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  1. Hi voljeep, Back on Caribbean Princess? Enjoy!
  2. That happened to us on Friday as well with a cruise we had put on hold on Wednesday. I went ahead and fnalized the booking, but was very surprised to see the entended amount of time before the deposit was due.
  3. Awesome news!! Safe travels, looking forward to the virtual journey. Do you ever feel like your cabin is really crowded with all of us tagging along? 😜
  4. To address the OP's question about pre cruise pricing, in our personalizer, for the 4 night it said $9.99 per day and for the 7 night it was $59.99. Basically, about $100. Neither of those reflect a Platinum discount. I also thought it was odd that it was a per day price on one booking and a package price on the other. I wish I had thought to screenshot the offer on embarkation day. The math still doesn't work, but I was happy with $4.50 a day to stay connected to family at home versus paying for an international phone plan that I could only use on port days. We had a total of five sea days so FB messenger was great.
  5. Yes!! J & K were great and were mentioned along with a few others including our personable and efficient cabin steward. The 7 day was just as awesome as the 4 day...until we were required to disembark yesterday morning. 😪
  6. Oh my goodness....why are these things so long? Am I the only one who would rather use the half hour it takes to complete the survey planning my next cruise?
  7. We were on the Caribbean Princess last October as well (with Medallion Net) and the remaining minutes were shown, but not this time. The internet cafe manager confirmed this is a change and suggested havingng your device "forget" Medallion Net and then re-add it. When you do this, the number of minutes are shown, but it's mighty inconvenient.
  8. Hello, I can't help with referring you to a link, but can relay our experience on Caribbean Princess on the 5/14 and 5/18 sailings. It is a Medallion Class ship with Medallion Net internet. We are Platinum Captain's Club members. On 5/14 embarkation day, when I first attempted to log on to the internet, I was offered two options: one was for 250 minutes of internet, and the other was for $44.95 for unlimited internet. I was confused because I wasn't expecting that many minutes for a four night cruise but I was expecting a lower rate for the unlimited package with the 25% Platinum discount. We were in the Piazza area so we walked . over to the internet cafe and spoke with the manager, Alan. I showed him my phone's screen and questioned what I was seeing. Because we were on back to back sailings, I was offered the 250 minutes for 11 nights or $44.95 for the 11 nights. I chose the unlimited option. My husband wanted to think about it and later went to select his package but inadvertently chose the 250 minutes. This happened after the internet cafe was closed so we went the following morning to make the switch but were denied as the offer was only for embarkation day. He was locked into using his 250 minutes, but unlike in the past, when logging off and logging back in, the number of minutes was never displayed. When the 2nd cruise began on 5/18, he went back to the internet cafe to ask about selecting the unlimited package for that sailing. The response was that internet access is no longer linked to each booking, but to your "voyage" which is the total number of days you will be onboard. Eventually Alan conceeded that this new process is confusing and is not explained prior to making any selection so he did give my husband a 25% discount on the remaining days, but it was still more than I had paid for the 11 days. Bottom line, you can choose the number of included minutes based on your loyalty status, but will not know how many remain unless you track it yourself or you can choose unlimited with a 25% discount on embarkation day only. If you plan to use at all, the unlimited is a great deal and the speed is very fast. The embarkation day Platinum discount is a better deal than the pre-cruise purchase through your cruise planner. The Captain's Club benefits section has not been updated to reflect any of this for the ships with Medallion Net. I hope this is helpful. Also, internet is not needed for the Ocean Conceriege, Ocean Compass, Ocean Now and other apps. You only need to connect to the ship's wifi in airplane mode. This is confusing for some. It's also confusing to have multiple apps rather than have everything in one and trying to find what you need. On a side note, the coffee package is also linked to your voyage, not your bookings, so our 15 specialty coffees could be used over the 11 days of the two bookings rather than all needing to be used during the 4 night booking, then having to purchase another one. That was a nice surprise! I think it will take some time for the working definition of "voyage" to become familiar to everyone. However, it's irelevant unless you are on multiple consecutive sailings.
  9. Yes, we went directly to our cabin to return our passports to the safe and were then able to go anywhere onboard we liked once we reboarded. We returned to the piazza, got a coffee and watched the arriving passengers come onboard. They had begun arriving while we returned to our cabin so embarcation must have begun about the same time we were allowed to reboard. Sorry about the typos in my original post. Although I think I am proofreading while using my phone, I always find so many mistakes when viewing on a larger screen.
  10. Sorry, I don't know about multiple devices plans. I didn't notice the rate for those, but the best price is on embarkation day and it will be lower than the pre cruise discounts offered per the internet cafe manager. Also, I can't edit, but noticed a typo in my earlier post that said "today's days". That should have said total days. The Platinum and Elite discount applied to the embarkation day special.
  11. Sorry, I don't know about multiple devices plans. I didn't notice the rate for those, but the best price is on embarkation day and it will be lower than the pre cruise discounts offered per the internet cafe manager. Also, I can't edit, but noticed a typo in my earlier post that said "today's days". That should have said total days.
  12. Yes, booked as two sailings. This is why I posted as it's a new procedure on Caribbean princess, at least. According to Alan, the internet cafe manager, it's for all Medallion sailings.
  13. Turnaround went fairly quickly. We met at 10 and we were required to disembark to the terminal but we're back onboard by 10:50. If have preferred to have immigration come onboard as in previous experiences, but it did help me meet my step goal for the day 😀
  14. Onboard Caribbean Princess now for B2B 4 and 7 night. Purchased Medallion Net unlimited plan on embarkation day for $44.95 for 11 nights with Platinum discount. Only available embarkation day. For B2B cruisers, your today days are now a "voyage" and benefits are based on that. DH didn't purchase package planning to use Platinum minutes on 4 nighter and buy package for 7 nights. Told this was not possible since he used his minutes for this voyage. Good news is that coffee package carries over as well as OBC.
  15. In contrast, we picked up an omelette in the buffet and took back to our balcony. Total time was about 5 minutes and the back section of the buffet ( the only part we walked through) was about 75% empty at about 8:45. I figured most had walked off with little luggage some it was only a 4 night sailing.
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