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  1. Check out Tours by Locals....we had a great time with just the two of us and our guides in Aruba, Barbados and Curacaou (sp!!). Individualized to your preferences...beach time, foodie time, adventure time....I recommend them.
  2. Thanks so much MM.....how do I access the link besides the one you sent me? I seem to remember it was available on the same site you can book your shore excursions......Just curious.
  3. Please accept my apologies if this has been asked and answered previously. I was looking to buy flowers for our cabin and can't find the link anywhere. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance, Lynda PS I just remembered I can do a search but just curious about why it's not available on our booking info.
  4. Where do you read that I am angry on the behalf of others? I was simply stating a fact that many people not much older than myself couldn't do this without help. I also did not say that I was OK doing it, I had a feeling it was redundant and thanks to the other responses I am comfortable knowing that I am not going to do this, nor is hubby. No anger here......obviously you didn't either know the answer or have the courtesy of a polite response. Lynda
  5. Our last few cruises have been on Celebrity but we're heading out to the New England/Canada Anthem cruise in September. Got an email saying that we could do the online check in.....so far so good, right? Wrong, first page required you to upload a photo or have your webcam post it to the page. I know this is a simple task for most of us to do but my first thought was wth?!! You have to show a photo id at checkin even if you have a SetSail pass and secondly, what about older people who aren't tech savvy at all. Just curious about others opinions. Lynda
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