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  1. Using Chrome.. Windows 10. And it still doesn't work (The website is azamara.com ) But you are right! I went to the UK website (azamara.co.uk ) - and it did work! Strange......🤥
  2. Please, I need help! When I try to sign in to my Azamara account (on its website) I get a notice of "page not found": IT MAY HAVE BEEN MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION, OR DELETED. Please use the search box in the top navigation to help you locate the page you are looking for, or visit our site map. By the way - the approach through the "site map"doesn't help either! Miriam
  3. Just to add to the confusion, my 2 cents about JR's plan for 2 days from Ashdod. First - it seems "too ambitious" - even for such a small country like Israel. Too much driving, too little time for visiting. Route nr. 2 is fine (for most parts). Caesarea is well worth a detour. Rosh Hanikra and its grottos (mentioned before) are lovely. I don't know how come that nobody mentioned Agamon Hahula (please, google it ☺️). At this time of the year it is most impressive - something which you would seldom (never?) see anywhere else in the world (except maybe Africa?). If you are into
  4. Thanks guys for the information! Phil, I too tend not to book GTY.. We'll rather wait; maybe the price will drop closer to the actual date and we'll be able to choose our cabin. If not - we'll probably pass.. and very glad to hear that the additional cabins on Pursuit are the regular size!
  5. A question for those who have already been on Pursuit .. Are the OV cabins there similar to those on Journey and Quest? And also - does anyone know if the "additional" cabins on deck 4 (in the Guest Relations area) on the Pursuit are of the same size as all the other OV cabins on that deck? I am asking because I'm looking at a cruise on Pursuit, which has a reasonable price for its OV cabins - but only if you buy a GTY. I wouldn't buy a GTY Ocean View on Journey or Quest.. First - because we wouldn't like to get one of the smaller cabins on the upper decks..
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