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  1. The LA City Council passed a resolution so this process was for greater LA only and not statewide.
  2. Or you can do it with your phone or pc. Stop and restart here: https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action
  3. Preacher! You killed the only thing I ever loved! My Linda!
  4. No, they don't hold back dinner service in the MDR while security hunts down a couple who skipped muster. I went on one cruise that didn't hold muster until the morning after sailing!
  5. OP, they saw your avatar and figured this would be all the bathroom you need 🙂
  6. Not so, we select our arrival time not boarding time. These are often confused.
  7. When you tease with these it's always appreciated if you would mention if these are Player Club offers etc. before people go hunting 🙂
  8. You're better not to say anything. When checking in if they ask where she is we say " she's arriving separately. " This way she will get refunded the port fees and taxes she paid. If you say anything you get $ ZERO. Good luck and have fun.
  9. I'm from Maine and I think this way about the "lobster" most cruise ships serve. I do like fish and in the past the Atlantic farm raised salmon filet from the every night grill was reliable for being average. Which fish type(s) did you order? There's a new fish on Carnival's dinner menu, the Barramundi. Did you try it?
  10. The Health Assessment will be filled out a few days before your cruise date.
  11. As I said to the other member, consider having a taste of good turkey in the lido then proceed to the MDR for a full dinner sans the pressed turkey served there. Can't you do both? After all, it's a cruise 🙂
  12. The carved turkey in the lido at dinner is superior to the pressed turkey product served in the MDR. The pressed turkey was inedible and we ordered something else which we almost never do. Consider having a taste of the carved turkey at lido before heading to the MDR for your full dinner on Thanksgiving? This is good advice I'm giving you because the pressed turkey was no better than this:
  13. Right next door to your cabin is 10349 which sleeps 2. So close. Thanks for a valuable lesson. We won't be booking this category with beds for 4.
  14. People here say there are two separate forms. The vaccination attestation is filled out close to the time you book and then the health assessment is sent out a few days before you cruise and has to be completed before you arrive at the pier.
  15. I can't eat a lot of beef at one sitting so the filet at brunch always satisfies with its petite (5oz) size after cooking. You'll enjoy the seafood tonight. Save room!
  16. I would have asked when they were bringing out the gelato 🙂
  17. The steak with your brunch? If so, that's a filet mignon and the best cut of beef that is included in your fare, imo.
  18. The gelato is typically available on sea days next to the cake station. Maybe they don't have this on your ship yet.
  19. The Sunshine is sailing some 10 day cruises to the eastern Caribbean and we have one booked for 2023. We expect fewer school age children on a 10 day sailing. You may want to look at your 10 day options for a more mature crowd.
  20. Have you tried the freshly churned gelato flavors? They're much better than the dry cakes.
  21. My offer was for a solo balcony on Panorama including gratuities, tax and port fees for $303.16. Sure wish I could drop everything and go.
  22. Remember nothing about safety of life at sea gets "fixed" by cruise lines without authorization by the U.S. Coast Guard.
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