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  1. Sure, this shouldn't have happened but I am trying to figure out how this is supposed to impact how I should treat Celebrity. My observation of all cruises I have been on is that the cruise industry employees folks from all over the world, of many different colors, religions, etc. So I can't think of the cruise industry as being a bad group when it comes to race, ethnicity, etc. I suspect the crew can sometimes be overly concerned regarding crew/guest interaction and mistakes can be made and you got caught in this net. I am sorry it happen to you.
  2. Have cruised on RC, Celebrity, Oceania, Silversea and Crystal. Have stayed in small rooms and big rooms, small ships and big ships. All I can say is I have never had a bad experience with any of these cruise lines. They all are a bit different but nice nonetheless. When we cruise it is all about the room and the itinerary. Any of these lines makes us happy. Anyway, Oceania is a very nice cruise line (their newer ships are much nicer than their older ones however) and those that choose it over Celebrity will be just as happy as with their Celebrity cruises. Happy sailings. Oh, and we are looking forward to our 3/25/16 cruise on Equinox.
  3. My wife and I enjoy staying in the RS. Having a bedroom separate from the living space is important to us. We also enjoy the larger master bath and having a 1/2 bath for guests. And now with all the perks thrown in for the RS and PS, it makes it even nicer. Yes the price has gone up because they include the perks but if you look hard, you can find prices that reflect the old prices and not 100% of the perks. Anyway, just my opinion.
  4. Even though you gave it to the folks at Celebrity, what was your expectation? They would contact the vendor, return the bottle on your behalf and get you a refund? Or did you think they would get the right bottle and send it to you? I'll be honest, I would never have an expectation that either one would happen. Celebrity is a big company and tracking down the vendor is a whole lot of work. Personally I would have just racked it up to a screw up and gift the bottle to someone else at home.
  5. Was just in 1118 on Equinox. What the ship lay out on the website doesn't show you is that there is a wall between the front door of 1118 and the bank of elevators. There is no noise from the elevators and folks using them while you are in the room. Mark
  6. Sean, clearly Celebrity has done the math and is willing to risk people being so upset they change lines vs. holding off on this and letting other premium cruise lines steal their highest paying clients. Not trying to justify their actions but I understand it. If they wait until the next upgrade to the ship, they will not have a consistent start date for the Suite Class program. That would be confusing to clients. When you are on board, you should voice your displeasure to the highest ranking person you can find. Celebrity needs constructive feedback on issue like this. I hope you have a good time on your cruise. Mark
  7. That is the beach where the jets land about 50 ft over your head. If you are lucky enough and a 747 is landing, it is a once in a lifetime thing to see. KLM lands it's 747 on Fridays. Mark
  8. Confirming what another person posted, we are in a suite for the 2/13 Equinox sailing and received a call from a concierge at Celebrity. They explained the restaurant thing and offered us gratis dining in the specialty rest. during the cruise. We graciously accepted. And all at 7, the time we like to dine anyway. Thought that was very nice. Mark
  9. I must be honest with you, the number of basins in the bathroom has never been a make or break for me. Mark
  10. I must be honest with you, the number of basins in the bathroom has never been a make or break for me. Mark
  11. I called back the next day (Sat morning) and got someone on the phone in about 5 minutes, which is more than acceptable. I did ask why I couldn't sign up on line and she said they like to explain the differences between the two plans. To be quite honest, it is fairly self explanatory but regardless, my wife and I can now drink like fish as soon as we board. All good. lol Mark
  12. Hyper, I had the same exact problem. Signed up the day after Christmas with Oceania because I couldn't get in touch with my Canadian TA (Boxing Day), asked if I could transfer the reservation next day, the answer was yes. Next day they said sure you can but your TA will not get a commission. Total BS but whatever. They need to work on this. Mark
  13. I give them an F for phone support. It always takes at least 15 minutes to get someone to answer. And this is because I can't sign up for the drink package on line. This is the second issue I have had with my upcoming cruise with Oceania and their support. Not good. Mark
  14. I have taken lots of cruises and have never rec'd an e-mail titled this. I found it interesting that there was no mention of a dollar amount toward the Cash Back in the email itself. Regardless, receiving this makes me a bit nervous about what might come next. Have any of you ever rec'd anything like this? And if so, if you didn't respond, was there anything that followed? And I have no desire to change the sailing date I am currently booked on for what it is worth. Thanks. Mark
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