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  1. Unless those crew board in another port other than Vancouver, there is no way they will be on our sailing in April. There have been news articles about non-resident employees been stranded outside of Canada due to the travel closures/bans.
  2. Given that Canada has now placed a ban on all Non-Residents / Non-citizens from arriving into Canada, the only people who can board our ship in April will be Canadian citizens and permanent residents and US citizens. This is going to force a lot more people to hold their nose and take a bad deal from Celebrity.
  3. Is this a calendar 30 Days or a Celebrity Cruises' 30 days? I was almost burned by this difference once before.
  4. Celebrity... you just destroyed your brand! How can we trust you?
  5. So our cruise on April 12th was to leave from Vancouver, Transport Canada has closed the port to all cruise ships over 500 passengers. This means celebrity would have to depart from the nearest port which is Seattle and due to PVSA, the ship being foreign flagged can not disembark in Hawaii so now it’s an 8 day cruise to nowhere. And there is no way they can take passengers back from Hawaii to Seattle.
  6. What is going on? We are on the April 12th cruise and I was going in to cancel fights and pre and post hotels and now Celebrity has rescinded their 30 day sailing cancellation offer? Celebrity, your loyal fans are starting to lose faith! Lead the way...and stick to your posted messaging!
  7. Undecided. DH and I are in our early 50’s and in reasonable health, however, our parents are not in good health so we do have those considerations. This would be our 15th cruise which was booked for our 25th wedding anniversary. We booked on-board two years ago only to be changed by Celebrity a few times. We were originally booked to the Caribbean and we were informed last year that the ship was going to be scheduled for dry dock, picked another cruise with an OBC offer from Celebrity, turns out it is the Hawaii cruise April that is now shortened by two days. Dealing with a large OBC because of the shortened cruise. We depart for Vancouver on April 10th, however, the cruise now doesn’t sail until April 12th. Prior to this whole mess, we extended our time in Hawaii by five days as we have never been. Now I wonder if the hotel in Hawaii will even honour our reservation if we came off a cruise ship? Apparently, Hawaii is asking for a temporary suspension of cruise ships...not sure if this will happen. On top of it, my company has decided that if you travel personally and you go against Canada’s warning to not travel on a cruise ship, I will likely be quarantined upon return to Canada for 14 days without pay. DH and I have done a risk assessment, we evaluate everyday, but have decided to make a final decision on whether to sail or cancel on April 6th. COVID-19 is so fluid, it is hard to keep up. I can cancel flights and obtain refunds minus change fees by this date, hotels will be fully refundable, cancelled cruise will either be an FCC or a girl can dream for a full refund. If we cancel, we likely will never get the aft corner suite, perks and OBC at the price we paid for. Appears this cruise was never meant to sail for us from the beginning, I just keep telling DH we can go on another cruise AFTER 25 more years of marriage!
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