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  1. If you do your own flight arrangements, you don't get the transfer from the airport to the hotel. But if you do the pre-cruise hotel, you get the transfer from the hotel to the port. See you on board!!
  2. Drink your way through the cocktails named for Regent and its ships. My personal favorite is the Navigator, but they’re all good.
  3. For a 14 night cruise with lots of sea days, I would go with a mid-ship F1 suite for the extra room and better location, particularly since you like the adjustable TV position. We’ve not stayed in an F1, but people seem to really like them. I haven’t heard or read anything about an aft vibration on Explorer, though. If you decide to book this cruise, be sure to join the Roll Call and sign up for the Meet and Mingle. Hope to see you onboard.
  4. We do the same, and it works perfectly. We use them at the pre-cruise hotel also.
  5. What would the price comparison be for a Crystal suite that was closer in size? To me, 207 square feet seems materially different from 306 square feet.
  6. On our recent Navigator cruise, there was no MGSB the night of the Seven Seas Society party. But we had special ordered it (with two days notice) for our anniversary dinner. Very delicious!
  7. rcandkc -- I believe, but may be wrong, that the new shuttle bus system is for getting an Uber from the airport, not being dropped off at the terminal by Uber. Also, there is a covered taxi stand directly across the street from where you exit the cruise terminal. That's where we were picked up by our Uber driver. Except for all the people trying to talk us into getting into their car, which I found annoying, the process was simple and not at all unpleasant. I tend to be a worrier, and wasted time worrying about making the 12:25 flight, but it was all fine. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. We disembarked Navigator Tuesday morning last week in NYC. We took an Uber (real one, not one of the guys trying to talk you into their car) and easily made a 12:25 flight. We may have been lucky, but we had no problem at all.
  9. I agree the two adjoining suites would probably be more comfortable for four adults (even if two are young teenagers). I think the extra full bathroom and the extra closet space would be a huge plus.
  10. You can get melted butter for the popcorn. Yummy!
  11. La Grande Dame is the name of Veuve Clicquot’s premium champagne. It’s delicious! 🥂
  12. Our return flight from Barcelona next year (booked through Regent’s Custom Air) is on KLM with an overnight in Amsterdam. There was no additional charge, but we pay for our hotel in Amsterdam. Lufthansa has a program where you can bid for upgrades. We were able to upgrade Regent’s business class reservation to first class for a very reasonable amount. It might not work for 4 people, and you have to bid to upgrade all passengers who are booked together. We stayed at the Hyatt in Nice before our most recent cruise and really liked it. It’s in a great location.
  13. What about people who don't have a compatible phone? Will guides still speak out loud, or will they be speaking into a device connected to the phones through the app? And I'm thinking this app may drain the battery, so some people's phone battery may not last for a longer excursion. Which cruise(s) will be they be testing this on? I have not seen anything for a Navigator cruise in October. In any event, it should be an interesting test.
  14. I’ve used Google Flights for years and find it very helpful. It will show if a codeshare flight is less expensive to book through one airline rather than another. For example, we found a business class flight that was a couple thousand dollars less if booked through Lufthansa instead of United.
  15. My preference would be Pacific Rim, but I would be happy with Chartreuse replacing P7.
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