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  1. If possible please see if you can also find out what they are doing in the 6 day dry dock in April, and also who will be on staff, eg. captain, CC host , CD. Thanks
  2. Call Choice air directly. We had a plane change in Amsterdam and then spent 4 days there before continuing on to our destination for the ship. There was no issue whatsoever.
  3. My TA always asks for final payment 10 days before Celebrity. There has never been a problem even if there is a price drop in between, they will honour it.
  4. Thank you for posting this. We now will need distilled water on our next cruise so its good to know.
  5. The Infinity is going in for total dry dock in October 2020
  6. It was the same menu in November.
  7. If you ever have dinner in Murano in the private dining room , they have a bottle of Screaming Eagle there too. I think at the time it was $9,000.00. Of course we did not order it. African Solstice is my go to tea also. We read about it a couple of years ago on cruise critic and have been having it ever since.
  8. Yaay...another one of your trip reports. Love reading them, they are always so informative. Look forward to meeting you in April.
  9. There is a 7 night cruise from San Diego to Vancouver, March 30th to April 6th. That only leaves 6 days for dry dock if they are sailing on the 12th. They cannot be doing very much !!
  10. We are on the April 20th cruise. I just checked the Celebrity website and that one is still on, but the 10th is not. As far as I know, dry doc for this ship is not supposed to be till November 2020. It's just over 4 months out...how can they do this at this late date unless there is something wrong with the ship !! 2 dry docks in less that a year, no way.
  11. They never did...it was Aqua class. But they don't anymore other than day one.
  12. Good to know for next time. Both security staff I asked said they do not have !!
  13. We had the same problem 2 weeks ago after disembarking from the Reflection. My husband has a US passport and I do not. He elected to stay in my line as he would have had to wait outside in the heat for me when he was through. It took an extra hour until all the US passengers were processed first. The system is ridiculous. We both have global entry/nexus cards and they have no way to use it to expedite the issue.
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