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  1. 506...luckily I just got off a cruise or this would be absolute torture. Who knows maybe I can squeeze in a pass time one.
  2. Hi there we are trying to decide between 2 Thanksgiving cruises and would appreciate any input. One going to St Kitts, St Maartin P Rico and Grand Turk the other Grand Turk Bonaire, Aruba and La Romana. The places we havent really been to are St Kitts, St Maartin ------Bonaire , Aruba so its between these 2 pair. Mostly we like snorkeling, beaches, town tours and casinos. Bonaire one is about 200.00 more for flights but dates etc are the same. So my question for our likes would it be worthwhile to pay more for Bonaire/Aruba. Thanks so much for any advice or point of view.
  3. Is there a water taxi to go to atlantis? I cant see where we port it just says Nassau on Carnival. We took a taxi cab down the main street before and over a big hill. We hoping to try water taxi this time. Thanks in advance
  4. Also I can tell you that Carnival is no exceptions. My daughter found out she was pregnant after we booked a 11 person family cruise. I called and asked and they make no exceptions due to medical problems that could arrise with one so little. She ended up finding a friend/babysitter that she could leave him with as he also was 4 months. He did just fine but she was happy when it was time to get home. We foster so if you are going through foster system with neice there is also respite available for those kind of situations. We havent had to use but we have done respite for families when the had something planned before a placement.
  5. ok glad can find them lots of places. You would not want to know what the Cuban sandwich is here in NC. We are staying at the comfort suites near airport and are also planning on going to the Magic city casino so in that area was hoping to find one.
  6. I just want to find a good cuban sandwich Tampa style except need to find one in Miami.
  7. Everytime we got off the ship with our 12 year old she had to be with one of us. This was December on the Breeze.
  8. Thank you! I was having a hard time finding info on shuttles more than anything. Usually we have a car, its a new experience to rely on transportation. I will keep looking around too.
  9. Hi there in April we are flying into FLL around 4 pm on 4/12 cruising out 4/13 from Miami. Trying to figure the most economical but clean hotel wise way to go. Not sure if we should just stay by fll airport and shuttle down the next am or what. Has anyone done this and had a plan that worked well? Thanks so much
  10. If anyone today or the next sailing could post funtimes and or any of the Christmas special events it would be appreciated. Thank you so much
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