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  1. The Moderna vaccine is being tested at a large university hospital in my area. I am an attorney and have several elderly clients who have named me as their agent so I receive their mail and pay their bills. Two or three weeks ago, one of those clients got a letter from the hospital stating that they were looking for elderly folks and people with diabetes to sign up for the vaccine trial.
  2. Is Paradise their only ship that can get into and out of Tampa? I was really surprised that they were keeping that ship but I know the bridge in Tampa prevents larger ships from docking there.
  3. We usually sail Princess but we have cruised on Azamara Journey twice now. Love that ship! I am hoping that we will get to sail on Pacific Princess one day.
  4. I hope they recover. We flew home from London on Virgin Atlantic in first class (which they call "upper class") and it was really top notch from start to finish. The most impressive flight experience I have ever had. That experience was one of the things that made me so excited to see what he could do with a cruise ship.
  5. I have just received confirmation that our cabin is number 802.
  6. We booked with Eclipse Travel out of Sydney, Australia. That is the only site that I found this particular cruise on. I subsequently found it on another site but that company was also in Australia. I'm going to have to figure out how to do a bank draft to them before final payment because they charge 3% fee if you use a Visa or Mastercard. 3% on a trip of this cost really adds up. I just watched a video that someone shared in another post on this board. The man who made the video was on a different ship but the same itinerary. It was just amazing.
  7. Did you book directly with Albatros or with an agent?
  8. We are in Category B as well. I'm not sure what cabin number though. I hope we are on deck 8 but there is one Category B on deck 7 by itself. I read about some people getting stuck on the ship due to Covid and that made me decide to splurge on a larger cabin, just in case 😀
  9. Thank you! The travel company that I'm trying to book through is also based in Australia.
  10. Hello, I am just beginning my research into an expedition cruise to Antarctica. We would like to go during the solar eclipse next year. I started looking into this yesterday in anticipation of our December 2020 South American solar eclipse being cancelled. Ocean Atlantic is one of the more affordable options. I would love to know how many landings per day you were able to do and also, would love to know about the food on board. My husband and I are both vegetarians. I am a little concerned that there won't be many food options for us on these tiny ships. I understand if you are not vege
  11. I have many thousands of pictures taken on cruises. I have had photoshop elements for years but I never really learned how to use it. I have been watching youtube videos and learning how to make simple edits like taking out power lines. I have been going through my wonderful cruise photos and making them even better. I'm supposed to be on a Virgin Voyages cruise today.
  12. I hope not! I love Grand Princess. I have been so nervous about her fate. I was hoping to be able to sail on her again.
  13. I really hope Grand Princess is not on the chopping block. It was the first ship we sailed on and I love it so much! Also, I hope it's not Pacific Princess. We have not been on Pacific Princess but we have been on Azamara Journey which is the same "R" class ship. We loved the size of the ship and the places you can go with a smaller ship. I have been looking at Pacific Princess itineraries for 2021.
  14. Right. I was working on this for a client tonight after hours and thought I would ask in case anyone had it. Also, the travel agent has already said that payment had to be made in full in order to get a refund so I was just curious if that was actually the case since it is not for the June 16 cancellations.
  15. Hello, Does anyone happen to have a copy of refund request form, the FAQ for voyage suspensions, and any other information that was put out by Regent for the May 20 round of cancellations? When I look at the website, all of this information is updated to reflect the latest round of cancellations from yesterday. I would like to see what was put out for May 20. I would also like to know if passengers who had their voyages cancelled on May 20 and had not yet paid in full, were actually required to pay in full if they wanted a refund rather than the FCC? What I have been able t
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