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  1. Great video, thanks for posting it. Hapag/Lloyd is also have great success with trips from Hamburg. Right now our immigration/maritime laws don't allow trips like this. I believe we should adjust them to help the lines get started again.
  2. I find it amazing we are still debating the value of mask wearing, social distancing and avoiding other people. I heard a well known doctor say if we just stopped swapping our air with other people things would improve drastically. When I read about what's happening in many parts of America it is an instant replay of what we saw here in NYC in April, have we learned nothing in seven months? I have to wonder as I am now getting a brochure in the mail daily advertising cruises who would go?
  3. Cruising depends on the ports also. At this time I think Florida is the only state that might allow the ships to embark/disembark passengers. Then there is the issue of where will they go. In the Caribbean every island has different rules with some dependent on what country and even down to the state your from. Trips to no where are not allowed from US ports. I think short R/T cruises with a constant literary have the best chance of going now. Hapag Lloyd is having great success doing just that from Hamburg however for now just for German's. This is a complicated issue for all involved.
  4. The other part of the cruse equation is people have to want to go. Here in NYC we had a very hard time in the spring and even though things are very good here now in regard to the pandemic people are still very cautious. Example is restaurants have finally opened to allow indoor dinning at 25% however I have read many still prefer outdoor seating as a precaution. I have gone to places where I just didn't feel good about the setup and just left. This makes me wonder if a line did start up here would they even get the passengers?
  5. I don't think the trip will take place. Both LA and Miami have restrictions in place to prevent the spread of corvid so I don't think they would allow a cruise ship to load and unload a thousand people.
  6. I can well understand why Mr Wolber did not renew his contract and is probley very happy to spend time with his family. Its very hard to lead a company of any sort if you have no idea what tomorrow or even the next hour will bring. I am sure he very much wanted to give everyone their refund ASAP however when your check book is empty best intentions go nowhere. As cruise lines go I look at Crystal as a small business and living here in NYC I can't say how many small businesses that I have seen and used forever are no more, store fronts empty with little good by notes on the door. I wish Mr. And
  7. I was also wondering about this. The no sail order will expire not due to health reasons but due to political reasons so for me its suspect. This is more for the mainstream lines that do the many short TR cruises from Florida as Florida has opened 100% so having the ships coming and going would be OK. Here in NYC there are still tight restrictions so I do not believe they would allow the ships to dock. I am curious what will happen on the ships and also Florida.
  8. I enjoy Crystal and they have a trip in Sept 2022 that interests me however I would not book anything on any line now. I will wait until the lines are back cruising and ports are back open. Reason is all of it is just unknown at this point. As we all know the line can change the trip at any time at their whim, no one knows how cruising will look with masks etc., no one knows how insurance companies will treat a person my age (73) and no one knows how other countries will treat Americans in the future. So I will keep my money in my account and see how it all unfolds.
  9. Hapag Lloyd has been cruising the Europ2 for some time doing short RT voyage's from Hamburg with just German passengers. I believe a great way to see if their plans are working and get the crew up to speed on the new norm. If the US would wave the maritime laws ships could make trips up and down the coasts stopping just at US ports to also test their procedures and get consumers confidence back. The government needs to do something before the industry implodes.
  10. I took a two week trip on the Europa2 which is a German ship owned by H/L. It is German/English however 98% of the passenger's were German. All went very well and I learned that a large majority of Germans speak some level of English. Also the Germans are a very orderly people so the trip seemed extremely civilized.
  11. Well this odyssey is finely over. I received my full refund for my June 29 QM trip. I applied for it on April 23 so it took just around 60 days. I made the booking directly with Cunard here in the US. I have to say they were prompt answering the few inquires I made and the rep that made my booking was very helpful. Looking forward to sailing again once there is a safe and proven vaccine.
  12. Hi all, here in New York City today is going to be very hot, 85+F which is far above normal. Monday the city is set to start phase I of the step's to emerge from quarantine for the 8.9 million of us however now we are in the mist of massive protests over the murder of Mr. Floyd which have included looting and burning. Who can say how it will all turn out however from a cruise/vacation point I would recommend staying far away from here.
  13. If price is not an issue I would pick H/L Europa 2. Very grand while casual. Excellent in all regard
  14. Yes, I also feel weird. I know it will be impossible to take a safe/normal cruise until there is a cure/vaccine for this virus however I find myself daydreaming about places to go and ships to go on. I find myself thinking very very bad things about Cunard because they still have my $10k and then recall the stuff I have experienced here in NYC during the past ten weeks and feel very lucky to be alive and well.
  15. I had a QM trip in June that was cancelled however I sailed on the QE2 in the Queen's grill. I have a few recent trips on silversea. Silversea is a small ship experience and all inclusive, except for LaDame, so no one ever asks for your card. The flavor is generally European rather than English however there were many UK guests. There wasn't as much tableside prep however you can put in special orders ahead of time. Shows ect were simpler due to size of ship. Ships have no wrap around outside deck. A plus for Silversea is the whole ship has a luxury feel and level of service and is all open si
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