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  1. Oh thank you! Yay for footstools. I read somewhere that some people were buying blow up foot stools🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Sorry for the confusion. I think I meant reclining chair with footstools. Not loungers. But again there are footstools in pictures of AQ hump cabins How do they get theirs?
  3. We are booked on the Solstice.AQ class. Back in the day you had to request loungers for the balconies from the cabin steward . I’ve been eyeballing recent photos and it seems that these cabins may already have them. Anyone out there have any recent experience or information ?
  4. I know there are many threads about how much booze you can bring or smuggle on board but I could not find anything about non alcoholic drinks. Has anyone tested the limits of let’s say cases of water, soft drinks etc? It isn’t forbidden nor do I see anything by X discussing limits. Now the twist. I won’t even be going through the usual big scale embarkation. I have arranged to board at the first port on day 2. So I will be boarding by taking a tender to the ship.
  5. I am hoping you can help me. Sounds like you know how to stock your cabin! I am trying to get a sense of how much non alcoholic beverages you can bring above the 2 bottles of wine. Is it unlimited? How much is too much? I would like to bring several quart bottles of cold brew which is a type of ice coffee and some protein drinks which is actually a medical thing. Any advice would be appreciated!
  6. Happy Honeymoon! Can you find out when the laundry special is? I think it is a fill the bag for one price thing.
  7. Ohhhh! You check both! I thought it was either or! Duhhhhh😜 Thanks again. I don’t know why I read it like that.
  8. Thank you so much! Way more knowledgeable than my TA! Does anyone have any knowledge or opinions about this part of the application? It seems like a gotcha the option to understand vs agree.
  9. Oh wow!!I didn’t think that I would ever be lucky enough to see them from my Itinerary! HNL to SYD 17 days Sept 23rd. I would be happy with anything 2019 Solstice. I just want to get an idea of the day to day life on board and when things generally happen. I love sea days but this will be my first longer that 2 week cruise with 12 sea days! Things I am looking for include: yoga, Pilates, core classes in the fitness center. free drink events😈 ballroom dancing classes💃🏻🕺🏻 Captain club events with the cruise 🚢 Officers wine tasting events laundry special fill
  10. I need your help finding the dailies from the Solstice. I have searched and searched and I have found a few. They are all from several years ago and there have been so many changes.
  11. I will only ever do Aqua class. Blu is everything! Excellent food in a beautiful more intimate dining space.
  12. I wouldn’t even be on a ship this big if it wasn’t for AQUA!!!!! We spent 2 weeks on the Solstice in AC now have booked a 17 day cruise on her again. Just a coincidence that it is the same ship. I am sure I am going to be unpopular with my next comment.... but no kids allowed in aqua class. So that means no kids in Blu except if they are in a suite. We actually love the overhang on the hump cabin balcony. Shade all day. That means we don’t have to deal with chair hogs for the few shaded places near the pool. So much of our day is spent away from the masses. I prefer my meals in Blu as much as
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