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  1. I really hope Grand Princess is not on the chopping block. It was the first ship we sailed on and I love it so much! Also, I hope it's not Pacific Princess. We have not been on Pacific Princess but we have been on Azamara Journey which is the same "R" class ship. We loved the size of the ship and the places you can go with a smaller ship. I have been looking at Pacific Princess itineraries for 2021.
  2. Right. I was working on this for a client tonight after hours and thought I would ask in case anyone had it. Also, the travel agent has already said that payment had to be made in full in order to get a refund so I was just curious if that was actually the case since it is not for the June 16 cancellations.
  3. Hello, Does anyone happen to have a copy of refund request form, the FAQ for voyage suspensions, and any other information that was put out by Regent for the May 20 round of cancellations? When I look at the website, all of this information is updated to reflect the latest round of cancellations from yesterday. I would like to see what was put out for May 20. I would also like to know if passengers who had their voyages cancelled on May 20 and had not yet paid in full, were actually required to pay in full if they wanted a refund rather than the FCC? What I have been able to find certainly indicates that but I was not sure if they relented on that. I can't imagine that was a very popular position. I see that does not appear to be the case for the June 16 cancellations: Q) What is the compensation? A) Guests who have paid in full will receive 100% Future Cruise Credit plus a Bonus 25% Future Cruise Credit, or 100% refund. The default compensation will be the Future Cruise Credits. Guests with bookings that are not paid in full will receive a 100% Refund for amounts paid for voyages canceled with the June 16th suspension. (emphasis added) I have read through all of the posts that I thought might have this info but didn't find anything other than some comments from Mrstanley which seem to confirm my suspicion about full payment being required in order to get a refund.
  4. That's my guess. I think they just want to have it when they are sure that it will be able to actually happen. Between hurrican season and Covid-19, October is definitely not a sure thing.
  5. It's not going to be the official inaugural. I was booked on the April 1 inaugural and I was rebooked on the August 7. When i called to rebook for the first voyage in October, assuming it was the inaugural, they told me the official inaugural with the special events will be sometime in 2021 and the first cruise in October is a "soft opening." They advised that I hold off until that date is announced later this year. I was able to rebook Richard's Birthday Bash which was rescheduled to July 14, 2021. It annoys me that the cruise in October is not going to be the "inaugural" since it doesn't make sense to me to have the 'inaugural' after the ship has been sailing for months.
  6. Have you ever even had a cruise booked on VV? And what has proven to be "so shady" with VV? I was owed a refund of over $600 for excursions I had booked for the original April 1 sailing and taxes. I received it much quicker than people are receiving their refunds from the other cruise lines.
  7. I usually book with V T G and they do not book VV cruises. I haven't checked any other online booking places.
  8. We're booked on Richard's Birthday bash and the August 7 Inaugural. I'm definitely going to rebook for the birthday bash next year and I hope that we can get booked on the October 16th sailing. We were supposed to be on the April 1 cruise so it appears that we won't get anything further in perks for this cancellation. That's fine. Like someone else said above, I'm just happy to know one way or the other.
  9. I'll gladly take a refund if they rethink that policy.
  10. People love to hate Virgin Voyages. I don't get it. I'm booked on Richard's Birthday Bash and the August 7 Inaugural. I'm pessimistic that they will be able to sail in July or August but I hope the line will succeed. I hope that all the cruise lines will pull out of this. I see so much doom and gloom on these message boards. It doesn't cost anything to be optimistic.
  11. We are booked on Birthday Bash and the August 7 Inaugural. It's funny how much the world has changed since the April 1 inaugural was pushed back to August 7. We took the special offer and used the FCC to pay for Richard's Birthday Bash. It really didn't occur to me that we would not be able to cruise again by July 15--which is my birthday, so it was going to my birthday bash too! Of course, as time as gone on, I have gotten more and more pessimistic about the chances of either of these cruises going forward ☹️
  12. I've got a cruise booked right now for July 15. If its not cancelled, i"m gonna be on it.
  13. We had to make that drive from North Carolina to Ft Lauderdale unexpectedly a couple years ago. We were scheduled to fly out the day before our cruise around lunchtime but a storm system caused a full ground stop at the ATL airport. Finally around 8PM our last chance to fly to Florida that day evaporated. Drove straight there leaving NC in a rental car around 830PM. That was a miserable drive! I would definitely not want to undertake it after everything else these folks have been through!
  14. I just hung up with VV. I now understand how the 200% works. I thought that I was getting a refund of the difference between April 1 and August 7 but the refund is actually for the taxes I paid for April 1 and the shore things that I had booked. Oddly enough, the amount of one refund would be $646 (difference in fare between the two voyages) and the other $656 ($350 shore things and $306 taxes)--the similarity in the amounts causing my confusion about what I was being refunded. Also, I was expecting the shore things to be a separate refund. To further confuse matters, they put $500 of the refund toward the card that I used for the $500 deposit and $156 on the card that I paid everything else with and the $500 just shows up on their end as "pending" and doesn't show up on my card at all as pending. I feel sure that I will have to revisit that but as of right now, they can't do anything because enough processing time has not passed. The good news is she said my account does show $300 OBC. Also, my August 7 cruise is fully paid and they have no idea why it shows up as "partially paid." Now I just have fingers crossed that we will actually be able to sail on July 15 and August 7!
  15. This is exactly the case with me as well. I have an email that I received after I rebooked the inaugural which says that I'm entitled to $656 refund due to August 7 being cheaper than April 1. I received a refund of $156 to my Amex. On the VV website it says "Cha-Ching! It looks like you have credit" but then it says $0. Also, I booked an excursion on the April 1 sailing which they said would be automatically refunded but it has not been. I used the future voyage credit to book Richard's birthday bash. After the credit was applied, I only had to pay $62. That voyage shows fully paid but the Inaugural shows that it is "partially paid." I am just going to call and see what they say. Hopefully, stuff has calmed down by now.
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