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  1. I asked exactly that. The supervisor said that because I had booked in Canadian, all my charges have to be in Canadian. I spoke to several reps and "supervisors" by the time I finally gave up. No matter how I explained it (and I tried everything) they were absolutely bull-headed! I ended up having a US friend order the three liquor gifts for me (for a total of $180, instead of $225!) I can't believe the stupidity!
  2. I called Bon Voyage yesterday to place an order for 3 liquor gifts, listed at $60 each on the website. I was told that because I was a Canadian, they had to charge me in Canadian funds, and that the charge in Canadian funds would be $75 per gift. I explained that our dollar was sitting at above the US Dollar as we spoke, and had been pretty much equal with the US Dollar for a many months. Basically, all I got was "sorry, that's what's on our system". I spoke to a supervisor who gave me the same line. I asked if they could charge me in US funds; no go. That order would have cost me an additional $45 (a full 25% more) for literally no reason (other than I am Canadian and they are to greedy or lazy to change the Bon Voyage gift pricing to reflect Canadian currency equality). Not logical, and not good customer service = not a happy customer.
  3. Hi! We are leaving on the Constellation in a few days and were wondering if we could order bottles (of hard liquor) for our stateroom. We don't mind paying more for them and a corkage fee, but would rather make our own drinks than go to the bars for them. I know NCL has a bar set-up, but I can't find anything about Celebrity offering it. Any help would be appreciated (we're leaving on Feb 18th).
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