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  1. We've done many cruises over Halloween, and to tell the truth, I've never seen anyone “dressed up” (or down as you're referring to) in the dining room. Guests, as well as the staff, usually show up in the public areas after dinner in their “special attire”. Some of the best I’ve ever seen were the Officers on Reflection.
  2. And your response brightened MY day! 😁
  3. Too funny! You had me doing a double take at your word choice. 😁
  4. Thanks for adding the recycling plant (I forgot about that). The headphones were very nice to have in the areas which were quite noisy. I didn’t know there was a backstage/theater tour on the Edge, thanks for the tip.
  5. I would kindly disagree with you. The Edge is the first in her class, and has high tech innovations that none of the other ships in the fleet have. 😊
  6. Yes, we did it on the Edge TA. The tour included visiting the laundry service area, one of the cold storage facilities for food provisions, the engine control room, the galley for the Normandy and Tuscan restaurants, a walk down the I 95 corridor, and a tour of the bridge where we met the Capt. and Staff Capt. It took a couple of hours and was very informative. The only “extra” we got was a “Behind the Scenes” lanyard to keep. We were interested in the workings of this new ship, so it was “worth it” to us. YMMV. 😊 It was a popular tour and sold out, so if you want to do it don't wait to book it.
  7. Oh I agree with you that there will be more suites and other cabins added to Beyond and her sisters, that has already been confirmed by the stats published by X. But it will be necessary, with the addition of more suites, to increase the Retreat areas and Luminae to accommodate more guests. I think that was apparent on the Edge TA, as those spaces were full to capacity on sea days.
  8. Full disclosure: no Dh was actually harmed in this matter. And no need to worry Ed, I'll be sure to make it up to him... 😎
  9. We talked about many things with Capt. Costas, including Beyond. I'm going to throw my Dh under the bus 😁 as he was the one who said the Capt was referring to Apex being lengthened 20 meters. 😉
  10. All I know is what we were told. Perhaps he misspoke, or we misunderstood.
  11. We heard from Capt. Costas that the Apex would be lengthened by 20 meters. I don't think there will be an increase in the number of cabins, just public space.
  12. Just my opinion, but I think that part of the extra space provided by lengthening the Apex will be used to add more space to the Retreat areas and Luminae. The same will probably be true going forward with the last 3 E class ships. As for better service in Luminae and the Retreat, it couldn’t have been any better on our Edge TA in April. Ok, maybe a little better if the Retreat had a real bar. 😁 Btw, “Go Bests” and other suite perks do not “cost” X anything. They are factored into those premium prices of the suites. 😉
  13. On the Edge TA in April there was musical entertainment every afternoon in the Grand Plaza except for port days.
  14. Personally, I don’t think that the IV's are necessary to tie the E class ships together, in other words, they don’t define the brand in my opinion. Going forward I could see the MC being fazed out along with the IV's. Different restaurants, a unique theater, more comfortable furniture, and of course the continuing iconic collection of X artworks will tie the class together.
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