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  1. It seems that no matter who takes the reigns at X, after awhile they end up being criticized for the changes they make during their time as CEO. Before LLP it was Michael Bayley.
  2. Sailing out of Venice on Connie at night: the entire city sparkling in the darkness from the street lamps and lights in the buildings as we silently sailed by... it was enchanting. On another cruise, on Reflection, we were awakened on our first morning there by the call to prayer from the minarets around Istanbul. The sky was still dark and we could see the moon from our verandah. It was just magical.
  3. Yes, I saw that change a few weeks ago when pricing a 2021 itinerary. I did take notice, but I've never booked with NR deposits and never will.
  4. Agreed. We've never been stuck in the port wing “corner” either. On our last two bridge tours on Edge both the Capt. and Staff Capt. were present.
  5. We've sailed on the Edge twice and have Apex booked for 2020. I hope you will board the Edge with an open mind. It is something different, innovative and IMO, refreshing. We enjoyed it and hope your experience will be positive too. 😊
  6. Thanks so much for letting us “travel along” with you, @chemmo. 🌺🌼🌺
  7. Amen... I truly hope that Bogdan will be able to return to a ship after his “dry dock duty”. He is definitely a “people person” 😊 Unfortunately we heard a rumor that X was moving him up to management in Miami.
  8. On the Edge Inaugural we arrived around 9:45 AM because we could see from our hotel windows that a storm was about to hit. The agents at the T25 lounge took us in right away. Shortly after it began to rain buckets with gusty winds. We were lucky as suite guests arriving later were drenched while dropping off their luggage before entering the Terminal. You will definitely be on board before Luminae closes. But be prepared, there may be a line out the door for guests trying to get a table.
  9. Yes there is a lounge for suite guests at Pier 25. Do you know if Equinox is sailing from there? It's a great way to start your cruise.
  10. IMO, X will keep the area around the Martini bar basically the same as it is on the Edge. Apex's design will be as close to her sister Edge as possible, the main differences being soft furnishings, color schemes and artwork. There is no way to keep the sounds from the Martini bar from impacting surrounding venues without putting solid walls up around most of the bar which would impact the feeling of “openness”. One solution might be to add solid glass walls to the exterior of the FCSH (and BLU as well), and as @hcat said adding better sound absorbing materials. I'm so glad we are beginning to see some interior pictures and look forward to more reveals!
  11. X new builds are often delivered early. When that happens they add preview cruises and offer guests already booked the opportunity to move their reservations if they would like to (and are able to).
  12. Our state has implemented a program to limit the use of plastic bags which requires all stores to charge for them now if people request them. We use our X bags, including those Longchamp knock offs with the faux leather handles, for all our shopping. 😊
  13. We sailed in December 2018 and April 2019 and that wasn’t our experience either.
  14. Are the Reunion cruise and the President's cruise different sailings?
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