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  1. CB does stock Sprite zero in cans, which can be ordered through room service or picked up at bars. I realize this is not the same as coke zero, but depending on whether it's the coke or the zero that's more important, may work for some.
  2. https://cruiseradio.net/8-injured-when-crane-falls-on-oasis-of-the-seas/
  3. Wondering if the incident at the Freeport drydock earlier this week and resulting damage to the facility may impact the Caribbean Princess? There are three drydock berths there, but would one being out of commission affect overall scheduling?
  4. Hampton Inn North Airport/Cruiseport also has grocery and liquor in walking distance, plus a couple restaurants. Usually good rates and always excellent service!
  5. This app is driving both my husband and me nuts! One day all the info I've put in is there and looks fine, the next day it says something is missing and alternates between who is missing data. He's called the support number twice with no resolution. I've decided to abandon looking at it until just before we sail in mid May to preserve my sanity.
  6. Even looking at street view, it's not possible to tell whether it's fenced, but that was my suspicion. Thank you for confirming. I'll plan accordingly.
  7. Thank you for responding although you weren't able to answer my question. To address your questions, we prefer walking over Lyft, Uber, or taxi because it's a healthy option. Our luggage will be in our cabin, so will not be hauling anything with us. I plan to buy two bottles, the permitted amount to bring onboard, which I think my husband and I can easily haul back to the ship in the Florida heat and humidity.
  8. Hi everyone, I know that's its possible to rather easily make this walk, but have usually read about coming out to 17th street and walking down 17th to the shopping enter. Looking at the map, it looks like one could walk straight out from the terminal, cross Eisenhower and walk down 20th to access from an alley beside Total Wine. Is this possible? Maybe there are gates/restrictions that are not readily visible on the map. Anyone have first hand experience? Just looking for the most expeditious route in case we are short on time. Thank you!
  9. I wonder what happens if the Medallion is shipped to your home in advance of the cruise, but you forget to bring it? I'm sure another could be programmed for you at check in, but would Princess charge you for that?
  10. I'm so disappointed to see the loss of deck space for sun loungers. This is one of our favorite spots for sea days as there was nothing to block the ocean breeze when choosing a chair by the rail.
  11. The 2018 NCAA championship game was broadcast on the Caribbean Princess Panama Canal sailing in January 2018, both on MUTS and on TV in cabin. Hope you have the same good luck. I don't believe that it was listed in the Patter for the day and inquiries at the passenger services desk in the days prior didn't reveal favorable information, but when the time came, it was on!
  12. We were on the CB 9/28 sailing. At that time, passenger names were displayed on the screens outside the cabin doors and also appeared on the interactive large screens at various locations around the ship when the passenger was within a certain range. My feedback in the survey post-cruise included expressing my dislike of this practice. The displayed names were in larger font than was previously on the "mailbox" outside the cabin door. I do not care for other passengers to know my name unless I choose to introduce myself, and although I was traveling with my husband, I definitely would not want it to be easily determined if I were traveling alone.
  13. VaCruzers

    Beach Limerz?

    I should mention that we have been to Beach Limerz once, if not twice, in the past when the beach was quite wide and the water was very calm. Although this past trip conditions were impacted by recent weather, that's not always the case. Unfortunately, the weather can be unpredictable. Compared to other beaches where we were among throngs of people and continually approached by aggressive vendors, I'll take Beach Limerz even if I can't get in the water for the day. It's all a matter of priority and preference for every individual to make that determination.
  14. VaCruzers

    Beach Limerz?

    Definitely recommend emailing Gail for info on the package or pay as you go. She will send you full details on each so you can make the selection that works best for you. We were there in early October and it was a rough surf day so we weren't able to go in the water, but still had a wonderful day. There were only four of us (the four in my group) on the beach all day long! A few local patrons had lunch in the restaurant. Gail continually apologized for the surf conditions, which was very thoughtful in her quest to make sure we had a great day but was totally not necessary as it was not within her control. A few photos from the day. Waves were breaking onto the boulders at times
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