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  1. I wish I knew how to make it work for everyone. It’s just a short video clip with the ships horns playing the intro to the Love Boat theme song
  2. Exactly why i hung up. If she had even asked questions about what did and didnt work, I would have felt there was an effort to assist. But nope, just on and on about I didnt connect properly and didnt have my phone settings the right way. Oh, and it was also my mistake in calling the reservation line at 5:05 pm when they close at 5. Someone in the dining room had told me to call after 4. Apparently, having just boarded, I was supposed to know the reservation line was only available for an hour.
  3. I think that’s it — something else may pop into my head to add later, but generally covered what we did. Our sum up comments are…. Majestic is a lovely ship, and we enjoyed our time aboard. The Piazza area is great, and we liked the pool deck set up. Food was quite good, and service from wait staff and cabin attendants was excellent. But we were both surprised that she is not up there as far as being a favorite. We don’t do shows, so the Showroom, Live Studio and Vista Gaming Lounge were not of interest. We don’t gamble (and didnt seem like others were either this trip) so the beautiful VIP gaming space, and main casino were kind of just in the way since the elevators at our end of the ship fed into it on that deck. The layout in too many areas was a pain. Getting to Allegro comes to mind. Ahead of our sailing, I thought 2 days would not be long enough to enjoy the ship, but we both were actually fine with it being a short cruise. If we found a great deal/itinerary, we would certainly be happy to sail on her again, we just wouldn’t actively look to do so specifically for the ship.
  4. Fitness Deck (18 if I remember correctly) We always walk laps when we cruise. And this is definitely one of the areas we did NOT like on the Majestic. The Promenade deck is usually one option, but on Majestic most of it is crew only, and it is in no way an area to promenade. And the other option is usually the pool deck, upper level. On Majestic, the walking area is around the basketball court, no markings on the ground whatsoever, and only two little signs that you can easily miss indicating walking direction (and that 6.5 laps equals a mile). Additionally, they have these cute photo op murals/pictures on the wall. Whoever placed the little sign on the Monet was not paying attention 🤔 So the lack of markings means that people are going in different directions, causing jam ups at times. The cute little photo ops mean that people trying to do laps are constantly stopping for people trying to take pictures, and the people trying to take pictures are constantly interrupted by a stream of walkers. One of those concepts that was great in theory, but problematic in reality. I would suggest they move the laps down to the upper pool deck. Or paint the backdrops somewhere else. We were lucky to be out early the first morning, to get pics before others were there doing laps. By the time we finished, and then the next morning, it was a bit hectic. The next deck down has 3 or 4 table tennis areas, which we had a great time using. We suck, but laughed a lot.
  5. Good Spirits Bar We went here a few times — if you’re onboard soon look for Valerian, one of the bar staff. He’s delightful and he takes great photos. The special menu is only offered after 5pm, and the main bartender does a bit of a show going thru the menu and making each cocktail with instructions as he goes. The bar top is on camera and shown on a tv as he’s working. If you order one of the drinks he is making, they bring you a little recipe card. This is another area where ingredients may not be available (no Azul Blanco this trip) but still a fun experience. I ended up loving the Yucatán, pictured.
  6. Hollywood Club and Conservatory Beautiful spaces, although we didn’t spend a lot of time in either. As reported, the chlorine smell in the Club part is unpleasant. We did use one of the little alcove lounge areas in the club for an hour one day —we both found the loungers to be uncomfortable. We knew these were complimentary thanks to CC The conservatory has the lovely little rooms with couches and some have TVs. No idea if there is a charge for them, and could never find a crew member in the area to ask. If the views in either port were even half way appealing, we would have just used one, until and unless told we had to book them. (This is such a peeve of mine — this info should be very clear. A small sign saying “complimentary” or “please dial xxx to book” would do it.).
