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  1. Whew! Just finished after having to pause several times, but so enjoyed your witty review and stunning photos! Two years ago at this time we were eagerly getting ready to pack for our 2-week Alaskan Cruisetour, and your reviews brought back fond memories of the cruise portion. We did the land portion first with southbound cruise, so I had to re-orient the ship 😉 IF we ever get a chance to get back to Alaska, we may have to splurge on both the Misty Fjords trip and the White Pass Railroad. Thanks for taking the time at the time, and for your other great reviews. Hope you and Carol ar
  2. Our email program (Windows LiveMail) allows us to right-click on an email in the list, then click "Properties." The address of the sender is shown without having to open the email. As soon as I saw that it was a random email address, I deleted it. Also, it went to our Spam folder...
  3. How long after your cruise did you develop symptoms? And what symptoms did you have? I was on the Crown Feb 5 - 15, and as far as we could tell, there was no noticeable illness at that time. Three weeks after disembarkation, I developed a mild case of the flu (no fever the first two days so was thinking it was more of a cold). I inadvertantly gave it to my grandsons, one of whom tested positive for Influenza A (I know, bad grandma...). My husband and daughter did not have any symptoms. I'm sure I did NOT get it on the ship.
  4. When we've received Specialty dining from our TA, it's booked for us. A card was in our cabin with the restaurant, date, and time. We've had no problem with calling the Dine Line or going directly to the venue to change to a more preferred place or date. Just wait until you're onboard.
  5. The problem with checking temps is that it sounds like many cases of the virus are mild (possibly with no fever) and transmission can come from unsymptomatic people... Hopefully people will be more honest with the questionaire than they were with the old one! When we boarded the Crown in early Feb we were just asked if we had been to or through China on the past 14 days. Obviohsly, the virus has travelled way beyond that.
  6. We were recently on the Crown and glasses were NOT on the HC tables. The servers always brought us what we needed. I also saw servers using cloths from a container (would guess a disinfecting solution) to wipe off tables once dishes were cleared. That being said, I always rested my silverware on my plate, not the table.
  7. On the Crown recently I noticed the high chair trays were wrapped in plastic, assume they did so after sanitizing them (at least one hopes!) and I would hope the rest of the chair (which could also be used as a toddler chair) was also sanitized.
  8. Where are you embarking? And if Whittier, are you doing a land tour first? If so, you probably won't arrive until later afternoon.
  9. Yes, always do your research! We were lucky to see Denali when we first arrived at the McKinley Lodge. The next morning he was completely hidden.
  10. We were on the Crown Princess Feb 5-15. No problems with Noro (salt & pepper shakers stayed on the tables the whole time) and except for one woman who was coughing a lot in Crooners one night, didn't seem to be a lot of people with respiratory issues. The cleaning staff were constantly wiping down surfaces in the publuc areas. And, of course, we made sure to wash our hands frequently!
  11. And we liked the McKinley Lodge BECAUSE it's "in the middle of nowhere!" But our favorite was Copper River, for the same reason. To each his/her own.
  12. The grilled shrimp is also very good!
  13. If you have a late flight, I highly recommend doing the EZ Check program in Ft Lauderdale, if you airline participates in it. You don't have to deal with your bags and are free to do something else for several hours before having to go to the airport.
  14. I've read on CC that if someone in your section leaves their balcony door open, it messes up the ac for the whole section. Maybe Cheng can confirm?
  15. There is a phone number for each ship. Expensive, but if it's an emergency... They are listed somewhere on the Princess website.
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