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  1. Had a Coast Guard Evacuation on the Anthem a couple of days ago. We are 2 for 2 on the Anthem.
  2. Posted in the roll call. Dear Valued Guest: Thank you for your email. We apologize for the delay in our response and appreciate your patience. Royal Caribbean International is committed to providing a fantastic onboard entertainment experience for our guests. For the June 6, 2019 sailing of the Anthem of the Seas, we are pleased to offer the following onboard performers: Pandora’s Box – Tribute Band Matt Yee – Schooner Bar Entertainer Don Gavin – Comedian The Company Men – Vocal Group Justino Zoppe – Novelty Angelo Tsarouchas –Comedian Please kindly be advised that all entertainment is subject to change based on entertainer availability. For more specific information regarding times and locations, please consult the Cruise Compass once onboard. Thank you for choosing Royal Caribbean International. We look forward to welcoming you aboard in the future.  Sincerely,
  3. If it’s an Apple device, it should. You just need to set the filter to “iPhone only” instead of “iPad only” to find it. all iPhone apps work on an iPad.
  4. Currently on the Anthem, it’s $50. It’s on the verge of being not worth it.
  5. Nice! What is the chart on the right side of the pages?
  6. It says “For YOUR comfort”, does not mention the comfort of others. i think the operative phrase on that label is really “and it saves energy”.
  7. That is true, you have to price it out. Last April, there was a price drop a week before final payment date. It wasn’t a lot, but the price drop and going from refundable to non refundable saved us about $500. Our current reservation in June has no rooms left in our category. That option is not there for us this time. Its a tool you you can use if the conditions are right.
  8. Another trick is to change to a non refundable rate a couple of days before final payment date.
  9. I would think if you called InsureMyTrip.com at 800-487-4722, they would be able to give you accurate information. Let us know your results.
  10. Thanks, I actually found my programs from my April cruise. Yes, they were 6:30 and 8:30. I needed to know for our June cruise. Neal
  11. For the people that use the travel routers, what mode do you use?
  12. Do you remember if there were two welcome aboard shows?
  13. Don’t miss the first show in 270 where they demo the capabilities of the theater.
  14. Having done the Norwegian Bliss and the Anthem...... the Anthem hands down. My son has been on Carnival, Disney, and the Anthem and the Anthem is his (and my) favorite ship out of the NYC area.
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