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  1. Does anyone know how the Referral Credits will last, do you think they will be extended being as though they are not sailing yet and you cannot take up the offer.
  2. On our last QV cruise the man on the next table walked in with jacket on and took it off and put it on the back of his chair. I could not see the point it should be worn during the entire meal.IMO.
  3. Hip Hip Hooray, today I finally got my refund, from Cunard, mine took 83 days from cancellation.
  4. On Seabourn Odyssey they have a steam room (Only small) and a sauna in the changing rooms, these are free of charge for both females and males. They also have both in the spa area but these are charged for. On Seabourn Sojourn and Quest they only have a sauna in the changing rooms but full spa in the paid for spa
  5. Where did you see this for Seabourn, I know there is one on the Viking ships but not heard this about the Seabourn Spas
  6. Just had TUI on the phone and to ask did we get the email about our cruise being cancelled. They said they did not want passengers going to the airport as cruise was cancelled, this was Explorer on the 13th March. They also said that my refund had already gone through and would be with my bank in 5 working days. I was very pleased they have been really quick off the mark with the refunds.
  7. Thanks for all the replies, we were due to fly tomorrow to join the ship, we have at 2239 hours received an email to say that our cruise is cancelled. Talk about last minute. But at least we can have a full refund or amend to another holiday. Thanks for the updates.
  8. But it does not say that Marella has cancelled all their cruises around the Canaries
  9. Where have you got this information from?
  10. Mark. Just to let you know, re the spa area, you do not need to go to the spa if all you want is a sauna and a steam room, plus showers, they have both in the Gents and Ladies changing rooms , all Free of charge.
  11. Poppyprincess. So sorry to hear that your Mum was ill and hope that now you can get her back to the UK. I know what you mean about Seabourn's negligence, about Seabourn Flight Ease. We had flights from St Martin with them in November and we could not make the connections in Antigua, we phoned Seabourn Square to inform them and they (Seabourn) claim that our TA and their clients were kept well informed of what was happening. We heard nothing, It took us, from leaving the ship to getting home 52 hours. Seabourn do not want to know say it is the airlines responsibilty not theirs. It seems once you leave the ship they have had their money so it is up to you to sort out problems even though they booked all the tickets through Seabourn Flight Ease via our TA, also I think the same TA as you have used.
  12. Many thanks for your review, and I agree with some of your comments. We sailed on Odyssey, November this year, I can can agree with you about the service standards in some of the bars. The Observation bar for us was the worst, it happened twice so was not a one off. We sat at the bar the first time for 20 minutes and no one offered to pour us a drink. This happened a second time and we were just ignored, I did say to the bar person were we allowed to have a drink. He was just talking to a lady at the bar the whole time we sat there. Also the Patio Bar I ordered two drinks that bar person poured the first and then left, I stood there 15 minutes and he did not return, he then came back and asked did I want a drink, I pointed out that I had asked for two drinks and he had only given me one. Not an apology or anything. There were many passengers who commented on this cruise how the standard had dropped. I was not alone.
  13. On our last cruise, Odyssey, staff did come round occasionally. There is a phone to call the bar also, if you want a drink. Otherwise there are soft drinks available and ice in the cooler on deck.
  14. Also on our recent QV cruise we did not receive the email questionnaire when we arrived home. !!
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