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  1. Several years ago my husband made a list of what he actually wore for the week. That list stays in his suitcase and he sticks to it every time he packs. He takes considerably less than he use to. For women, it's all about clothing basics and lightweight accessories to give the outfits a different look.


    While on vacation I don't like looking into the closet and saying this is all I have for today, I like options! So we overpack! never could understand how someone could do a 14 day cruise with just a carry on:eek:

  2. We just sailed on the Caribbean in Feb in a mini suite. The tv's are in the same place on a pedestal. They are large for the space. The speaker sound comes from behind the set so at the angle they are set it sends the sound into the opposite room. It was challenging to almost impossible to watch different things on each tv at the same time.


    Thx Pam I was hoping the one was mounted across bed on wall but that would make too much sense.

  3. I can tell you that in balcony cabins the new 42" TV's are on the upper shelf just like the old ones were. I was told this is where the connections were located. I don't think Princess would fish through the cabin walls to retro-fit wall mounted ones.


    Thx yes that makes sense.

  4. New TVs on Caribbean Princess are not on the wall. We were on the sailing when they were installed. They are on the pedestals. While they are quite nice, they are a bit overwhelming for the cabin size.


    Thank you, it would have been nice having the main TV on wall across from bed, then the top of the pedestal could be used for storage.

  5. DW & I are considering the Glacier Bay Round Trip Los Angeles on the Royal Princess in September next year. Concern is the northern travel portion which is sailing against the southernly ocean flow and wind. I know that it can vary but generally how rough is it?


    Most times coming up swell north bound on the pacific you will experience motion whether its from Mexico to LA or LA to Vancover. The ships are so big and have stabilizers though.

  6. Just booked a corner aft on Island for the summer of 2019..........for $ 2.00.................so I guess I have time to debate on this further. Whether to take Island Princess or Royal Princess to Alaska.




    We were in L721 the Almalfi suite on the Island and loved it. It is a unique cabin an unlike all other penthouses or Vistas. There is 40 feetof balcony, three sliders. Side and rear balconies we really enjoyed it especially during sail away in Venice.

  7. No, they don't do that. Check the applicable airline's website and you should see your reservation.



    Maybe I asked the wrong question...... my reservation has always been on the airline website however the tickets were not paid for, so when does Princess actually pay or hard book the flights?

  8. Funny you posted this! As I was just notified by Delta that my upcoming flights in 60 days have changed and not in my favor. I get to Florida later and get home later and they even threw in a 4.5 hr layover in ATL. I too called Delta and was told same thing as you. I was on hold with Princess for 45 min and that wasn’t fruitful. They claim they only have access to very few flights even though Delta could give me better flights. The worst thing is I paid $2500 for my 2 carefully chosen first class planes and seats. This will be my first and last time using ezair.

  9. Thank you! Your advice is appreciated. Not too concerned about the Ocean Medallion. Was only worried about the shower because my husband is 6’ 2.



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    I am 6’4 and 275 lbs and have been on many Princess cruises and have had several normal sized showers. And while yes they are cramped it really didn’t bother me. Thrak and I are on same upcoming Caribbean Princess cruise. I really enjoy these size and class ship. I say go have a great time. I was never a fan of ocean medallion anyways so getting an extra $100 was just more and like Thrak said an extra sea day is alwayswelcomed.

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