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  1. We did this a couple years ago, and yes, the ship knew we were doing a b2b. We had to change cabins (from balcony to inside) but were able to stay on the same deck and side of ship, just further aft. We had different stewards but they worked together to move our things. Even though you are adding a first leg I think they will still know 🙂
  2. Yes! Always make sure your phone or tablet is in airplane mode on the ship, then turn wi-fi back on.
  3. There's a LOT of great information on packing and other topics on the Alaska board (in the ports forum). Have fun planning!
  4. Oh, I forgot about that, thanks. So the OP could be assigned DaVinci for early seating.
  5. Yes, on all the Princess ships I've been on, the Traditional Dining room has been on deck 6, aft. You need to take the aft elevators to go directly to it (can't walk from mid-ship to aft on 6 due to galleys) or take the forward or mid-ship elevators to 7 and walk to aft, then either take those elvators or just walk down stairs.
  6. Congrats on the Trivia win! It sounds like the one "host" is pretty lame, hope he's gone by our cruise on February as we do enjoy Trivia (but we're not cutthroat...) Btw, sheepshead (or sheephead) can also be an obscure card game, in case anyone asks 😉
  7. You probably would get more response if you post this in your Roll Call 🙂
  8. I bring a plastic toothbrush holder that suctions to the bathroom mirror (think I bought it at Target). My other "organizing" tip is that before we leave home I put the cash we'll need for excursions or other port activities and extra tip cash into separate envelopes that go into the safe until needed.
  9. We ask our steward for an extra bar of soap to use in shower, bring our own shampoo and conditioner (just because it's what I like).
  10. Which ship was this on? We've only been on the Solstice with Celebrity and both times the closet was less than 6 inches from the bed, which made it very difficult to access. Also, we didn't feel the couch was all that comfortable. We also sailed on Radiance of the Seas (still one of my favorite ships) and did like the loveseat, don't remember how the closet was placed. Personally, I like the closet/dressing area on Princess and how it separates the bathroom from the rest of the room.
  11. I don't care for sweet mixed drinks and discovered the "Floradora" this past winter, made with gin, ginger beer, and cranberry juice - very acceptable!
  12. As I understand it, you got an "upsell" offer, not an "upgrade." An upgrade is at no charge to you
  13. geoherb posted the drink menu in his current Live From review on Crown Princess. It looks like the one I remember from the Regal this past year, and Gosling's ginger beer is listed under non-alcoholic drinks. It's also used as a mixer.
  14. I second Woodwind for an excellent snorkeling trip! We went with them 3 years ago and going again in February. If I remember correctly, there were one or two out of our group of 20 who chose not to snorkel, just stayed on the boat. They do the snorkeling off Klein Bonaire, several miles from the main island but within the bay, so no worries about a long boat ride.
  15. OP, if you were on the May 30, 2018 sailing so were we - had a great cruise! We really enjoyed the Naturalist's presentations, there were several throughout the week. Would go back to Alaska on the Coral in a heartbeat!
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