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  1. youtube is the best place to go for zumba videos. You just search "zumba + song name" and your favourite song will come up with videos from various instructors. No copyright problems. I prefer Latin, so Claudio Lopez Utreras is a favourite with me because he has most of my favourite zumba songs but there is lots of Zumba Gold available as well. You can get entire workout videos as well, with warm ups and cool downs. As to shoes, I had tried some of the top recommended shoes for zumba but prefer my Bloch split dance shoes. The heel on mine is not high and I find they give me perfect flexibility with just the right amount of slipperiness. I thought the zumba shoes were too stiff. When I was in Argentina a few years ago, I bought a couple of pairs of custom tango shoes. When I picked them up, the salesman grabbed me and danced a tango across the store floor to test them. Maybe that is what we need to do for testing zumba shoes- run a video in the corner of the store so customers can test them dancing. LOL
  2. I used to participate in about 5 zumba classes a week, but had to stop due to bad knees. At the end, I would dance my heart out for an hour and after class I could barely walk to the car. Now, two years, two new knees, and several pounds later, I am anxious to dance again. My all time favourite youtube instructor is Claudio Lopez Utreras from Chile. He has a lot of videos out with great music. Unfortunately, my knees are still not up to doing justice to an hour at his pace. In the meantime, I have discovered that I can easily follow the fitness routines of ZDancerLiz. Her routines are too wimpy for serious zumba dancers but are perfect for seniors or the otherwise less fit. There are no sharp turns (although you can throw some in if you wish) and they only last from 30 to 40 minutes. Perfect for seniors who are either recovering or just want to keep on dancing once they can no longer do it at their previous level. I miss zumba at the club and can't wait to get back once the world returns to normal. I will be ready!
  3. BTW, being referred to as "Mrs. Radiance" is actually rather flattering. 😁
  4. Things that go wrong often turn out to make the best stories or turn out for the best in unexpected ways. I kind of hope that something goes wrong on your 50th. 🙂 Maybe one day your children could have a similar story and it could become a family curse. LOL
  5. Good one. 😄 This was one of those time in life when it pays to have a sense of humour. Some people would go berserk and others would simply laugh at the absurdity. You could get some really good jokes in your speeches. I have to wonder though: did you like the hometown wedding cake nearly as much as your own? Plus, my more practical mind wonders how the bakery compensated you.
  6. I agree. Two weeks (or even a day) without fresh air and sunshine would be hell. Send good food to my cabin several times a day and I can be quite happy on the balcony with a good book. I would just prefer the quarantine to come at the end of the cruise, rather than the beginning.
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