  7. Sea View Bar We liked this bar — Leo is one of the excellent bartenders there, and I recommend his Elderflower Paloma. He suggested it due to the fact that they can’t get the ingredients for some of the drinks on the menu. I particularly wanted to try the Cloudy Day (I’m an elderflower fan) and they don’t have the specific cucumber mint vodka the recipe uses. Supplies are a real issue, and not just for Princess, so be prepared for that. (I had ordered a bottle of bourbon for the cabin, and brought our own high end cherries and bitters. We had some trouble getting the in cabin bourbon we paid for, because they didnt actually have it. Ended up with whiskey, which worked well enough, but ended up being extra fees and a few phone calls to get the credit for the original purchase of bourbon. Was glad I brought the cherries, as the bars also don’t have the Luxardo onboard, and are substituting with maraschino)
  8. SP is our home port as well — although most of our upcoming cruises are east coast departures. Trying to branch out from the MR, lol.
  9. Ok, volume on for this one 😊. One of my favorite moments of the cruise. We were watching the sea lions dodge the cables being released prior to departure and I just happened to start recording. My husband is a decade older than I, so not a child of the 70s Saturday night tv viewing. He didn’t recognize it, but I did, lol. Loved it! IMG_0192.MOV
  10. No idea, but they started using it before covid, as we went thru it on our January 2020 cruise out of San Pedro. It gave me miserable hot flashes then too, 😜. Inside the terminal, they ask if you are priority (suite, loyalty level) and then direct you to the correct line. We were green path, so went to a cordoned queue for green designation that leads to little stations with scanners for the medallion or QR code. The staff used iPads if I remember correctly, to check you in after reviewing your documents. Behind them is the regular counter, which is where they have the medallions for pickup.
  11. Tables are crammed together on the Majestic. I said so in my review. Often times we were seated next to people at a table with about 5 inches between tables. It was very difficult to get to the bench seat having to shimmy thru the small space. Some tables, if there was access to the chairs on the other side, were about 4 inches from the table next to them. If there was a bench/couch as part of the seating, then the space between tables was in the 5-6 inch range.
  12. Maybe to address the inch of water on the floor? Make sure no one needs assistance? Do you need help finding the very hard to find button to turn on the jets in the pool?? Remove the towels that some people insist on just leaving where ever? Offer some water to drink?? Give the impression that you give a …. About customer service?
  13. I agree, it is a very puzzling decision to utilize their dining space this way, right now. It would have bothered me a lot more if my husband hadn’t already gotten his booster shot two weeks ago, and if Moderna (which I got) data was showing waning efficacy numbers after 120 days like Pfizer. There was plenty of open table space for them to have utilized in order to spread people out. But instead they crammed everyone together in very small areas. Definitely ask for a more spaced location. For Alfredos, I suggest going early — so 11 am was great for lunch since few people were there, and probably 4:30-5 if you want dinner there. The food here did not disappoint at all 🙂 I was very, very surprised about the Indian food. While on Adventure of the Seas in August, I had some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had, and each day there were 4 complimentary dishes that created a full Indian meal, plus naan and condiments. On Majestic, they had plain rice and one “entree” dish - which the night we went was a mediocre chickpea masala. That’s it. Honestly, the frozen masala we get at Trader Joe’s is much better. I was so disappointed.
  14. I saw that area, and the lemon water coolers, but was led to believe that was not for Enclave. I liked the Ruby spa area as well — more open feeling, and brighter. I don’t love that the Enclave is so dark. Yes, it’s intended as subdued, relaxed lighting, but feels like being in a box. A few cruise ship spas I’ve been in have the floor to ceiling ocean view windows, which I love. The staff issue is definitely related to the spa contractor, and is the same across all cruise lines, in my experience. I think they are trained (or personally focused on) money making services and sales, over customer service. The spa areas like the Enclave tend to be ignored by staff. I have had much better experiences related to staff, at land based hotel spas, where they seem less intent on selling you stuff.
