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  1. Oh wow... like someone in a previous post said, these videos are so good you feel like you are there. But whoa ...I was there! You got the cyclo ride just right! That was the scariest thing I've ever done. Speeding it up like that made it seem just like it really felt!!! Thanks for sharing. Wanda Oh...Bill was there too! He found the ship.
  2. Can someone tell me who the ED was that replaced Mike in Hong Kong? I'm drawing a total blank. Thanks, Wanda
  3. I checked the 21st and had only 1 credit for the cruise. Yesterday I saw that it had been changed to 2.
  4. #1 MTGs have 1862 days. The cutoff for the MTG lunch for this segment is 909 and for the 2nd segment it’s 998. There are over 1000 elites which is more than 50% of the total passengers!!
  5. Crzn-Life

    Circle North Pacific

    You’ve got that right!! We booked it the day it came out and have been planning for it ever since. Gonna’ really miss that great internet we had on the CB! Only downside I see to this cruise is there will be a huge number of elites. It will probably take a week to get your clothes back from the laundry and the cut off for the MTG lunch will be high. 800 or more wouldn’t surprise me.
  6. Crzn-Life

    Milestone cruises

    It would be the same thing. Have never known them to withdraw an invitation to lunch or party. If you received one by mistake you are still included. So the “top 40 becomes the top 41” or however many were mistakenly invited.
  7. Crzn-Life

    Milestone cruises

    That happens more often than you might think. We've seen the ones that were "disqualified" still included in the cocktail party/luncheon but not given the actual award, i.e. champagne, etc. which would go to the actual MTGs.
  8. Pia, It was so good to have you back. Sorry we missed you. It is going to be hard for you to go on another ship with the old, sloooow internet! We’re on the Coral in a couple of weeks and I know we’re going to miss it. Heck, I’m at home now and I miss it![emoji50] Safe travels.
  9. It wasn’t by request last week. Spoke with the CC host (Faye) and she had no idea it was not going to be in the Patter. The current # 1 MTG on your cruise was the # 1 last week but the week before that he wasn’t and the MTGs’ (Bruce and Joanne) picture was in the Patter. The Patter format changed on the 8/11 cruise which was the debut of MedallionNet and *****. It’s not earth shattering but I was just curious.
  10. Pia, Was the MTG's picture in the Patter this cruise? It wasn't last week and wondering if this is now a thing of the past or if it was just an error last week.
  11. Crzn-Life

    Milestone cruises

    If you think you are due a milestone make it a point to go see the host the first day. Whatever system that is supposed to notify the host can't really be counted on. Our last milestone was reached on a cruise in February. I spoke with the host about it and it was an "ah-ha" moment because there was nothing in the system about it. She contacted the office, it was approved and voila!, we had our milestone celebration. BTW, the flowers were beautiful and lasted through that cruise, we enjoyed breakfast at Sabatini's a couple of times, and also enjoyed the other goodies.
  12. Think it’s gremlins or like Mission Impossible where they disappear as soon as you look at them? Actually if Deb is using Google for the pictures, Google Drive is really glitchy today. We’ve been having problems trying to share docs for our next cruise.
  13. Thank you. That’s weird. I replied to the post with the picture of the signs but a different picture appeared. Edit # 2 and now the pictures seem to be gone. Kind of crazy.
  14. What about the signs at the aft portion of the photo area around the "corner" from these? Are they installed? Do you have pictures of those? Thanks.
  15. Pia, So glad to see your "live from" again. I am sorry for your loss. We enjoyed our chats with you two. Probably chatted the most on the 49-day Grand re-positioning. That was a long time ago. Also very sorry that we missed you on the ship. We got off on the 25th. Getting home was a challenge. We flew SW and our flight to TPA was getting ready to board when they announced the weather delays. 3 gate changes, many garbled announcements all while the luggage was sitting out on the tarmac next to the ship. Got home 2 hours late with soaked luggage. Is Faye still the CC Host? When I spoke with her at the CC party she said she was going to be on for the next cruise yet I think I read a post somewhere that she left at the end of the cruise. If it isn't Faye, who is the host? Will also be interested in finding out if the missing MTG picture on the last patter for our cruise was a one-off or if they are making it a permanent change. Have a great cruise. We enjoyed our time on the CB and liked some of the experiments with new dishes. DH was happy because there was lots of chicken! I liked the salads and the broccoli! I see Peter Hollister is back as the HGM. He was actually on the ship during our cruise but was doing something else and Chris was the HGM. Where are you going in September? Great cruising. Hope to see you one of these days.