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  1. The food on Regent is very, very good for a cruise line. But if food is that important to you, a cruise may just not be a good fit.
  2. The remainder of the air deviation fee posted to my credit card this morning. I've now received the full refund and can begin looking at future cruises again.
  3. Today we received the full refund for cruise fare for our April 3 transatlantic that was cancelled March 13 by Regent. Now only the balance of the air deviation fee remains outstanding (taxes were already paid).
  4. May 7, 2020 we cancelled October 2020 cruise before final payment. May15, 2020, deposit (less $200) credited to credit card (Still waiting for full refund of April 3 cruise cancelled March 13 by Regent)
  5. Sail date April 3, 2020 Regent cancelled March 13, 2020 Refund requested March 13, 2020 Nothing yet
  6. Misread this as a shortened "end of world" cruise.
  7. I read this morning that they have stopped allowing visitors to Sagrada Familia. Very sad.
  8. If you do your own flight arrangements, you don't get the transfer from the airport to the hotel. But if you do the pre-cruise hotel, you get the transfer from the hotel to the port. See you on board!!
  9. Drink your way through the cocktails named for Regent and its ships. My personal favorite is the Navigator, but they’re all good.
  10. For a 14 night cruise with lots of sea days, I would go with a mid-ship F1 suite for the extra room and better location, particularly since you like the adjustable TV position. We’ve not stayed in an F1, but people seem to really like them. I haven’t heard or read anything about an aft vibration on Explorer, though. If you decide to book this cruise, be sure to join the Roll Call and sign up for the Meet and Mingle. Hope to see you onboard.
  11. We do the same, and it works perfectly. We use them at the pre-cruise hotel also.
  12. What would the price comparison be for a Crystal suite that was closer in size? To me, 207 square feet seems materially different from 306 square feet.
  13. On our recent Navigator cruise, there was no MGSB the night of the Seven Seas Society party. But we had special ordered it (with two days notice) for our anniversary dinner. Very delicious!
  14. rcandkc -- I believe, but may be wrong, that the new shuttle bus system is for getting an Uber from the airport, not being dropped off at the terminal by Uber. Also, there is a covered taxi stand directly across the street from where you exit the cruise terminal. That's where we were picked up by our Uber driver. Except for all the people trying to talk us into getting into their car, which I found annoying, the process was simple and not at all unpleasant. I tend to be a worrier, and wasted time worrying about making the 12:25 flight, but it was all fine. Enjoy your cruise!
  15. We disembarked Navigator Tuesday morning last week in NYC. We took an Uber (real one, not one of the guys trying to talk you into their car) and easily made a 12:25 flight. We may have been lucky, but we had no problem at all.
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