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  1. I read all these posts and wonder what I did to get lucky. Our July 6 cruise was just cancelled last week, and we got refunds today, much to my surprise.
  2. Highly recommend Cuatro Sombras. Some of the best coffee I have ever had from anywhere. Have a macchiato while you are there. You will not be disappointed.
  3. Another satisfied TJ Tours customer. We were on a cruise a few summers ago that was to overnight in St Petersburg. We had booked a private two day tour. Due to weather, we missed port the first day. TJ Tours were wonderful about communicating with us, and did everything possible to cram as much into the one day as they could.
  4. When we sailed on one of the Edge preview cruises last December, there were no ship magnets for sale in the gift shops. Does anyone know if there are now magnets, and better yet, if someone is sailing her soon, would they be willing to pick me up one and send it to me?
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