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  1. X is supposedly keeping Connie out of service, on standby, in case there is an opening at the shipyard to do her “revolution” renovations which have been delayed due to the pandemic.
  2. We've done several B2B's in the port of Rome and were not required to get off the ship. Instead we received instructions the night before to report to a specific room with our passports. We turned in our old key cards and were given new ones even though we were booked in the same cabin. It was a quick and efficient process. If you are booked in a suite and have TAD in Fort Lauderdale, you disembark and spend time in the lounge in the terminal where refreshments are provided. Once the ship is cleared you are allowed to reboard.
  3. We submit our letters on board the ship. The response from the Officer who receives the letters is immediate. In one instance a member of the crew was being considered for a promotion to a newly created position. Their manager thanked us for our letter and told us that our comments were the deciding factor. So yes, X does take guests' inputs seriously.
  4. The surveys and “attention to detail cards” are also used to determine crew promotions.
  5. So sorry to hear that you were disappointed. We love Reflection, having sailed on her 8 times. She was our favorite X ship, but now we love the E class ships.
  6. Which particular ship are you looking for?
  7. I agree with your choice to change to the Silhouette. We didn’t like the Villa that we saw on the Edge.
  8. There is no inside connecting door like hotels have. Each cabin has their own door which opens into the vestibule, which is the only way you can go from one cabin into the other.
  9. We have an RS booked for an upcoming cruise. The price was unbelievable. The verandah may be narrow, but the rest of the suite makes up for a little inconvenience. YMMV. We will enjoy every minute we are there. It will be a great way to celebrate a special occasion and a return to cruising. 🥂🍾
  10. Yes, it was a great balcony. There was room for the 2 loungers also (not in the picture). Our Butler solved the table problem. We had a wonderful cruise thanks to him.
  11. This was the view from 11268 on the Inaugural. Our banner is hanging across the verandah.
  12. Yes, 9305 is a suite which can connect to a Sunset verandah cabin next door. The Aft S1's on the Edge class ships are very nice. There is a private entrance from the main corridor of the ship to a vestibule where the 2 cabins are located. We have sailed twice on the Edge in aft S1's and love them. We sailed in 11268 and 12260 and didn’t have a problem with window washing equipment.
  13. Agreed. And what many tend to forget is the algorithm X has in place for pricing. The more cabins in a specific category are sold, the higher the prices go on the remaining inventory. That's not new. We converted an existing booking made before AI pricing was introduced and our fare was exactly the same.
  14. Our household has been discussing this topic for awhile. Any members of the crew who are not US citizens would not be eligible to receive the vaccine here, in our opinion, they would have to be vaccinated in their individual countries. If true, that could take a long time. We were wondering if RCG might be able to purchase a certain amount of the vaccine to be used to vaccinate crew members on a set number of ships returning to service. Recently Richard Fain said that vaccinations were the answer to returning to service, so it will be interesting to see how this situation is handled.
  15. Please cut him some slack, it really isn’t a mask, it's a proper bandana. 😉
  16. We saw the PH on the Edge Inaugural. The furniture on the verandah takes up a lot of space because though long, it is not very wide. I agree the choice was not a wise one
  17. I went by land, not only to Israel but Egypt as well. It was the trip of a lifetime.
  18. Illness from Covid 19 has already affected not only dry dock schedules, but the new builds as well. Many of these activities have been pushed back already, so you are correct, that people need to be flexible and expect possible changes or delays.
  19. Israel is definitely better experienced by doing a land tour, Imo. There is so much history and so many things to see in Jerusalem alone, even with two days. I will second the suggestion of a visit to Masada. Another must see place is the town of Bethlehem.
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