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  1. No worries. I should’ve been more specific. The perks I was wanting to keep for my daughter where the open bar and specialty dining. Luckily those are being offered on all bookings now. The only reason we are in Haven is that’s what my MIL wants and she pays. She books 2 years out and her generous, but fixed budget doesn’t allow adding another whole cabin at this point, and since we already maxed out the capacity, it puts her in a tough spot since things have changed. We are just trying to figure out if and how to make it work. We’ve cruised every year since 2006 and know each one is different...this year (2020) was to be our last....so now we’re really trying to figure out how to do the last, postponed, with new circumstances! I know my daughter and her fiancé very well and they would sleep in pool chairs LOL to be able to go on a cruise with us without paying! Hard to post all those details in one post which is why I was really just asking for advice on what the Haven policies are. Super happy that I had that clarify for me. Best wishes to all and thanks for the input!
  2. Yes this is exactly what we are thinking now. We know they won’t even want to eat in Haven...at most they'd want to bring their own drink and sit in the lounge before dinner...We can do that in our rooms too.....we have 2, 2 bedroom Haven Family suites. Technically we could add him to one of the rooms, but the sleeping arrangements would be weird. Luckily all bookings offer open bar and specialty dining now, and the Bliss is an amazing ship, Haven aside! She is Platinum anyway so they will get some perks if she’s booked with him. (we’ve cruised NCL since she was little) Definitely not stressed....if I wanted to be annoying and take advantage I would not even have posted the questions lol we would just have done it. Mostly we are wanting to be sure grandma (who doesn’t like to leave Haven except to eat 😂) could see them. In the cabins are fine! I like the idea of being upfront with staff too so as the week goes they could potentially sit in lounge with us. Replies were helpful thanks!
  3. The extra person would not need to partake of food or drinks in the Haven .... I definitely wasn’t implying that. There are 10 of us fully booked in The Haven, so moving to another ship is not really a feasible plan. My MIL has paid over $30,000 for this trip. Just wondering how big of a deal would it be for one non-haven guest to be with us in some common areas occasionally. Yes an inside cabin for a solo person is pricier than for 2.....it’s about $3000 whereas the cheapest Haven room is $10,000 minimum and much more space than would be needed. We may just move her to the inside room and spend time with them in other areas....they will be newlyweds and happy with that too, and free drinks and other perks are offered for all bookings right now. The main reason for them to be in the Haven at all would be to spend time with grandma which they can do in her cabin and on her balcony, and at dinner, and we can see them on 90% of the ship. I genuinely appreciate the info - truly didn’t know official policy (never needed to before) but suspected there would be some reasons not to go this route. Just trying to figure out options for re-booking a year later when our family dynamic will be different than the original trip in 2020! I appreciate the (mostly) non-judgemental advice and thoughts 🙂 stay safe and kind everyone!
  4. Weird situation and would love some thoughts. We were scheduled to cruise Alaska May-June in 2 Haven family Suites. My MIL moved the cruise to next summer. My daughter was going with us (last family vac) but will be married by then so we are trying to figure out how to have her fiance/husband come with us, without breaking the bank! We are booked as a family of 6 (includes daughter) which is the max for the room. No way we can afford to book another Haven cabin. We were were thinking we'd book an inside cabin, but only put him on that room, and leave my daughter on the Haven reservation, so we'd pay for and she can enjoy perks and he can be in the Haven with us as a guest, but she'd go sleep in the inside cabin with him. We have cruised in the Haven before, and I can't impagine Haven staff would give us a hard time about him being in the lounges etc with us - and he'd have the full drink package etc. HOwever it feels weird, knowing that we get to know Butler/barterder/concierge etc. pretty well so it would be obvious we had another person around all the time not booked in Haven. I can't imagine they'd complain...I don't even feel like we'd be doing anything wrong, but wondered what official rules are on guests in Haven....we've always kept to oursleves so before I book, just tossing it out to see if anyone thinks this sounds like a reasonable plan, or if I am overlooking a potential issue?
  5. On Joy — anyone know who is working Haven for Alaska this summer? Butler, bartender, and concierge?
  6. I’m wondering the same....we had hoped to do a bike and brew tour, but not sure they would be offered this time of night for you. Our ship is there 12-10 PM.
  7. I’m having such a hard time researching here since Alaska is listed as only one port of call, instead of individual ports like the Caribbean! We have booked a boat wildlife tour in Ketchikan. We will likely just go to Mendenhall in Juneau. I’m looking now for suggestions for Icy Strait. Any details about this port would be helpful. We are a family of 6 kids with aged 15-22. We like to hike and boat and see amazing things. We typically get a taxi or car rental and get as far away from port as we can for as long as we have in port. We like to book our excursions through local independent tour operators. thanks for any advice!
  8. We just returned from here and enjoyed our day in the general area. It wasn’t crowded and with Haven priority exit, we got a bunch of chairs in a shady area near bar and taco restaurant with a nice view of the water. The Haven/villa area is a FAR walk! It looks very nice though and that area of the beach is much quieter.
  9. Any update? We are going next week and want to get a taxi to sage mt to hik, then go to Brewer's Bay for a little beach time, then a taxi back to port.
  10. Please share....we are Haven guests and are not renting a cabana....wondering what (if anything) is provided for Haven guests without paying extra. Any details about your stay would be appreciated as it's a recent addition to our itinerary and know nothing. Excited though - looks nice and I am very excited that drink packages etc work, unlike Harvest Caye. That was our least favorite stop ever and will keep me from ever choosing an itinerary including it again!
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