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    Ok I gotta ask

    movies under the stars.........no worries, i didn't know what it stood for either, but i heard that it's great. you're on the pool deck chairs with cushions, blankets, and popcorn.....can't wait!
  2. we're booked for cabin 520 on the riviera deck on the crown princess. we have read about pool noise from decks chairs.....we're considering moving aft to R730.....any feedback on this cabin? any information would be appreciated! thanks!
  3. laurenriker

    Info. on Riviera deck on Crown Princess?

    good news. i was having a hard time figuring out exactly what our room was under. sounds like we're better off being a little further down so that we're not under the pool. we wanted a midship cabin for motion issues since we heard that you tend to feel less motion midship. i tend to be sensitive to that, unlike my husband who isn't effected at all. we're really looking forward to it! i just got one of those "biobands" that's supposed to work on accupressure points to relieve motion sickness. i hope it works! thanks for taking the time to respond- lauren
  4. laurenriker

    Info. on Riviera deck on Crown Princess?

    dan- thanks for the information. we're hopeful that our location will be great. we don't plan to spend much time in our room, but of course, you still want it to be nice and pleasant while you are in there. we're in a new port each day so we'll be up early anyway. can't wait!
  5. Just wondering if anyone has sailed on the Crown Princess and if so, if you have any information about cabins on the Riviera deck. We have booked cabin 520 and just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback. I read one review (after the fact) about deck chairs and loud noise above sicne it's the deck right below the Lido deck. Also, any information about the size and shelter of the balcony on this deck would be much appreciated! Thanks! :) Lauren
  6. laurenriker

    Crown Princess Balconies: BB/Caribe deck vs. BD Aloha deck

    hi there- we just booked a BB category room with a balcony midship on the riviera deck. any idea about the size, privacy, and shelter of the balconies on that deck? we are SO excited and have never been on princess before. can't wait! thanks for your help- lauren