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  1. Thank you! I was having a hard time finding info on shuttles more than anything. Usually we have a car, its a new experience to rely on transportation. I will keep looking around too.
  2. Hi there in April we are flying into FLL around 4 pm on 4/12 cruising out 4/13 from Miami. Trying to figure the most economical but clean hotel wise way to go. Not sure if we should just stay by fll airport and shuttle down the next am or what. Has anyone done this and had a plan that worked well? Thanks so much
  3. If anyone today or the next sailing could post funtimes and or any of the Christmas special events it would be appreciated. Thank you so much
  4. pntnnc

    Change of Itinerary

    I am curious I am on the same sailing but never got an email that it changed? Anyone know how to check why I am not receiving email?
  5. We did the transfer off the ship to the airport and was so easy. They were waiting just outside the door. Would def do again especially in New Orleans. Not sure how arrival is as we came the day before and did the taxi to hotel which was about 30 something.
  6. pntnnc

    Breeze Port Canaveral Check in

    Ok thank you so much
  7. Hi there I was looking at my documents for Dec 2018, and it has us as a embarq at 1-3pm We have FTTF so what would be the time we could check in with that? Is it just too early to sign up for check in times? Thanks so much. Have senior adults going so trying to make sure easy process for them.
  8. In October I loaded gift cards and had originally signed up as cash. Near the end of the cruise we had a little that we owed so I added my cc about 2 days before end of cruise. It was very easy to do. I guess you could add it ahead of time was really only a couple minutes at desk to add so no trouble.
  9. pntnnc

    Sunshine, Miracle or Magic?

    Only is a difference of 200 total so all about the same price. Thanks
  10. Can I have some opinions on mainly the Sunshine and Miracle as we have been on Magic. We may be traveling with an 11 year old. This will be middle June we are looking at and curious what others think. Thank you in advance.
  11. pntnnc

    Dream leaving NOLA

    Us too!!
  12. Do they still have a chocolate buffet?
  13. pntnnc

    Dream fun times

    Anyone have fun times for Belize Mahagony Bay and Cozumel? Going in October
  14. pntnnc

    FTTF Question

    Last few times my fttf did not deliver my luggage til after 7pm It better not happen this time. Thinking of not checking anything. and btw I'm pretty sure I am winning the tournament and my hubby coming in 2nd:D