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  1. I booked a Guarantee Mini-Suite for the same reason, it is even cheaper than booking an inside cabin. When I receive my room assignment, I only want to cry. It is right above the Shakers, and some CC said they could hear the music and piano until 1am. Now I just hope the noise won't be too loud. If you want to book a Guarantee Mini-Suite, just be prepare. Deck 9 is right above the Waterfront, restaurants and bars.
  2. DH and I stayed at U15 or U17 last September and it was fine, didn't smell any smoke the whole cruise. We both love the pothole cabin and the extra space, would book it again if possible. Because of our work, we always booked last minute, sometime less than two months from departure.
  3. Did you go before Irma or after? Wonder how much damage to the reef? Do you remember how much you paid for the taxi? I hope I can find more people to share the taxi with us, otherwise may need to pay $40 each way. 😂
  4. Hi everyone, Husband and I are sailing Carnival Freedom to Key West, Freeport and Nassau in April. Our ship will dock at 8 am and leave at 5 pm, so it will leave us a lot of time to do different things. Could anyone tell me your experience with Paradise Cove? I have done lot of research from TripAdvisor and Cruise Critic, some people said the reef is about 150 ft away, some said it about a mile. I am afraid even with my floating vest and fin, I will have a hard time to swim that far. Or if the current is too high, can I swim back to shore?? 🤔 It doesn't matter your experience was from an excursion or DIY, I just want to hear more about this place. Any input is welcome. I would like to just take a taxi (and ask the driver to pick us up by 1pm) and pay the entrance fee to get in. We have our own snorkel gear and wet suit, so would rather to spend the money on food and drink than paying for the excursion. I have done this in other Caribbean Islands and had no problem. Thanks.
  5. Yes, anytime is good. We went last September and stayed the porthole cabin too. Both DH and I love the extra room from the porthole. We put our snorkel gears and swimsuit under a towel to dry. It is a port intensive cruise and we had a wonderful time. We love to do it again.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. We are so exciting, 28 days to go.
  7. Hi all, We are sailing out from Galveston to Bahamas in mid-April. Can anyone tell me the average temperature? I remember last time we sailed from Galveston to Cozumel in February, it was so cold and windy that we didn't want to go outdoor until we were in Mexico. I am wishing April will be much warmer and we can stay at the pool more. Thanks.
  8. Dear CC members, We are cruising on Carnival Freedom in April, visiting Nassau and Freeport. We love to snorkel and have kind of exhausted ourselves on catamaran tours, because the time for snorkel is too short for our liking. For this cruise, we simply want to ride a cab to the closest, best beach. And, enjoy some lovely, off the beach snorkeling like what we have done at St. Martin, St. Thomas and Barbados before. My research so far is cable beach at Nassau and Paradise Cover (Deadman's Reef) at Freeport. However, people also said it is hit or miss because of the tide and wind. But the Deadman's reef is probably a no for me because we have to swim like a half mile to reach the reef. We went to Coki Beach at St. Thomas, Boatyard at Barbados and Mullet at St. Martin and had wonderful experience. Could anyone suggest a best beach to visit in Nassau and Freeport? Thanks in advance.
  9. We went last September and love this itinerary. Both DH and I love snorkeling, so I done lot of research and brought our own gear. St.Kitts - the island is very big, so we book with Thenford Grey. The tour was a little bit too long, so we couldn't enjoy the beach time. We enjoyed the tour to Brimstone Hill Fortress, the view was amazing. St. Thomas - we took the taxi and headed to Coki Beach, we were the first cruise passenger on the beach. Swam with the locals for couple hours. Beautiful beach and good for snorkeling. Saw a lot of fish right by the shoreline. St. Lucia - Went out with some new friends we met on the ship, and we just went outside the port and hire a van to take us for the whole island tour (8 ppl - $40 each). The drive/guide took us to the fishing village, some local wood crafting store, bought coconut along the way, and went to the drive-in volcano, watch the Pitons from a distance. St. Maarten - Took taxi to Mullet beach, beautiful beach and good for snorkeling. Then we walked from mullet to Maho beach to watch the plane landing. Then pay another $10 per person for a taxi van to tour the rest of the island (at French side). Barbados - Took taxi to Harbour Light at Carlisle Bay for beach day + snorkeling. We paid for the fee for the umbrella, chairs and the boat ride to swim with the turtles and snorkel. That's the best snorkel experience in my whole life. Highly recommend it. We just booked a Bahamas cruise, but found out the beaches are not as nice as the ones we went on this itinerary. Hope you enjoy this cruise as much as we do.
  10. Thank you everyone for your input. We will drive from Kansas City to Dallas, have a early dinner at 5, then drive to Huntsville to spend the night, sounds like a perfect plan. Thanks again.
  11. Hi mongo59r, How does Huntsville, TX feel like? I know it is a small town with a state university, do you feel safe at that area? Is it easy to find restaurant open after 8/9 pm? Thanks.
  12. Hi everyone, thank you for your input. I will ask my hubby if he want to drive all the way from Kansas to Houston or get up super early (4 am) to drive from Dallas to Galveston in the dark. I will give him all the pro and con. If we are driving straight to Houston, I may find a hotel on the outer skirt of Houston to avoid rush hour traffic. Is Friday 8pm still rush hour? We try to cut the driving time to 8-10 hours because we don't like to drive after dark, especially on the area that we not familiar with. And the other factor is the boarding time, I haven't check in to the cruise yet, with the ship almost fully booked, I think we will be assigned to a very late boarding time. Then after we park our car, we will have to carry our luggage for hours. 😂
  13. Dear cruise critic member, I will be appreciated if someone can help me with this. Had anyone drive from Kansas City to Galveston before? I searched the forum but only find two older posts with related topic. DH booked a last minutes cruise to escape the cold winter. We are sailing out from Galveston on Saturday 4/13 on Carnival Freedom. My plan is driving from Kansas City to Dallas on Friday, which will take about 7 1/2 to 8 hours. Spend a night at Dallas, then drive another 5 hours down to Galveston the next morning. If we leave Dallas at 7:30 am, then we will arrive Galveston no later than 1 pm. I think it is doable, because lot of fellow cruisers are driving from Dallas of departure day. My only concern is if anything happen on I-45 that morning, like accident, that the highway has to close for hours; then we probably not going to make it. But if it happened, then the shuttle service from Houston to Galveston may be affected too, then the cruise line may forced to delay the departure time. Have this happened before? I try not to drive straight down to Houston, it will take almost 12 hours and it is not fun. If we move the stopping point to somewhere between Dallas and Houston, do you have any suggestion for a safe town to stay overnight? Thanks in advance, Peggy
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