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  1. Yes we know once you set foot onboard Medicare does not cover you so maybe they should edit their post just in case a newbie thinks they are covered
  2. Seeing that Carnival has cancelled over Xmas doesn’t look good for Princess or p&o
  3. Just received an email that the Carnival Splendor is cancelled up to and including 14/1/22 Carnival Spirit is cancelled also up to and including 16/1/22 most probably p&o will follow
  4. It’s been posted elsewhere that the government has extended the ban on cruise ships till 17th September https://www.health.gov.au/ministers/the-hon-greg-hunt-mp/media/covid-19-emergency-measures-extended-for-a-further-three-months?fbclid=IwAR0sP8HSWGqd2urC1uPXR4i_XaRLxZUBipaby0e0gFYe0SqUu5get4Pv5RA
  5. I agree with Les if you can transfer the booking to Princess it would be better but who has the booking now….if another agent has the booking you need to get them to agree to releasing the booking and give it to Princess
  6. The Ovation is doing a 7 night music charter cruise 23rd November out of Sydney
  7. We have a b2b2b on the Ovation in November and that’s not cancelled as yet.....most probably still waiting for our Government to make an announcement about the borders reopening BTW what cruise are you talking about that’s been cancelled in October because the Ovation has cruises out of Sydney in October and they seem to be going ahead at this stage
  8. I came across on the P&O site where cruises have been cancelled up till September 17th https://www.pocruises.com.au/news-centre/notices-advisories/updated-cancellationcancellation but I couldn’t find anything else up till December 2021
  9. You must think positive that we’ll get the ships later this year otherwise if it’s 2 years since they can sail again how many cruise lines will disappear and not stay afloat and how many jobs will get affected
  10. We hope you are wrong because if Royal don’t come here in October or November they may not come here for a short season till April
  11. Princess is showing the 28 night cruise as unavailable so that’s why the have the 2 sectors
  12. I noticed the April 2023 cruise on the Coral Princess is doing an 11 night cruise Sydney to Perth going clockwise and a 17 night cruise Perth to Sydney clock wise and going via Willis Island to let people duty free
  13. We like staying at https://www.meritonsuites.com.au and they have quite a few in Sydney area, they are 5 star and not too dear
  14. Also Carnival has cancelled the Splendor till the 28th June and the Spirit till the 12th September
  15. I use my debit card a lot on a cruise and never been charged a fee, some local shops they could I know with Carnival if you put your credit card on file they charge $200 before you set foot onboard so they want their money before you get off
  16. If you pay with a debit card there’s no fees
  17. Your choice but if the agent won’t release the booking and you pay the next instalment of $800 you are really committed to the agent
  18. I thought it might be rather hard to get the TA to release the booking if they didn’t want to....might be easier to let the $2 go and book another cruise and book direct with the cruise line
  19. Someone posted on FB that they got an email from Carnival that the cruise from Singapore to Brisbane in June has been cancelled so not looking good
  20. The windows don’t open , need to go up to main deck for fresh air if you have a balcony cabin you can open up the balcony door for fresh air
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