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  1. That stipulation may only apply to ships in US waters and/or ports.
  2. Yes, I think they covered almost everything. I wonder though, regarding the pre-cruise testing, if passengers will be responsible for getting this prior to arrival at the pier, or if X will do the testing prior to boarding.
  3. X's updated Cruise Contract answers a lot of questions regarding cruising and the procedures in place for Covid 19. Most relevant part starts at number 4. https://www.celebritycruises.com/content/dam/celebrity/pdf/Celebrity_CTC_10.19.2020.pdf
  4. Thank you for clarifying that this was your opinion. I never said that people aren’t allowed to post their opinions. I normally add IMO to my posts when necessary and will ensure that I always do this going forward.
  5. Please cite your source for this. I thought it was a pretty straightforward question. You state that the cruise lines have known the government requirements since April, but have done almost nothing. This is the X board, I'm not interested in what other lines have done. Please tell me how you know for a fact that X is not, and has not, done anything to comply with the government requirements. Just because they are not telling the public, does not mean they are not actually working in these things.
  6. I don't think the CDC “hates” the cruise industry, but do believe they are working to delay their return to service. Ever since the fiasco with Princess in the beginning of the Covid crisis where ships were not allowed to disembark passengers and held them on board, news outlets began calling cruise ships “floating Petri dishes”. That derogatory term is still bandied about today reinforcing a negative view of the industry. Senator Blumenthal from CT and Rep. Matsui from California are also very negative about cruising and don't believe that cruise ships should return to sailing until
  7. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pullmantur Cruises Industry Cruises Founded 2000 Defunct 2020 Headquarters Madrid, Spain Area served Caribbean Mediterranean Northern Europe. Owner Springwater Capital (51%) Royal Caribbean Group (49%) Pullmantur Cruises is a cruise line headquartered in Madrid, Spain.[1]
  8. You booked your cruise in July. I am sure that many other bookings have also been made for the last 4-5 months for your sailing. The algorithm X uses raises the prices as inventory is sold, so the price would have gone up. My experience was different than yours. I booked a B2B a couple of weeks before X came out with their new pricing. My TA checked last weekend and the AI pricing was exactly the same as what I already booked, so changing to AI was a no brainer. When comparing existing bookings to the new AI pricing, everyone’s experience will vary depending on when they booked, and
  9. Can anyone please tell me where X has said that there will be no “perks”going forward for CC members? I understand the impact of the new pricing program on those benefits, but as far as I know, X has not yet spelled out what the perks of the revised CC program will be, if any.
  10. Was it a subsidiary of Kelly Hoppen's ? 😉
  11. Unfortunately, probably not. I do agree that they probably way overpaid the marketing company, which did not serve them well.
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