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  1. This sounds a lot like the problem the Caribbean Princess had on my March 2018 cruise. Due to a generator problem we missed one port and had time changes at a few other ports. This was NOT an easy fix. The ship sailed for more than a year with this problem until they could get the needed parts and schedule a dry dock. The Crown is scheduled for a dry (wet?) dock in October 2020. This has been scheduled for quite a while so I don’t know if it will address this new problem. I am booked on the Crown in Feb 2021. This is a long time from now but I’m still concerned that it may not be fixed by then. Only time will tell.
  2. When you contact the Princess Representative for setting up a location for the Meet & Greet you can request that a bar tender is available for the group. Make sure you request a “Cash” or “No Host” bar. If you don’t they may try to set it up with you being the host who will pay for all of the drinks. This happened to me the first time I set one up. After boarding I found a note in my room stating that I was the host for the bar. It took a while for me to get this straightened out before the meeting.
  3. This seems like a little bit of deja vu to me. I am going on the Crown Princess in Feb 2021. This is a long way off but in March of 2018 I was on the Caribbean Princess. The ship had a propulsion issue that lasted for many, many months. It affected my cruise and I can’t remember how long it took to get to a dry dock of fix it but it seems to me like it was much more than a year. The Crown is scheduled for a dry dock in October 2020, but if this is a new problem there may not be time to fix this issue at the scheduled dry dock.
  4. I always leave plenty of extra time when on a private excursion. A couple of years ago a group of us took a 3 hour local taxi tour on Barbados. Shortly after we left our last stop, at Bath Sheba, the taxi broke down. It took about 40 minutes for a different taxi to arrive and take us back to the ship. We didn’t worry since we had about 3-1/2 hours to get back to the ship. I never cut it close.
  5. My cruise was the 14 day Caribbean (Christmas and New Year’s) cruise. The AC was turned up too much. As I said, I was warned about the cold temp by a posting on CC. So, this was not the first time that it was too cold.
  6. We were on The Pacific one year ago. I agree with the positive things said so far. I do have a couple of negative things about the ship 1) The Pacific Lounge deck 10 forward, the main dining room and the Cabaret Lounge were all very cold at all times. I did read before going that one should take a sweater because of the coldness. I hated having to wear a sweater every time I ate in the dining room. My wife was not happy about having to wear a sweater over every outfit. I think this one complaint is a deal breaker for me ever sailing on her again. 2) The dining room food is pretty much the same as all other Princess ships, but the buffet is small and does not have many choices. 3) The Cabaret Lounge is small and not designed for good viewing, except for the few seats in the front.
  7. I found a Dry Dock schedule online and it shows that the Crown Princess is scheduled for a 17 day Dry (wet?) Dock in October 2020. It doesn’t list the purpose of the Dry Dock.
  8. Not quite the same but; on the last full day of a cruise I get this sad feeling of the cruise coming to an end. Then I am always glad to be home again. Oh, Oh I now need to find another cruise again! This cycle has been going on for more than 20 years!
  9. I was on the Pacific Princess last Christmas and New Year’s. I was in cabin #7040 which is a sideways cabin (category IB). It is not like the sideways cabins on the Royal Princess. This is pretty much like the old style inside cabins without the closet hallway between the bathroom and the remainder of the cabin. I think that deck 7 is the best location for both inside and balcony cabins. I was surprised that the pictures showed a small sofa in the room but it had been removed and replaced with a chair and a small table. I was not happy!
  10. I also have no problems on the web site
  11. When I booked my cruise under the “3 for Free” sale Princess additionally offered free specialty dining. I now see the current sale is also offering free specialty dining. What are the chances that Princess will give away more spots in specialty dining than there is room for? I was hoping to go to specialty dining a couple of times on my upcoming 14 day cruise on the Crown Princess. I will try to sign up for a couple of nights as soon as I get on the ship.
  12. About three (maybe four) years ago we took a Princess tour on Trinidad. It was the “Caroni Bird Sanctuary” tour. The tour is about 3 hours long and you spend most of that time on a boat going on a river through jungle. There were lots of birds but most of them were a ways off. It was fun and I would consider taking this tour again.
  13. My wife and I went on a Hawaii cruise out of Los Angeles three years ago. We have done 30 other cruises, but all have been in the Caribbean or partial Panama Canal cruise. The Hawaii cruise was on the Star Princess and was a great cruise. On sea days there were all of the usual things but also had some special activities and speakers specific to Hawaii. I would go on this cruise again in a heartbeat.
  14. Oh No! The prime rib on the first night was one of my favorites. It was still on the menu this past Christmas and New Years on the Pacific Princess. What a bummer! Bad Princess!!
  15. If you post an email I will send you the form in PDF format.
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