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  1. Quoting the CDC? Really? This is the same group that several years ago put out an official Zombie Apocalypse survival list. And you take them seriously? No credibility!
  2. I am booked for next month and have zero intention of cancelling.
  3. Just got off the Legend. Chat was totally worthless in my opinion. Much too sporadic. Had to keep resetting app and WiFi. Usually didn't get messages until hours later.
  4. I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but was asked by friends that are cruising with us, so want to verify. Can the drink package be used in the Alchemy bar? Thanks.
  5. Thanks all. They did prepaid parking, the rest will be however it turns out.
  6. Preface: If your going to throw flames, move onto the next topic. My son and girlfriend are sailing out of Mobile with another couple. He was proactive and did all his registrations a while back. His friend did not. Result: They have a boarding time 2 hours apart. (Yes, I am aware they can board together using the later time), but does anybody know if Mobile is strict about enforcing the boarding times? Can they all get on early together using the earlier boarding time? Thanks for any information in advance.
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