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  1. Going on the Jewel Sunday the 24Th 5 Day Western Caribbean I use a compressor/nebulizer 3 times a day runs off 110 volts should I worry about the ships electricity heard story's about 110 not the same. Also if anybody has been on this cruise this month how was weather? Staying in suite 10th floor AC front of the ship does anyone have pictures of the suites on the 10th floor of the Jewel if so would like to see them PLEASE! Thanks in advance to ALL PCCP
  2. :) Sue, Thanks for the info on the suite. You said you don't remember how much the bar set up was, but do you remember if you felt it was worth it. This is my better half first cruise,(and he is so spoiled). This is my eight cruise a balcony cabin always worked for me. He's willing to try it and I'm hopping he will love it because, he just received another comp. cruise from Mohegan Sun Casino. It's now raining on top of the eight inches of snow we got today. 10 days to go! SOOOOOOOOOO ready.:)
  3. Steve, Thank you for info on Suite, and Villas, does not say much about Category AC. I guess I want to know it all. Another 8 inches of snow this morning. I'm sooooo ready to get out of the winter.
  4. Has anyone heard of, or, has had the bar set up in suite? If so , how much and is it worth it? AC Suite 10002 , what are the perks? Never been on NCL in a suite, what exactly does a Butler or Concierge do? Heard so many pros and cons about suite in front of ship, any impute or pics would be great.
  5. PCCP

    Gem............Penthouse suite

    Was your upgrade complementary? Did you get it before you got there or at the time you checked in? I was wondering why the front suites did not book up early. Would you upgrade from a AC to AB, is it worth the $$$.
  6. PCCP

    Jewel ?

    First trip for my better half, eight trip for me. I usually go with the girls. We are going on the Jewel for 5 days, Feb 24, a gift from his Casino, Mohegan Sun. Myself, when going with the girls we book a balcony room, works for me. After all these years i finally convinced my better to take a cruise. He is spoiled he will not stay in anything but a suite. We booked an AC category in the front of the ship, he went on NCL sight and found many AC category (front of ship).still available. Does anybody have any input on why that category and location does not seem as desirable?What perk come with AC suites? Help should we upgrade or try to change location? Thanks PC;) CP:o
  7. PCCP

    GEM-Penthouse Suites "Perks"

    Thank for the update on discussion! PC my better half, One Queen bed is perfect. 5 days was all he was willing to go on, his first but I'm confided it wont be his last.
  8. PCCP

    GEM-Penthouse Suites "Perks"

    oops wrong cruise date 5 day trip on Jewel Feb 24 PC
  9. PCCP

    GEM-Penthouse Suites "Perks"

    First trip for pc and 8th trip for cp she usually goes with the girls. So we are going on the Jewel 5 day on Feb 5Th gift from my casino staying in suite 10002 AC looked it up on ncl site and most all the suites in front of ship are still available ?? Anybody know why all in front of ship are not desired?What perks come with this suites AC and should I call to see if can get a upgrade and if so to what Thanks PCCP
  10. PCCP

    Live from the Jewel 1/27/08

    Looking for hotel in Miami. Want to stay close to Bayside. Getting in Late Friday night. Sailing on the Jewel 2/24/08. Any suggestions?:) :) :)
  11. PCCP

    Live from the Jewel 1/27/08

    Sailing on the Jewel 2/24.:)