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    Carnival Holiday

    OPPS, I meant to say a 1A.
  2. Sunsetlover

    Carnival Holiday

    Sorry, I guess I didn't explain myself very well. My husband and I are booked in a 4a room, I found out AFTER THE FACT, that this room has bunk beds. Unfortunately, I will be the one on the top bunk. How much room will there be up there? Is there room to sit up or will my face be in the ceiling?
  3. Sunsetlover

    Carnival Holiday

    I am booked on the Holiday for spring break. Although I have been on 6 cruises previously, I have never heard of cabins having bunk beds unless it is a triple or quad. In trying to save money (it's so expensive during spring break!) I have just learned I am booked in a bunk bed room. Has anyone ever been in a cabin with bunks? Please tell me the top bunk is not at the ceiling.:( HELP!
  4. Sunsetlover

    Please talk to me about the "Holiday"

    I am booked on the Holiday in March also. I just learned my room has bunk beds. Has anyone ever slept on a top bunk? Is there room to sit up or is your face pushed against the ceiling?