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  1. We did this itinerary on Regal in early February and had a great time. If you enjoy the production shows, Born to Dance was excellent. We also really liked the Beatlemaniacs 🙂 If you like Trivia and other games, there's several opportunities every day to participate. Looking forward to getting your perspective on Princess, especially as we haven't been on Norwegian.
  2. I don't know when the cruiselines started using the cruise card but I bet when they did there were a lot of people complaining then, too... We used the Medallion on our Regal cruise in early February, didn't carry the cruise cards at all. The Ocean Now app wasn't working yet but didn't inconvenience us. The servers had to take the medallion sometimes to charge our drinks. We didn't notice any problem with the room door unlocking from the inside when we were in our room.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that if you fill a water bottle at the buffet, you use a glass to do so and not fill it directly from the dispenser. Or, as I saw one guy as I walked through the buffet one afternoon when no one else was around, using one of the water pitchers to pour water into a plastic bottle (with the spout of the pitcher right on the bottle!)...I found a waiter and gave him the pitcher.
  4. They also had board games out in the Wheelhouse during the sea days on our Feb sailing.
  5. The one on the Regal seems to be a bit more powerful than on the older ships...
  6. How were you told that new Roll Calls can't be started? There is a Roll call for July 26, 2019. Are you joining a cruise that begins in a different port? Otherwise, rhese directions for starting a Roll Call should still apply:
  7. When we were on the Regal in February the Vista Lounge was used in the evenings for a show by two of the singers (Ella Ryan and Funch) backed by the Showband, Ballroom dance music, Trivia and other games, and films. There were some private events, too, I think.
  8. Absolutely! There's waitstaff who come around to the loungers and take orders, too.
  9. 1)Yes, we were able to use the very nice restrooms inside the main building. 2) Wifi was available, ask an attendant for password. 3) You're dropped off right in front (or behind?) the main building, easy to get to the beach. 4) There were taxis waiting when we were ready to leave. I think the fare was about $10 total each way, including tip, but someone else might have more accurate info. We also had lunch from the beach bar and grill, good food! Enjoy your day there!
  10. I am also not a fruity/sweet drinker but I found I liked the Floradora on the Regal recently. It's made with gin, raspberry liqueur, lime, and ginger ale but not overly sweet.
  11. Gizmodog, that's exactly why, you can't order medallions until it's within a certain date of your sailing. You should get an email from Princess when you can access the Ocean Ready app with all your info. Also, you don't need to use a smartphone to use the medallion on the ship for the basic functions (getting off/on, opening your door, and paying for items on the ship).
  12. As long as the info for both of you has been entered, you're good to go! You will get an email when your medallions are shipped. We got our medallions before our Regal sailing at the beginning of February and it literally took us 8 minutes from dropping off our luggage to sitting in the Platinum Lounge, and that was with having to have our passports re-scanned!
  13. Yes, that would make sense. Just didn't see the server's screens 😉
  14. We were on the Coral last June in Alaska and had no problem with the food in the dining rooms or buffet. The Bayou Cafe offered "Alaska themed" dishes besides their usual menu. I had a wonderful halibut filet there. I've also read some people complaining about the food being very salty - we restrict our sodium at home and have not found things to be oversalted.
  15. If the Denali Explorer is a separate cruisetour, don't know if you can add on the separate land portion only. You might try calling Princess directly and talk to one of their Vacation Planners.
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