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  1. optiron

    have a question for the wine drinkers

    You can normally find a good selection of Robert Mondavi or Kendall Jackson Cabernets and Merlots from $10 on up. I've found all to be acceptable. If there is a store Called Wine & More they have a great selection. :)
  2. optiron

    Ginger for Seasickness

    Sounds like a great excuse to eat sushi or better yet( Sashimi which I doubt I'll find on the Glory:)), but I do love me some pickled ginger- it's a great palate cleanser and how can that many billion people be wrong? Seriously it's a sharp but pleasing flavor and I learned to love it in salads long before I knew what it was(40 USAF months in Japan) I crave it. Now to find it has all these health benefits I'm estatic. :):):):)
  3. optiron

    Hoax or not? Rainbow Fighter

    Maybe it's an attempt to limit bookings to lower prices- There are plenty of homophones out there that this would ruin their cruise. Unfortunately for them most Cruisers don't really visit these boards- that's why we See all these post cruise WHININGS! If they are on board - I hope they have a good cruise_no matter who they are- it's Avery big world - there is roomf for everyone.
  4. Does anyone have a clue when these will be? I have a confirmation for chef's table- Just hope it doesn't conflict! Thank you to any recent E. Carib cruisers for recent info.
  5. Does anyone have a clue when this will be? I don't want To miss the Elegant Nghts,but thought about doing the The steakhouse also- might as well try it all-LOL! Thanks for any help on this.
  6. Gee that's why as a FIRST TIME CRUISER I bought a policy with a 75% back cancel for ANY REASON POLICY-Guess I'm just as a greenhorn sucker!
  7. optiron

    Rum Runners - how long to ship to Canada?

    :confused: Does anyone know the code for the rumrunners discount. I used it a couple of years ago, but I must be getting old timers disease as I've forgotten it. I ordered them for my 80 year old friends and their house burnt down last year. They are requesting replacements LOL. Thanks in advance. ;) Never mind - ala Rosanna Rosanna Donna - I just googled it- REPEAT.
  8. optiron

    New policy!!! 1a solos no longer 150%

    You might want to read the whole thread. Just sayin.
  9. optiron

    oil has hit pensacola beach

    What I don't understand is why the officials in La. need permission from BP to clean up their own shores,marshes etc. What kind of nonsense is that?:confused::confused:
  10. Nunu no like Nemo?;)
  11. optiron

    New policy!!! 1a solos no longer 150%

    I booked a 1a for my first cruise on the BC4 on Glory next Feb. I thought I was awfully early, but now am really glad I jumped when I did. I did get a forward PT. I had previously considered the singles on Epic based on no single supplement, guess I'll be taking a look again for a second cruise. But I have seen several couples saying they might book two of these to have extra bath space. So those may disappear also if NCL sees too much of that happening. I wasn't aware that HAL and others offered lower supplements. I'll sure be doing a lot more research for the next cruise as I prefer to travel solo.
  12. [quote name='divingmedic']I only seem to have problems on CC at work. Sometimes I have to keep logging on and off to move around the site. Seems to be working ok today. Never have a problem with it at home.[/QUOTE] I'd complain to management.
  13. San Cristobal was our place for bad luck, as I handed my girlfriend my iPhone and she put it in her purse - where she'd kept a glass of ice -- which had melted -- which was suddenly all over my iPhone. Its not working so I will have to replace it. Be sure to remove the sim card so you don't have moisture trapped there. :)
  14. optiron

    Please tell me this is not true

    I thought we hung this guy 2 days ago! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  15. optiron

    a couple bottles of vodka

    rumrunners.com I think that will get you there. I bought some for friends going on Grandeur OS last year and they worked fine. Having said that I don't know that I'm going to bother as Carnival will let me buy 1L bottles from Bon Voyage. Admittedly at very inflated prices,but at least I'll be able to make a drink to suit my taste. My understanding is RCI doesn't offer that option-I may be wrong-don't really care as my Glory cruise was a better deal. :) As I recall there was a code or something on the order of repeat customer or some such that got you a discount- don't remember exactly,but if you search these boards for rumrunners or rumrunners repeat code I'm sure you'll find it. HAPPY SAILS TO YOU!