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  1. To each their own, I guess. We've done many, many cruises and can say honestly that we've never had a bad one. With that said, we are NOT willing to roll the dice with covid19. If, heaven forbid, one of us gets sick, we want to be here at home where we have the best medical care available and not on a ship in a third-world country with "iffy" medical facilities. Cruises are entertainment, fun, and enrichment activities for us and can wait until there is a vaccine. There are no guarantees for any trip, but we prefer to hedge our bets and wait this one out.
  2. As of this morning, the virus is now all over Europe. Hard to see how the cruise lines will deal with this for the upcoming summer season. Won't they just be aiding in the spread by moving people around?
  3. When we booked our B2B we knew that the deposit was non-refundable. What we didn't know was that there is a $100 per person, per booking change fee that is not disclosed until you receive your invoice. Now, we have decided to move the reservation forward a year because of a conflict, we are now being "dinged" $400 by Celebrity for the changes. These were NOT disclosed on the booking page I viewed, and even though our TA did the booking for us, it was never discussed nor disclosed. Grrrrr. We have no way of knowing if this policy change was in effect when we did the booking, but we are certainl
  4. We are postponing a back-to-back Europe to South America we have scheduled for later this year. No cruise is worth getting deathly ill for. We are pushing it forward to 2021, and hoping that they will have come out with a vaccine by then. I also read that if the airlines know you are coming off a "sick ship" they may not allow you to travel. So what do you do then if you are stuck in a foreign country, unable to get home?
  5. That tub is a recipe for disaster. Add in the motion of the ocean and water making it slippery, and you have slips and falls galore. We had friends who had to use a vacant regular cabin shower because their tub was too dangerous for them.
  6. Those tubs with their high sides and slick bottoms are a real liability. We were in a SS on the Eclipse once and I had such a hard time getting in/out. Factor in the motion of the ship and you have a recipe for disaster. I warned a friend with mobility issues about them, but she refused to listen to me. Once she experienced one for herself, she had to ask to use a shower in a regular cabin down the hall from her suite. We have never bothered with a suite since then, and the regular shower is just fine.
  7. The next time you're in Tuscan, please tell Alan hello from Chuck and Mary from Virginia. We were on Solstice 6 weeks ago for an 8-week stay. He's a very nice man and very professional in his work.
  8. The light pollution from the ship makes it difficult to see much. We saw the most from our balcony around twilight. A fellow stargazer also introduced us to a neat free app called SkyViewLite that was especially helpful in identifying Southern hemisphere constellations we don't usually see here in Virginia.
  9. It is nice to see the perspective of the ship backing out of her berth in Sydney. We were on her a month ago and felt the turnaround space there was pretty tight for a ship that large. The bridge looked much closer from onboard the ship! Also there was a ton of small boat traffic in the vicinity as well. Also glad to see that the smoke from the NSW fires has lifted from Sydney.
  10. We feel the same and are grateful for the perks we receive as Elite Plus. Celebrity doesn't have to give us anything in the way of perks, but since they do, we try and enjoy them all. The likelihood of our ever reaching Zenith is slim to none and we are o.k. with that. We recently spent two months on the Solstice and were treated like family the whole time. Lovely people from top to bottom, vessel sailed professionally and safely, consistently wonderful food - what could we possibly complain about? Nada!
  11. We were in Tauranga a month ago on the Solstice and there were both boat and helicopter tours offered to White Island. The tour descriptions stated that you were going to be hiking around a caldera and active vents. You would also need to wear a gas mask since there are all sorts of noxious fumes associated with the volcano. Still, people went on the tours knowing the risks. We did not hear anything onboard about seismic activity warnings, but assume that the tour operators were well aware of those readings and monitored them daily. We feel so bad for those who died and terrible as well for t
  12. We were also on this cruise and commend Kevin for his excellent and thorough review. It was the third of 4 B2Bs on the Solstice. By then, the crew recognized us as "family" and didn't hit on us with endless appeals for drink/specialty dining packages. But we did receive way too many phone messages from the casino and future cruise staff. We have to deal with these calls daily at home, and would like to be free of them on vacation. But when there is an officer whose title is "Revenue Officer" on board, you should be prepared for anything that will separate you from your money! A maj
  13. If they don't honor their Zenith and long-haul cruisers with something nice like a free dinner in Murano, a generous OBC or dinner with the Captain, then why do we think they would care about movies, foot stools and water?
  14. I just tried to do this on FB, and got a bot that said I was being referred to a Celebrity Rep. After waiting on line, I got a message to call them, essentially getting the runaround. Someone said earlier that they only want to hear praise/kudos, but no concerns/complaints. They are in the hospitality business and should listen to their customers. Seems like they have their fingers in their ears.....Why should we have to bring our own entertainment on ipads or laptops? This is not a camping trip, for goodness sake! Maybe they think if they deliver on most of the major things we are looking for
  15. The tv viewing options are terrible already on Celebrity, and eliminating the few free movies is a bad move. Americans are now used to a huge selection on their home tvs and for Celebrity to make watching tv onboard more boring and expensive seems to be a bad business decision. We are packing this weekend to spend almost two months on the Solstice, and I have to confess that I am dreading having nothing to watch every night before we go to sleep. They should be expanding their in-cabin entertainment, not limiting it.
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