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  1. Hi, Anyone have dailies from the NCL Jewel? TIA Gail
  2. aroundthehorn


    Thank you so much.
  3. aroundthehorn


    Hi, I am on NCL Spirit May 9th. I am interested in booking tours in Tokyo, Osaka to Kyoto and Osaka, Nagasaki and Hong Kong. Anyone with any experience with these ports would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help. Gail
  4. Hi Laura, I think that I found someone! I love Melbourne tours. And I told them penguins plus. Waiting for details, but i reserved the day. Thanks for your help. Gail
  5. I contacted posh penguin and they are all booked! Any other company that you might know? That was a must on my to do list. Thanks Gail
  6. Thank you. You're a doll. Looking forward to hearing from you post cruise. I did a ship excursion because of the tendering in akaroa. If i find something better, I can cancel. Thanks again. Gail
  7. I have booked through viator, but they are third party and i would prefer no to..i do think in the wild. Not a zoo.
  8. I think something in Melbourne and we stay over. Maybe we can look for a tour for just us. I'll look.
  9. Thank you. That is what I have done in the past, but i am having trouble with this itinerary. I have most sorted out now, but not all. Also, my roll call is not very chatty. Gail
  10. That's great! Thank you for the information. He seemed great in all our communications.
  11. Sounds great. You have also planned your own Wellington day. I am still working on finding a tour, but I will follow your lead! Gail
  12. Hi, You sound like you have it all worked out. I don't have it in me anymore, i want to be shown around. Penguin tour in Melbourne is on my wishlist, but i haven't figured it out yet. I've visited synagogues in many cities, but didn't even think of it in Melbourne. I might take your idea for Wellington, if i don't find a tour. I'm thinking I will do a free walking tour in Sydney for tipping also.
  13. There was a maximum of 12,15 20, i can't remember, but small group. I don't go to Napier. That worries me too if they don't get people and cancel, what do you do last minute. I haven't thought about Melbourne and Wellington yet. I don't go until February. 6 weeks away is exciting! I'm doing a ship excursion in Akaroa because we're tendering and just figured that while no one had any suggestions, this is a safe option. Gail
  14. Hi, Thank you so much. Have you heard of tourworksnz? I booked a tour with them.
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