on each chair And a wicked blue potion Blue balls of fury finding a chair Blue blistering barnacle nightmare What sayeth you to this condition? Is it permitted? Is it FAIR!? “We’re on a mission from God” “You say me standing alone” Like “(K)nights in white satin” “Blow my blues away!”
  9. I'm guessing you bed is in stateroom 6280. 😄😉
  10. But how would you use the cans of tonic? Assuming you pay for the G&T, or have a drink package, can you ask the bartender to use your tonic!?
  11. We got it for $41 on the Jewel two years ago.... Loving the $18 we got for our 2020 cruise! 🙂
  12. ...lol....EXACTLY! You can fund our bourbon, gin and beer! 🤩
  13. Our drink package order at $18 is still there. Maybe I should "cancel" my order, just to be fair and honest about it! …..nah.....😄
  14. Let's say it's only 1000 people. If a more "reasonable" super-duper sale price is $38, then that is $20 per day lost revenue...times 7 times 1000 people = $140,000. If you use $48 as the cheapest sale...it's $210,000. No way they are leaving that on the table. 😞
  15. I don't think it's available with our cruise...at least not yet? We sail on the Oasis on Feb 23, 2019. After opening the page you linked above I can't find it on our cruise.
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