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  1. Analog Kid

    Newbie to cc and a first time cruiser.

    No I didn't do a meet-n-greet. 14 days!!!!!
  2. Analog Kid

    New - with many questions

    Great thread and great responses. I also am going on my first cruise in just 2 weeks! This is informative. We're not bringing any beach towels, but we are bringing one travel cup for DW's drinks (getting her a soda card). Not sure your question about the 'coffee being good' got answered. So..... is the free coffee any good?
  3. Hi! I'm Analong Kid (RUSH fan). We're doing Mariner OTS Feb 10th to Western Caribbean. Can't wait!! I have lots of questions, but don't want to make an ass of myself on my first post! :cool: I don't even know where to start.