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  1. I wanted to report back on what has happened since I posted my query. Yesterday, I used the link posted above and it told me that I was not eligible to bid. I tried again today and I was eligible. It invited me to bid on either a club veranda or a club oceanview. Just out of curiosity, I checked my email to see if Azamara sent an email inviting me to bid. I have not received an email. I know there is a separate sticky for bids but I'll post what I was offered in case anyone is curious. The minimum bid on a club veranda is $500 per person. I should add that the reason I decided that I might want to upgrade is that if I was booking right now, I could book an aft balcony (club deluxe veranda) for $1080 more than what paid for an interior. I have always been interested in trying an aft balcony and I know that normally there would be more difference in price than that. If I was booking today, I could get a regular balcony (club veranda) for $500 more (that is $500 total for both of us). It is pretty annoying that the minimum bid to upgrade to a club veranda is $1000 (which is, of course, a "weak" bid) . Also, I just checked and $500 per person is weak, $510 per person is "fair" and $520 per person is "strong". The minimum bid for an oceanview is $200 per person. That is actually only $100 more than the price difference between what I paid for the interior and what an oceanview is now. I'm not interested in an oceanview though. Needless to say, I am not bidding. Although, I would strongly consider it if I was for sure going to get one of the aft balconies that is still available.
  2. I am thinking I would like to upgrade to a veranda on our November 30 cruise on Journey. It is my understanding that if your voyage is eligible for upgrade bids, you will receive an email about bidding. Can someone tell me how close to sailing date those emails go out? I am just an Adventurer so bidding may be a long shot anyway.
  3. I did not ask for a chair. I would not have even noticed that it was gone but for the people complaining about it on here.
  4. I was just on Grand Princess in May. We had a balcony. No barrel chair but the small table is still there.
  5. Thank you for confirming my suspicions.
  6. How much time is saved at embarkation if I upload a picture during online check-in? We will be leaving from San Juan and the ship is Azamara Journey if that makes a difference in the answer.
  7. I have never heard this. Most lines we cruise on only allow you to bring 2 bottles of wine on board. You always have to bring it as a carry on. I don't put it in a carry on bag though, I have a neoprene wine bottle carrier that I carry it in to reduce the chance of breakage. On lines where they don't allow you to bring your own liquor, you usually do need to put it in your luggage in a container that will not show up on the screen, such as a plastic flask. That is not a port rule though, that's just the way you skirt around the cruise line rules. My guess is that it's okay to put it in your luggage or in your carry on with Azamara since they don't care if you bring it on board. Whatever you do though, don't pack an outlet strip! I had to go to the naughty room because of my little Travelociy brand 2 outlet power strip. It was confiscated. They would not bring it back until I was packed and ready to put my bags outside the door for collection on the last night.
  8. We did not have much of a wait in Miami last November. We probably got there around 11:30. It was our first Azamara cruise so we didn't know what to expect. In fact, I got a couple cookies and some juice and sat down in the waiting area after we checked in because I didn't realize that we could just walk right on the ship. I am used to the cattle call. One problem we did have was our cab driver. She kept trying to make us get out on the wrong side of the port where all the big ships were. She obviously had no idea how to get to the Azamara side. And, she obviously had never heard of Azamara. We kept telling her we were on Azamara and she kept naming off other cruise lines. My husband finally got her there after several circles around the port. So, try to get a competent cab driver πŸ˜‚ Edited to add: we did not have any kind of priority boarding. We were in an interior cabin.
  9. They did have the hand wash stations. Of course, they had Purell dispensers everywhere also. i thought our cabin steward was perfect. He did a great job and we were never in each other's way. I think our room must have been the first one he did every day and evening because a few times we left for dinner or breakfast and I forgot something and had to go back to the room and he had already finished cleaning it. We never go to the casino and we don't ever order drinks in the theater so I can't comment on the service in those places. Service in the dining room was fine. I really had no complaints on the ship. I thought the luggage porters at the port in San Francisco left a LOT to be desired. We finally gave up on getting anyone to take our bags and we just carried them on the ship. But that is not a Princess issue.
  10. I suspect that maybe they don't have it all worked out yet. When we sailed to Cuba last November, the planned Azamazing evening at the Heredia theater in Santiago had to be cancelled about 6 weeks prior to sailing because damage caused to the port by Hurricane Irma made Santiago a tender port. They scrambled around and found a replacement Azamazing evening for one of our nights in Havana. We didn't learn what the replacement was until a week or so before sailing. We had a wonderful evening at the Gran Teatro de la Habana watching the Cuban National Ballet.
  11. I thought it was in fine condition. Now, I may not be the one to ask though because I don't go around looking for stains on the carpet or rust spots on the balcony. We did not have any complaints about the condition of the ship. This was our 3rd cruise on Grand. Our very first cruise was on Grand so I am sentimental about it. 😊
  12. We had to carry on all of our bags when we embarked in San Francisco in May. We waited 20 minutes for a porter to take our bags and they just ignored us or said they would be with us in a minute but then just kept taking the bags of people who arrived after us. The Princess representative said that they could not speak to the porters. So we carried all of our luggage on board ourselves for the first time. Actually, it was nice to not have to wait for it. We got on board about 10 minutes before cabins became accessible so we just hung around in a public area near our cabin for a few minutes and then we were able to get everything unpacked and luggage stowed before 1:30.
  13. I thought the drawing room/library on Journey was amazing! Such a beautiful room and a lot more books than I usually see on a ship.
  14. What is it about VV that makes people who have no intention of ever sailing on VV come to the VV board to complain or make snarky remarks? It is so weird to me. If you don't think it is worth the price, don't book it. We are booked on the first cruise out of Miami and the total for our Sea Terrace including taxes and fees is $3706. Is that more than I would ever spend for a 4 day cruise normally? Yes, it is. I am paying a premium to be on the first cruise.
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