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  1. With the drop in flight capacity out of Australia Cunard may not have been able to get end to end business/first class for them. Economy may not be suitable for some medical conditions.
  2. Did Crew actually get off the other day? Chris Wong has gone quiet (but he said he would)
  3. Royal is flying thousands of crew home. It will take a month just to get them all back again and that can only happen once the virus has settled not only where the cruises leave from but where they sail to. (remember these are all contractors so there's recruitment/offers, contracts, visas, travel arrangements, etc - all for probably over 10,000 crew) Even September is probably optimistic. It will be a slow ramp up. I would expect the entire cruise schedule will be tossed out and it'll start one ship at a time doing "sampler" cruises to nowhere to ramp up operations.
  4. Supermarkets after opening exclusively for elderly and disabled from 7am to 8am to allow them to shop without being subjected to busier periods.
  5. Time. They've lost a day at the start of the cruise due to weather causing them to stay in Sydney.
  6. They may be taking 3 days but they don't need to. The next cruise is doing Mystery Island to Sydney in 2 days. So they could speed up if there was an issue. I wonder what would happen if the Itinerary changed mid cruise - would they kick the family off at whatever the next port is? The logic is the same.
  7. Yeah, Norwegian Jewel is due in at 5am so Ovation has to move.
  8. My understanding is that this delay is not due to closed islands, it's due to the cyclone transitting down the Australian coast. It'll be long gone.
  9. Ok. This might be even more crazy than i thought. the first "sea day" is actually anchored in Sydney Harbour from 3am tomorrow to 6pm tomorrow when it sails for Noumea.
  10. But the cruise was always going to those places! It changed from Sydney -> Noumea -> Mystery -> Brisbane -> Sydney to Sydney -> Noumea -> Mystery -> Sydney. So they're cruising slower at some point to waste time. At no point will they be further from land than they would have been anyway.
  11. Two things: Yes, your diamond benefits reset on every cruise. So does your cruise account. Also, Opal cards aren't really required anymore for Sydney transport. You should be able to use your credit/debit card (but each person will need their own) https://transportnsw.info/tickets-opal/opal/contactless-payments
  12. You need to look at the bigger picture. They over sell it order to make more money and normally they do. Occasionally it doesn't and its a cost of doing business that they might make a loss on certain cabins.
  13. Just keep saying no until you get everything you want. You're not the only one in a Grand Suite or higher and you're not the only one they're talking to. They will make you feel like this is your problem but it is not. It's theirs.
  14. It will be a decision of the company and the captain. My guess: they'll cancel Wellington & Dunedin, probably stay where they are for a couple of days and come back to Sydney, perhaps via the sounds if time permits. They're due back on the 16th.
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