  15. There is one clock over the pool, that you can see from the tile loungers if you crane your neck. They had 3 empty refrigerators in the Enclave that I assume used to have water and/or juice in them. I think it was a cost cutting choice, and the assumption is people will just use the delivery, as I was told to do. But instead it just reads as a downgrade, and negative aspect of what would otherwise be quite a perfect experience.
  16. I so know how that goes (posts disappearing into the ether). Someone asked for a live thread, then it was brought up in the roll call as well — but most seemed to want to do post cruise comments, so I went ahead and started (and hope more roll call members will join in). Most 3/4 nighters would get kind of lost, but I think since this one was the start of the California Coastal season post covid, there was interest. They are hard to do, primarily due to poor internet. We don’t often get the internet package, but knew this time I would have at least some service each port. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂 We are looking forward to Celebrity, especially since being docked next to the Edge. Being brand flexible gives a lot more date/itinerary options if you are looking for something specific.
  17. Cabin — we had a standard balcony, which was quite a bit smaller than our previous Princess balcony on the Ruby Princess. We found it perfectly cozy for a three night trip, but if I was doing a 7 day, would probably spring for the deluxe balcony. Storage was minimal, bed was a tad firm for me.
  18. Afternoon Tea — we particularly liked the two different tomatoe/cheese sandwiches (one day was buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes, the other day Brie and tomato), and the prosciutto sandwich as well. The scones with jam and cream were also very yummy. There were maybe 8 different sandwich options, the scones, and then a tray with little cakes. They came in waves, and the trays didn’t all have the same options, so worth waiting for follow up deliveries.
  19. MDR dinner food Porn Garlic Shrimp Ceviche Linguine and Clams Crawfish Surf and Turf Love Boat Dream
  20. Embarkation day lunch — Avocado and Bay Shrimp salad Beef tenderloin Tuscan Chickpea Soup Orange Soufflé
  21. The Enclave We really enjoyed our experience in the enclave. There were a few things we would suggest being changed/improved, but the facility itself is really wonderful. Thanks to the Medallion, check is in super easy. You walk up to the desk, they hand you a keycard (for actual access into the locked enclave area) and a stretchy bracelet lock for the lockers. The number for the locker is written on the back side. Each locker is supplied with a robe and slippers. The facility has plenty of towels, as you enter the main room. There are 12 heated tile loungers, and we never had trouble finding two together. There was no issue with lounger hogs on our sailing (we’ve had this on other lines, where you couldn’t get a tile lounger as people spent the day —or their belongings did — on them). The pool is a nice temp, between hot and warm, and has numerous bubble/jet options. There is a dry sauna, a Turkish Hammam and Roman Calderium. We mostly used the Calderium. The cons for us were simple things. Hooks. There aren’t any in the women’s locker room and hubby indicated he didn’t see any in the men’s. Even inside the lockers, there are no hooks. You have to jumble everything on the floor of the locker. There is limited seating in the locker rooms, and just generally it felt frustrating compared to most others I’ve been in. Water — they offer no water, juice, etc in the Enclave. It’s the first time Ive ever seen that. I asked, and was told I could order on the app. Yeah, not so much. A) app doesnt work for me for ordering. B) I’m paying for the Enclave, and water for consumption is a standard feature of spas. Really not in the mood to pay for water in addition to the spa fee, plus a auto gratuity to have it delivered (If I could actually access that functionality) plus having to wait upwards of an hour for delivery (what I heard from others). AND…. I don’t take my phone or medallion into the spa area, so would have to go back to the locker room and wait?? Is the delivery guy going to come into the ladies locker room?? Drainage - there was a fair amount of water pooling on the floor, and it made it slippery. A safety issue that should be addressed. Staff was also 100% missing from the enclave on every trip there. Just seemed weird to me that they had zero presence there.
  22. We felt the same when we were berthed next to Monarch. We promised ourselves that someday we would sail on her, and eventually we did. Of course, by then she was one of the smaller vessels in service, and since then is no more 😞
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