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  1. Thanks, good to know. 🙂
  2. I took a quick look at your Azamara thread and found it interesting. I have also given thought to trying a premium cruise line...and, you know what, I would expect to be completely "blown away." So I guess I will have to adjust my expectations downward. 😉
  3. I've always booked on my own, occasionally with the assistance of a cruise line travel rep. When booking last minute, you might not be able to "hold" a reservation for more than (say) 30 minutes. But that would at least give you a chance to nail down a flight reservation before you commit on the cruise.
  4. I've booked cruises at 2 - 3 weeks before sailing date and have found some great deals. I don't worry a whole lot about the so called single supplement because I believe it is a red herring. Rather, I look for good deals within my budget - typically up to $200 per day. By definition I've always gotten a great cabin location because, if it wasn't, I wouldn't have booked it. 😉 There will always be a few people who have to cancel at the last minute due to, say, medical or job-related reasons. But you have to follow the availabilities closely (several times per day) and be willing to make an INSTANT decision when something suitable appears. And if airfare is needed, you must simultaneously look for a good deal there.
  5. Just offering an off the cuff preference... I haven't cruised on either line, but I've always wanted to try Princess. Disney would probably scare me off due to the "kid factor."
  6. Speaking as a solo who prefers to dine alone, I disagree with your comment that NCL "freestyle" is notoriously singles-unfriendly. I think it's GREAT!! I'm never pressured to share a table, and in ~50 nights of travel, they've only asked me about twice. Different strokes for different folks. 😉
  7. When I was a kid in the 1960s, my grandparents took my cousin and me aboard their favorite ship, the SS Canberra, when it made a visit to Seattle. My GPs arranged the visit which included lunch in the dining room. They weren't passengers at the time, but they had been on the ship 2-3 times before. Not that that is in any way relevant to what happens today... ;-)
  8. I'd suggest the Quick Shuttle bus. It should pick you up right at the Vancouver cruise terminal and drop you at SEATAC. No additional transfers needed. The only drawback is that it can take a while, especially if delayed at the border. Don't plan a tight schedule at the Seattle end.
  9. I note that you are referring to WEBSITE results only. Have you actually contacted the cruise line directly (by phone or via a travel agent) to confirm your results?
  10. In my opinion, focusing on the so-called "single supplement" is a red herring. By shopping based on it you will simply limit your choses. Instead, I would decide what you are willing to pay per day and shop based on that metric. For example, I usually shop for cruises under $200 per day (including any "supplement"). I am almost always a solo traveller.
  11. Yeah, I think my longest cruise was 19 nights. But a lot of people on that one said they were "done" after two weeks. Naturally, a lot depends on the ship, itinerary, etc. I've generally preferred repositioning cruises of 10 - 15 nights.
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