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  1. We booked the Adventure this summer for the same reason — everyone is required to be vaccinated, and rates were low enough that we could book a jr suite, large enough to relax in more than we normally would. I read all of the info about protocols and felt comfortable to go. And I’m someone who has barely left home in 13 months. I also expect we will be avoiding the shows, casinos, etc., have no problem masking, and social distancing. We also may skip going ashore other than Coco Cay — we will see how things are going in Mexico and Grand Bahama before the trip. I did n
  2. I don’t see that the mask debate is particularly off topic — this is a thread is about CDC guidelines for vaccinated people, and that guidance still includes masking due to variants. I just don’t understand why so many people refuse to do something so simple, and so effective in preventing spread. No one likes wearing a mask, but it is such a small thing to do to save lives, why would you not just do it?
  3. If I thought it would make a difference, I would “be so kind” as to go back and track down the past years worth of paying attention and review of relevant studies. But as much as I would like to change some minds about the realities of what we should all be doing, it is clear that it is useless. How about you be so kind as to actually do the research yourself, instead of expecting others to spoon feed it to you. It’s readily available if you actually want to understand (which I don’t think you do). The relevant data you posted supports mine and MacandLucy’s point — just wearing any old mas
  4. If people refuse to wear effective masks, and follow the protocols we all already know about, then we won’t be able to stop this virus. Yes, we have vaccines and that is a very promising situation, but we also have variants. The P.1 variant currently ravaging Brazil, unchecked, has now been found in 20 other countries. It is more contagious than the P.1.1 variant (UK) and Brazil is having a lot of problems getting their population vaccinated. And because their president refuses to close anything, or mandate public health protocols, lots of people continue to congregate maskless.
  5. Thanks — I also did a lot of research back in March of last year, and paired it with my degree in Clothing and Textiles to make the best mask I could. Sent out quite a few to family the past year. The filter fabric I use is 3 layers, and rated as 95% effective at 0.3 microns, so should suffice. I don’t engage in any close or prolonged contact. I also add a wire at the nasal bridge. And knock on wood, so far no one I gave masks to has caught Covid. And thanks for the condolences— he had very, very severe dementia, so as devastating as it was to lose him, I certainly couldn’t
  6. Yes! And let’s get back to cruising and seeing the people in our lives that we love. I lost my Dad to Covid, and I don’t want to lose anyone else.
  7. When I do go out (which is rare because I have risk factors) I wear a single, well fitted mask, that I make with high quality quilting cotton, a 16 merv filter fabric, and silk lining (for the electrostatic benefit). I think that is better than two poorly fitted, or poorly fabricated masks.
  8. Read as requested. I understand the dilemma of the vacation houses. My BIL lives in Sun Valley, and at the start of the pandemic, lots of people decided to come live in their vacation homes located there. And they brought the virus with them. Into a small community, without medical resources to cope (and actually, without adequate staples for living — the stores were not prepared for off season onslaught, and it was compounded by global supply chains being shut down). There is a real argument to be made, that it makes sound sense to try to prevent people from spreading the virus by going
  9. ? Not sure what you are trying to say?? Seems like an anti-public health restrictions comment but maybe I’m misinterpreting it
  10. So? I would think it was pretty clear in all my comments here, that I’m not in favor of disregarding health policies —so a nice flip comment implying I was taking advantage of indoor dining when it was not allowed is pretty snarky.
  11. Conservatives having trying to recall Newsom since he was elected and has nothing to do with handling of the pandemic response. Dissatisfaction with lockdowns is just a handy tool to rile up people to sign the petition so they can finally get it on the ballot. Which looks likely to happen— we will probably end up wasting lots of taxpayer money for that by the end of the year, but ultimately, I don’t think it will work. And I would bet, that every family in the state, that had their kids in private school before the pandemic, have continued to do so. Not sure how that is relevan
  12. Um, I said the last comment. I’ll be more clear. The last sentence.
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