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  1. I didn’t pay attention to the actual time we entered the lounge but we weren’t there any longer than 10 minutes. The cocktails have been and will continue to be lifted. 😉🍷
  2. We boarded the Edge yesterday too. Our check in time was 12:00-12:30. We arrived at the terminal at 11:45 am. A long line of people was already in place. It was very confusing as there didn’t appear to be a separate line for suite guests, which we were. As we stood in line there were a couple of older people, maybe volunteers, maybe staff, who were working their way through the line asking to see people's Express passes on their phones, or a printed copy of it. When the people checking documents found someone who was not in a suit, they pulled them out of line and sent them to another li
  3. I don’t know how X in the UK is handling it, but in the US suite concierges are contacting those in Sky Suites too.
  4. In all my time spent on CC over the years, this is the first I have read about a situation like this on X. I hope they won’t promote their antics on social media, X doesn’t need that type of publicity. I can't imagine those booking suites would want to encounter people behaving like that in the Retreat.
  5. Congratulations! Could you please share the name of the hotel in Southampton where Eurofins is offering the tests.
  6. Yes to both comments. I saw this cabin category on a cabin crawl on the Edge.
  7. 1A Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda They’re shown as pink cabins on the Edge deck plans. On deck 8- Forward there are 8 cabins. Aft there are 4 cabins. On deck 9 there are 4 cabins- 2 forward and 2 aft. Deck 7 actually has the most 1A cabins, 22.
  8. It would seem so. If passengers with later check in times show up and expect to be let in early, when are those who have the actual 12:00 check in time supposed to show up..?
  9. Thanks for letting us follow along vicariously. 🍷😎
  10. No worries. (We've sailed twice in aft S1's 😉)
  11. In the Aft Sky 1suites the bed faces the opposite wall, not the ocean.
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