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  1. Thanks for the head up....after cruising for years, I shouldn't bring anymore junk home....hahahaha...But sometime when I saw beautiful handcrafted wood animals, I couldn't help myself. 😅
  2. Thank you. I think the electronic system probably for us to use the ship card to pay for a fee. According to other cruisers, it was safe to leave the belongings on the beach. I may just carry a small amount of money and eat from the buffet :).
  3. Vswan, Cellfree & Anita, Thank you all for the information, I probably will have to buy a short sleeve wetsuit just in case. I love to swim, but in warmer water. Oh...did you see any organized activities on the beach area? Like games or beach volleyball? The ship will dock from 9am - 11pm, they better provide lot of activities for us to do. 😆Just kidding, I can lay down on the lounge chair all day without doing anything.
  4. Can you tell me about the water temperature? I went to Bahamas last April and the water was a bit too cold for me to swim. DH didn't want to go in the ocean at all. We are going to Ocean Cay in 3 weeks, and I am wondering should I pre-order the floating mat and stand up paddle board. And is there any locker for people to use at Ocean Cay? TIA
  5. Oh..if you have a car, you may try to stay pre-cruise at one of the MIA airport hotels. Lot of them offer stay and park. For example, Hampton Inn Miami Airport one night and 8 days of parking is $179, with free breakfast too. Then Uber to POM is about $15-$17. But if you already booked your hotel room, this maybe not be an option for you. I think the Brightline package is a good deal if you fly Southwest and have to take transportation to POM.
  6. If you don't care about the luggage service, maybe just Uber from FLL to Port of Miami. It only cost about $39-$45, depending on the time.
  7. Oh no.....she just finished a 3 weeks dry dock. I am going to sail on her in Feb 2020, hopefully the crew can figure out why she is not running in full power.
  8. 😅 This is my first time with MSC. What do I need to do to start a roll call? Will I be the admin after that?
  9. I don't see a roll call for my sailing, does it mean there will be no M&G too?
  10. We won't sail on her until February, but I can't wait to see new posts about the dry dock and Ocean Cay experience. The Armonia will dock at Ocean Cay on Dec 15th.
  11. Hi all, As I mentioned before, I am total new to MSC and I have a few questions for my upcoming cruise: 1. I downloaded the MSC for Me app then found out it is only for the newer ships. When we boarded, is there any app I can use on my phone to check daily schedule and activities? Husband don't want to carry the paper daily anymore 🤣. 2. Excursion - can anyone tell me the 20% off excursion is a promotion or it away like this. I don't want to book the excursion too early, but don't want to miss the 20% off either. Can't believe they don't offer anything Black
  12. Cellfree, Thank you. I am going to read your review. This will be my first cruise with MSC, do you have any tips for me? Is the list everything in EURO instead of USD?
  13. Thanks for all positive comments about MSC Armonia. I found a good deal yesterday, so I booked it right away without doing any research. My bad, but the deal just hard to pass. Right after I got my confirmation, I came to Cruise Critic and read lot of bad reviews on this ship 😱; I felt like I made a big rookie mistake and ready to cancel the trip. But thanks for all the positive comments, I finally feel better and ready for my first MSC cruise. 😁
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