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  1. Seriously. Guarantee is right there in the name - it's not hard to expect it be honoured.
  2. I assume its these two so the answer is all ports are the same. https://www.cleancruising.com.au/itinerary.asp?sched=PRIGOL272_20191207 https://www.cleancruising.com.au/itinerary.asp?sched=PRIGOL272_20191124 1 day is rarely enough in most locations so i don't see an issue.
  3. Yes. They'll introduce themselves on the first day and be with you for the cruise.
  4. Question: If only soap & water hand washing is a suitable way to prevent this why don't they have proper soap and water washing stations at the entrances to the food venues? It wouldn't be that hard to do.
  5. It may depend on where you are in the world. It might have been a particularly busy area or some other need for the crew to concentrate on their work.
  6. That's not entirely true. I needed a document from the ships doctor and i emailed them weeks after the cruise and they sent it through and the onboard doctor even called me to discuss it.
  7. It is a joke - Mainly because the towels are so terrible who would want to steal them. Two tips: I think the problem usually comes from returning multiple towels and them not changing the number in the computer so clearly tell them how many you're returning. Also, on the last night go ask how many towels you have out. If you still have any tell them its wrong and you want them to fix it. They did for me.
  8. Absolutely no difference to them running loose while the parents are on board. If you want to implement a rule that parents and kids can't be more than 10 feet apart while onboard i'm down with that. :)
  9. Where do you think all the water for your soda, coffee, ice, windjammer "juices" and slushy drinks is coming from. The same pipes as your bathroom.
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