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  1. I would love your travel agent's info. Thanks!
  2. I just saw your post on Trip Advisor about this and came here to share the link and here you are 😀 This is very exciting news!
  3. I love Grand! Our first cruise was on Grand so she has a special place in my heart. We were on the cruise to Hawaii that had some "misfortune" that another commenter mentioned. I think that was my favorite cruise so far--gotta love a free 15-day Hawaiian cruise and $200 per person refundable OBC and an amount equal to 50% of whatever you originally paid for your cruise toward a future sailing (we took a TA from FLL to Southampton with that). The trip back from Hawaii was awesome because so many people opted to fly home from Hawaii. It was a real treat to be on a ship that was well below c
  4. I saw mention of ships leaving from Puerto Arenas instead of Ushuaia so I investigated Puerto Arenas flights and hotel a bit. I noticed right away the lack of hotels. I went ahead and booked a room that I can cancel for fee up until October 21. I went on Delta and saw that flight to PA was anywhere from 36-45 hours from North Carolina. I thought that was odd but then realized that the issue was the one daily flight on Latam--which leaves one hour before the Delta flight arrives. What a mess! I didn't even realize Puerto Williams was a possibility.
  5. We are scheduled to go with Albatros Expeditions November 23. I emailed my travel agent yesterday asking if he had any indication from Albatros of what they are thinking. I told him I had seen the Quark email (and thought it was overly optimistic). He replied that Albatros is also optimistic about the season proceeding and they are committed to Ushuaia but are exploring other options. He said to hold off on pre and post cruise arrangements. He also moved our final payment to August 15th (it was previously mid July). We have already made flight arrangements.
  6. Does anyone know why some travel agencies do not handle VV bookings? I usually use V T G but they don't sell VV cruises. I was going to transfer my booking to my regular agent and she curtly declined it. Her tone made me think VV has irritated the travel agency industry in some way.
  7. I'm right there with you. We were booked on the Inaugural. We booked the rescheduled inaugural and used our credit to also book Richard's Birthday Bash. Both of those were cancelled. We booked on this year's Richard's Birthday Bash and were waiting for the Inaugural to be rescheduled. And, here we are. I just regret buying the plane tickets already but I was so hopeful that it would go. I have a lot of FVC with Virgin now that will have to be used during 2022 and we already had to use Princess voyage credit in 2022. I might just blow all this credit on one of the big suites rather than
  8. Well, they have said they plan to add more ships to the Azamara fleet. Buying Pacific Princess gets them there a lot faster than a new build. The fact that we learned of the sale of Azamara and the sale of Pacific Princess in the same week is also fueling the rumors. I guess time will tell. https://travelweekly.co.uk/articles/399076/new-azamara-owners-plan-to-add-more-ships-to-fleet?fbclid=IwAR3CRqc9kvEuRwtuldKSUd2Fze7ipDh767YyCA2jPaAhGi8BdONRka7E8Fk
  9. I hope that Pacific Princess was purchased by the new owners of Azamara. We mostly sail Princess but also really like Azamara. I was hoping to sail on Pacific Princess when cruising got back to normal but I guess that is not to be. My favorite is Grand Princess. I keep holding my breath and crossing my fingers that Grand doesn't leave the fleet.
  10. I am sad, but not surprised, to see Pacific Princess being sold. We have sailed mostly with Princess but discovered Azamara in 2018. We have been on Journey twice since then. We really enjoyed the smaller ship size. I was looking forward to trying the small ship experience on Princess. If it turns out that Azamara bought Pacific Princess, maybe we can check it out at some point in the future. I got nervous when I saw the email that Azamara had been sold to a private equity firm but I'm just going to be cautiously optimistic for the future of the line.
  11. The Moderna vaccine is being tested at a large university hospital in my area. I am an attorney and have several elderly clients who have named me as their agent so I receive their mail and pay their bills. Two or three weeks ago, one of those clients got a letter from the hospital stating that they were looking for elderly folks and people with diabetes to sign up for the vaccine trial.
  12. Is Paradise their only ship that can get into and out of Tampa? I was really surprised that they were keeping that ship but I know the bridge in Tampa prevents larger ships from docking there.
  13. We usually sail Princess but we have cruised on Azamara Journey twice now. Love that ship! I am hoping that we will get to sail on Pacific Princess one day.
  14. I hope they recover. We flew home from London on Virgin Atlantic in first class (which they call "upper class") and it was really top notch from start to finish. The most impressive flight experience I have ever had. That experience was one of the things that made me so excited to see what he could do with a cruise ship.
  15. I have just received confirmation that our cabin is number 802.
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