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  1. Questions about "The Key" I have 4 cruises booked on Allure in January and March 2019. I am a Diamond member so already get priority boarding and priority disembarkation. I do stand up surfing on the flowrider on most hours that it is open. At times, the line is very long and can take a long time waiting to take a ride. I am considering purchasing "The Key" mostly for flowrider surfing and show priority seating. However, I am concerned on how many "Keys" they actually sell. Does anyone have written verification on how many they sell or observations on how many people have used "The Key" at a particular venue? There have been posts that they sell only 100 "Keys" but with no proof of same. My concern is that they will sell too many "Keys" and all/most purchasers will be at the same venue at the same time. Will I be waiting the same amount of time in a different line that I paid extra for? Has anyone observed and/or have first hand knowledge of how long lines have been for the "The Key" flowrider lines compared with the non "Key" flowrider lines? Also, has anyone observed how many people have been in show "Key" show seating areas? Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. To: Ourusualbeach....... Thank you for info and quick response. Before I received your response, I found that I had booked day 1. I called Royal Caribbean and was told that I could modify my day 1 booking in "my calendar" and change it to day 2. However, day 2 is showing "sold out". Will try to change when I get on ship.
  3. Does anyone have first hand experience on 1st night being required? I am sailing on Allure in January 2019 and have 5 night specialty dining package. Overview on Royal sight says.... "First courtesy dinner reservation will be made for Day 1 or Day 2" If they book me for first night, can I change it to second night as I have time conflict with a surf lesson on day 1?
  4. Izumi Hibachi is no longer included. It was years ago but I was told "not covered" at the restaurant in 2016? Cost at Izumi Hibaci in 2016 was $45.00 per person (children charged $45.00 also).
  5. My cruises were on many different cruise lines; Royal, Celebrity, Cunard, Princess, etc. I earned Royal Diamond status from my many cruises with Royal sister line Celebrity.
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