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    Take Yapta with a dose of salt

    greatam - I have to disagree with your earlier statement: "False info-you are not 'eligible for a voucher or refund from the airline' without quite a bit of work which is NOT displayed (hidden in the "fine print"). The website makes it appear that you get the credit or refund for even a very small drop in price. Yes you MAY get a credit. But it will most likely cost you the change fee. So the lower price has to be SUBSTANTIAL to offset the change fee. And if you are not a frequent traveler, how in the heck are you going to use the voucher???" 1. Yapta's alerts are always NET of any airline change fee - so they're only alerting you when you have money (or value in the form of a voucher) on the table. 2. Even if you are not a frequent traveler, it only takes one trip to use a voucher - so even if you fly only once per year, it's still worth having. 3. Yapta does work. I've received $105 worth of travel credits on Alaska Airlines in my first attempt using the service. Meanwhile, my father has received $200 in vouchers from United Airlines. If you haven't used the service with any success yet, I'd suggest you keep an open mind and try it again. I'm living proof that there's value that the service delivers.